10 April 2014

Five Soul Faves: Songs that Move and Soothe

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Blogging for the sake of blogging.

I've missed that.

For a while, Self Centred Sundays was feeding the desire I had in me to share openly about my life, about what was capturing my attention, inspiring me. But after a few months, it started to feel a little too... self indulgent and... icky. So I canned it. Cuz I can.

But lately, there's been a craving returning, and it's insisting that I tap back into the same light-hearted approach to sharing that I brought with me when I very first (and very clumsily) stumbled into the blogging world.

It's easy to forget that while this website has many functions - not least of which is the fact that it's responsibile for my livelihood - it is still, in essence, a blog. A fun place to hang. A secret garden of sorts to adventure in (especially now that I've upgraded the site). My intention is to bring a little more of that energy to this space. More play. More sharing. A little more silly stuff.

And so, moving forward, you can continue to expect a video on Tuesdays - which will always be aimed at adding value to your life - and on Fridays, we'll rotate throughout the month between a Vixens interview, a recipe, Five Soul Faves and a Lucky Dip of who knows what.

LINEFive Soul Faves is a platform which'll allow me to share with you what's landing right in my heart. The stuff worth sharing. The stuff that's simply too ripe not to share. And we're kicking this off with songs that move and soothe me to my core.

And I mean that - I'm talking about songs that kinda take your breath away, that carry your spirit to a place that's a little dark, and a little stary, and fluid. Songs that makes you close your eyes and embark on a journey through your cells. Songs that make you feel more like a woman, somehow.

Songs that ravish your body while you're lying in savasana.

Songs that are ideal for moving around your candlelit lounge room in a flowy skirt and lace bra on. Messy hair. Skin peppered with sweat beads.

Songs that turn one corner of your mouth into a resonant half smile - as if you just KNOW that the lyrics, melody and beat were composed especcially for you.



Here are my picks:

1. Clare de Lune - Flight Facilites

This is a great example of a song that you can hear dozens of times, and it's not until you hear it at the right place, and at the right time, that it finally arrives in your life.

Early this week, I was lying in savasana. It was about 8pm. The studio was blackened, save for a few candles.

And this song... it entered my body and has stuck with me since. The word 'divine' does not do it justice.

Be still, this beating heart of mine. Exhale.


2. Stay Alive - Jose Gonzales

Wah! I just played this again, and I can barely get through the first ten seconds before the tears rise.

There's something about the simplicity of it. The beautiful beat. Jose's magical voice.

Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? No? Oh, you must. It's such a gorgeous showcase of all the possibilites of Life. At the end of the film, as the credits start rolling, this gorgeous track plays, and paired with the images that cross the screen, I'm not joking when I say it brought me to a sobbing mess. You know those beautiful cries? Yeah, that.

A song to listen to whenever you're doubting the beauty in this world. Let it dance into your eardrums with your hands placed upon your heart.




3. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake

This is one of my favourite ever JT tracks, no word of a lie.

It's seductive and mysterious and truly gorgeous.

A few months ago, after my morning run, this song sauntered its way into my ears via my headphones while I was stretching out my hammies. The feel of this song melted my muscles and allowed me stretch deeper, with loving intention. It allowed me to feel more intimate with my body; holding each stretch a little longer.

Give this one a go after a good cardio workout (give your knees a little kiss as you stretch over them!), and it will bring a whole new sensual vibe to the word 'recovery.'


4. Basic Space (Jamie XX Space Bass mix) - The XX


Don't be fooled by this track. It sounds like it's going to peak, but it never... quite... does. And that's what makes it so magical.

This song found me in Bali. The DJ would spin it at the Ecstatic Dance parties at the world famous Yoga Barn, sending us all into a surreal, disconnected mess of movement.

I just love how it grabs a hold of your heart beat.

I love what this remix does to your body.

I dare you to listen to it and not shift between head pops and shoulder sways and slow motion, sultry moves. One you'll definitely want to explore in privacy, lights dimmed.


5. A World Alone - Lorde

To finish on a light and bright note, the chorus of this song never fails to cover me in goosebumps.

It compels me to move my hands in the air, like I'm a teenager going on a roadtrip, making waves out the window.

But then again, Lorde's music has a tendency to make us all feel that way, doesn't it?

She is, I believe (in all sincerity), a musical genius. Her voice, her lyrical prowess, her presence, it all creates alchemy in your body. Her songs sound like the way I want my life to feel. Fuck yeah.

These are lyrics you sing with a smile on your face (while secretly wishing you could be her bestie), for reals.


Speaking of being moved and soothed!

dacred dance party

My girl Susana is hosting a Sacred Dance Party in Brisbane May 9!

Come dance with us!


Guys. This was fun. I really hoped you liked this post, because I fricken LOVED creating it for you.

If you've got a similar taste in music to me, to make things super easy for you, I've created a playlist that you can follow on Spotify. I'll continue to add to it. :)

Tell me in the comments: what songs soothe and move you? I'd love to add to my collection!

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    • 10 April 2014

      This is fantastic! I'm always looking for new music to jam to and write to and this is freaking perfect. A couple of songs that I've been stuck on lately (as in the last two/three days of non-stopness) are Beating Heart and Mirror both by Ellie Goulding. Her voice is so magical. I love finding music with beats that make my heart race or soothe my overthinking mind.

    • 11 April 2014

      Isn't amazing how music can reach into your soul and feed exactly what needs to be fed at that moment? That' something I've always loved music. I've been drawn to heart wrenching music since I was a kid. I didn't ever really know how to put words to my emotions but I could always express it through the songs I listened too. Does that make sense?

      The first time heard Jose Gonzolas it was Heartbeats several years ago and I was going through a very difficult time and it reached inside of me and I just bawled. Then I saw him live and I was mesmerized by the beauty of his voice and his lyrics. It still gets me every single time :)

      Thanks for sharing what you are loving right now. What a great new platform!

    • 11 April 2014

      Oh, hello, music TWIN. Devoured all those tracks - sometimes multiple times, not going to lie!

      I also just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty while on a plane, headed to Vancouver... yep, quite possibly the best time ever to watch that movie. SO, SO good. (And crying on a plane? Totally normal, right?)

      The link for Spotify isn't working for some reason? I need to stalk your music brain, ASAP. :)

    • 11 April 2014

      Hi Tara! I just discovered your website and I love everything about you! Listening to your mix right now on Spotify. It's bliss. Thanks for sharing and keep doing what you do, you're awesome :)

    • Jessie Kavanagh
      11 April 2014

      Awesome awesome awesome! I'm incredibly in love with The XX and Alt-J at the moment, they seems to just spit out total soul-speak in musical form. Love the power of music, so strong and moving. Looking forward to more bloggy bits :) xo

    • Sabina
      11 April 2014

      Tara! Clare de Lune. Within the first few bars it just made me catch my breath in a sob. I quickly shut my curtains, turned up the volume and immersed myself. Just. Wow. About 3 years ago something sad happened, and I fell out of love with music and I shut my heart down. This song just cracked it open. Can't stop the tears but so grateful you shared. I will check out your spottily play list when I pull myself together again x

    • 11 April 2014

      You had me at the XX

    • Katie
      12 April 2014

      Thanks for these! I am new to Spotify so having another playlist to follow is ideal. Plus I love when people share what's moving them right now.

    • 12 April 2014

      LOVE this playlist!!! Thank you xxx

    • 12 April 2014

      Such a refreshing post Tara. 'A World Alone' is def a go-to for me. She's a special breed of soul medicine, that Lorde. I love the exercise of cerating playlist, it's one of my favourite things to do + share, I made one recently of 'Songs to Write To' if you feel like a peek :) http://www.greatray.org/Monday-Playlist-Write-On

    • Lisa
      16 April 2014

      Thank you you made my day! I really want to share this music with you Tara:



    • Bel
      16 April 2014

      A kindred spirit in LOVING Blue Ocean Floor. I listened to this on repeat for hours when it first came out xx

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