4 February 2019

Episode 5: Reverence and Play

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Sounds Like Bliss

‘You’re so deep.’

Ha. I hear this all the time. Sometimes I take it as a compliment and other times I feel its intention as a dig at ‘seriousness.’ All I can say is thank Goddess for Instagram stories. I feel it’s a way for me to give people a little sneak peek at the lightness and joy that pervades my days; something I wasn’t all too able to project before, because for me, writing is a place and space in which I drop ‘in’, not ‘up’.

What so many don’t understand is that depth does not necessarily describe the sombre.

Behaviours, thoughts and deeds can indeed be serious and shallow.

I experience depth as a manifestation of reverence. As an experience of sensing the sacred in all. My thoughts often reflect that. So do my journal entries and of course, as I’m sure you’ve sensed, this podcast.

But there’s a rebound-like-result to living this way, and it is glorious. Side effects include effervescent, innocent, giggly, wonderful joy that I don’t believe I would otherwise experience if my roots weren’t planted so deep into that soil of sacredness.

Tune into this episode for:

  • Reverence as life as a living, breathing, active ritual
  • Reverence brings meaning, depth and profound love to whatever you offer it to
  • Devotion, and its trumping of discipline
  • Cultivating reciprocity with the natural world (most rapid way to hardwire gratitude)
  • Play -- the ‘light’ to reverence’s ‘depth’
  • Living a deep life, so that we can paradoxically live lightly
  • Creating space and room in your life for wonder and spontaneity (play is not convenient)
  • The audacity of committing to happiness (play as an act of rebellion)

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Hi, beautiful humans.

Today's episode sounds like bliss, because we're chatting about reverence and play...


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Welcome back, beauties. So glad to have you back. We're at episode five now on the Sounds Like Bliss podcast. And we have some really wonderful energies that we're playing with today.

Recently here in this space, we've been exploring words that are their own worlds, and today is no different. Reverence and play. And by now you might be thinking, "Tara, what are we doing here? Why are we exploring these words in this way? Why are you taking one word or two words or three words, and breaking them apart and giving them meaning, and creating podcast episodes out of particular words?"

This will all become really clear to you in two episodes time. So just hang in there, hang in there. I will remind you that, really, what I'm aiming to do here is to show you the depth at which you can imbue your life with meaning. Words have always meant a lot to me. Where I think back to myself as a little girl, always journaling, always writing songs and poems and scribbling on walls, and writing letters to friends. And so, as a grown adult woman, as my relationship to words changes and evolves, I can see that it's not just a language that's in front of me. It is an ecology. It's like every word really is its own spirit.

Let's dive straight in today. Let's explore this beautiful word, state of being and expression that is reverence.

I see reverence as life as a living, breathing, active ritual. Reverence is not, to me, it's not necessarily linked to a ritual, but it's living life ritualistically. It's bringing a sense of the sacred to all that we do. Remembering that everything is sacred, not just the moments when the oracle cards are out and the candles are lit, and the cacao is warm and hot in your hands.

Everything is sacred. It's the moment of conflict between yourself and someone that you care about. There's an opportunity there to bring reverence. There is reverence when we look out over a horizon. There is reverence when we look into the eyes of a child. The smallest and most subtle things often to me feel like the biggest and most reverent. I'm not sure if you're with me on that.

Reverence brings meaning, depth and profound love to whatever you offer it to. Reverence isn't just something that happens to you, or something that comes knocking on your door. You bring it. You generate it. You offer it up into the person, into the environment, into the conversation, the circumstance. Isn't that incredible that you can bring that energy, and offer it, as an offering, into what you're experiencing?

To me it is a feeling of recognition and revelation at the same time. Have you ever had that feeling where, I know for me this is particularly poignant, when I'm on the earth, I've got my feet on the earth, I'm looking out at a vista or landscape or the ocean, the horizon, or ... There may be a breeze, the sun is soft and warm. And both of those sensory things are happening at once. There's this recognition that I am that, and I belong here. And there's also this revelation of this is all such a miracle. What the fuck is going on? And, to me, those are the building blocks of reverence --  recognition, revelation.

My mentor, Hiro Boga, once said to me in one of our sessions that discipline does not outlast devotion. Many times discipline, what's driving it, can be fear, or willpower. But it is love that drives devotion. Love that drives devotion. Devotion inextricably linked with reverence.

Do we focus too much on the give, and miss the opportunity to receive life's boon? Or the other way around? Something I want to ask you is, again, let's bring it back to nature, because this is just really present for me at the moment.

When you are out in nature receiving that beauty, and receiving that blessing, do you take a moment to offer your own blessings back? Do you take a moment to ask the earth, "Is there anything I can do for you today? Look at all that you give me. Look at all I receive. Is there anything I can do for you today?"

And oftentimes what I feel and what I sense is that the earth is really just so receptive to our gratitude and love.

Reverence, connecting deeply with the natural world. And for me this is the quickest way to hardwire my brain for gratitude, is to spend as much time as I can in the natural world. I just got back from Hawaii, my friends, and it was outrageously, spectacularly beautiful.

On one side of the big island it is raw and feral, and volcanic, and there is this beautiful dried, spiky, black lava. It spills down into the ocean side. And then on the other side it's this lush, tropical, wet rainforest. I was staying in a cacao plantation.

And then Maui, you just feel the timelessness of what it's like to be on that island, to be in that breeze, to feel the air, which is just perfectly skin temperature. To watch those sunsets go down every single night, in such spectacular fashion. The quickest way to hardwire the brain for gratitude is to get amongst that, and to offer reverence to those moments.

So that reciprocity of giving and receiving, for me it really requires us to come into stillness. It really requires us to drop our awareness really into the body, and to the density of our body. We can be in the world and of the world and looking around the world, but in such mind energy that we're really not in receivership of it.

And I will always be an advocate of stillness and silence, so that we can add more complexity to this gratitude, so that we can feel more of that love, more of that devotion, so that we can be more aware of our place within the miracle of all of this.

Doesn't that sound good? So, just in case you were thinking, "Oh, okay, God, Tara," with the deep thoughts. Really? Because you know, I'm all about that. But I'm also all about the light work.

So now we're going to talk about play. And just allow a smile to come onto your face for a second. Play. Welcome the vibration of play. Play is an expression of your soul, it is not reserved for Play-Doh and sandcastles and tonka trucks and Barbie dolls. We're really redefining play and its role in our life and in our purpose, and the way that we love, and the way that we live, the way that we live.

To me, play is the light to reverence's depth, and this is why they pair so beautifully together. I really am an advocate for the deeper you go, the more that you just plunge down into those depths, the higher that you can soar. That's what I'm all about. I'm very interested in living a deep life, so that I can live lightly.

Play is a state of being, just like all of these words. It's not just something that you do. It's not just a way that you behave. It's incredibly infectious. Infectious? Let's try contagious. That sounds a bit better. Play reminds us to dream, to leave room for spontaneity, and for the joy that is rapturous. And it invites us to take up more space in the world.

You notice that play has a very expansive, outward-moving energy. Take up more space. Take up more space. But it's not convenient. It's not convenient, is it? A lot of us, when it comes to play and leaving room in our life for play, whilst it feels ... to me, if I feel into that sensation of play within my body, it always feels very spontaneous and yummy.

But I need to create room for it, because it's not convenient. There's a lot of stuff going on in life. We've all got lots of places to be, and a lot of people to be there for, and a lot of things to do. And so it's often, these energies and these spirits, like play, that are cast aside whilst we get to that email, and take that phone call, and do that load of washing, and take that trip, and do what needs to be done.

So it takes courage, and this comes back to the first word and world that we were exploring in this series. It takes courage to play in this world. It takes a great amount of audacity for you to commit to being happy. And for that happiness to ripple out of you in a way that feels youthful, spontaneous and playful.

Play is an act of rebellion. Yeah. Yeah. It really is. It's an energy that is required, certainly for me, when we're bringing forth important work. Whenever I am in the throes of creation, I need, I need to feel lit up. And I'm reminded by some words from my sis, Peta Kelly. She says the fastest way to create is through lightness.

Even if I am creating or recording or jotting down ideas for a podcast episode that has some weight to it, that has some real feels to it, I still need to make room in my life to access that lightness, to draw it out of me.

The contrast of that feels really beautiful and really creative, in and of itself.

Play gives your inner rebel stamina. It's like the trickster. It's the trickster. Because she's so spontaneous within you, this playful element, and because she's so committed to feeling wonderful, you can deliver more of your beautiful work to the world that we need and require from you. Whether that's just your energy, your love, your radiance, it allows you the stamina to provide more of that.

Firstly, to you. What a great gift to offer yourself, is your own playfulness, your own lightness, your own love, your own joy. And then, of course, to the world.

And play leads, you know, warning, this comes with side-effects. Radiance, innocence, joy, juice, succulence, aliveness.

Today, as we wrap up this short episode, explore the interplay between the energies and essences of reverence and play. Depth does not trump levity, or vice versa. Notice how they create a divine momentum of emotion, joy, and awe.

Do the dance today, my friends. Do the dance. The interplay between reverence and play. That sounds like bliss to me.

Rebels of Light is coming, and she is more than a mentoring programme, let me just tell you that. She's a way of being, a fully bodied experience. She's a code for living a truly powerful life which has room for deep feeling, healing and freedom.

Through a combination of stillness practises, inner inquiry, monthly mentoring, group discussions, accountability, guest teachers, and participation dares, a container will be created for you to alchemize your life like never before. Join us, my friends. Join us.

Please join our wait list. I cannot wait to see where our collective rebellion takes us in 2019. Head on over to tarabliss.com.au/episode5. That is the number 5. So that you are the first to know when we open the doors on this beautiful experience.

Friends, thank you for being here. We're five episodes down and I'm feeling good, and I hope that you're feeling really good too. I appreciate your presence like you wouldn't believe. So, as always, if you've found value in today's podcast, I'd be so grateful if you would subscribe on iTunes, and share this episode with your people. Use your social feed of choice. Of course, my favourite is Instagram, and you can tag me there at @tara_bliss.

And if you're feeling particularly generous today, leaving a review on iTunes will help me get these sounds into even more eardrums, which is really important to me. So thank you so much for that.

For show notes, resources and updates on what I have on offer for you, jump on over to tarabliss.com.au/episode5, that is the number 5, and subscribe to my notes straight to your inbox.

Have a beautiful moment, my friends, right here and right now. Bye-bye now.

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