19 March 2019

Episode 11: Day Design For Work-From-Homers

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Hey, beautiful.

A big hello from the skies, again. This time I’m en route to San Diego from Salt Lake City for a leadership event. I’m going to sit tight in San Diego for a smidge and meet some incredible new friends and relax into the culture there that reminds me a lot of home. From there, next stop → Bali. I haven’t been back since I wrote the first draft of my book five years ago. I’m chuffed.

Sweet spuds, a fun little podcast for you this week.

I know we all love a little behind-the-scenes action and I’ve received many a Q about how I structure my days as someone with a home-based business.

Happy to chat with you a little about this today, of course leaving plenty of room for you to feel into how this may apply to you, whether you work from home or not I think it’s critical to imbue meaning into our days whenever we can. You may hear an idea or two that inspires you.

Tune in as I answer the following questions:

  • Day Design as the pursuit of creation and evolution rather than perfection
  • Honouring and sculpting your day based on what feels the most natural to you
  • How time-blocking and spacious scheduling allows me to feel more free that my ‘spontaneous, free-spirited’ identity ever did
  • The fun way I align my work schedule with planetary energy (oh yes!)

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Yours in bliss,

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Hey beautiful humans. Today's episode sounds like bliss, because we're chatting about how I design my days as a work from home...

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Say hello to that exhale, and to those goosebumps, and to that moment of truth, or beauty, or generosity. Here we will explore struggles and celebrations and devotions, the stuff that life is made of. There will be deep thoughts, interrupted often by belly laughs because that's also how life works. Some spoken word because, you know, sometimes nothing says it quite like a poem. Conversations with friends, new and old, and soul riffs straight out of my noggin and my heart and into your headphones. I am your host, Tara, and you're listening to Sounds Like Bliss. Welcome.

Hello again, welcome back. Hi, this is great. I am so excited to chat about today's topic with you my friends. This is a question that was asked recently as part of our Q&A round one, but I wanted to put a little bit of colour, and texture around this question. Before I go on, I wanna say that there is definitely some construction going on outside. If you can hear any of that, sorry, but I'll jump on a plane tomorrow I'm heading off on a five week trip to the U.S. and Bali, and I gotta get this podcast done. You hear what I'm saying? We're gonna roll along with it, it's better to be done than to be perfect.

This question that came through was, how do you design your life, and your day as someone who works from home? And, whilst I'm really passionate about this topic within my own life, and my own inner process, I am mindful that sometimes we can get hung up on this stuff, like we would see someone else, and their practise, and their routines, and what they value, and I worry that we just slide into mimicry. I've certainly witnessed myself do this over the years, and I think that with age comes more discernment, of course, but here's my intention, because I am gonna go into this, and I am gonna share with you what I do, and what my process is.

My intention always is that this simply acts as a doorway, or a gateway for you to consider your own process, for you to ask yourself better questions, for you to really lean into this whole process of knowing yourself, and your desires, and what needs to change in order for you to thrive, and in this case, it's also helping my businesses to thrive, and my relationships to thrive, and my spiritual practise to thrive. What I'm about to share with you has nothing to do with perfectionism. It has nothing to do with getting it right all the time, but it has to do with realigning, and course correcting, and noticing the contrast of when a certain choice of mine throughout my day sort of has a cascading effect on the rest of my day or, on my flow with time, because I have been doing this for seven years now working for myself from home.

I've come to know some things about me, and my flow, and whilst, yes, I do believe that each of us can create a calibre within us that is greater than our environment, there're certain things that we can put in place, or practises, or habits, or value systems that we can put in place that can help us to cooperate with that environment as best we can. This whole working from home thing it can seem like a bit of a pipe dream, right? Like it's this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or this ... What am I thinking of? Oh, there's a song written about it, what is it? The Holy Grail, the Holy Grail Of Holy Grails, and, yeah, it's magnificent. I love working for my vision, and working from home, but it comes with its very own set of challenges.

And, those are that you need to be really self motivated. Distraction is pulling at you every moment, the attention that you must manage in order to be prolific, and to create things in this world, and to create health for yourself, and really nourishing habits. Like, it's real, and it can, there can be some tension in that. When we have an employer there is this outside pressure, which can provide results, which can provide performance, and as someone who works for a vision, or works from home that pressure needs to be applied intrinsically, and that can be a real challenge. I still definitely find it challenging. Some of you aren't, some of you are just bulls. You know, you're just bulls. You are disciplined, and strong willed, and you can just power through that. Me not so much. It's a process.

Every single morning I wake up, and have a conversation with myself about where my focus needs to be today, because I know that I am very susceptible to distraction like you may be too, so this whole conversation it's kind of the bane of my existence. I feel like I would hashtag nail this, or get close to nailing this if I were home more than I am, but because I travel a lot, and extensively there is that natural disruption to my rhythms, which just has to become its own rhythm to be honest, and this is something that I'm still working with as well as how can I flow with the fact that my life, and the shape of my life, and the time zones, and my commitments are always changing with all of this travel. It's just part of it. It's part of what needs to be considered.

Knowing yourself is key here, and really understanding your patterns, and your weaknesses. Like if we can be honest, and I think another thing that's really important to consider is what helps you naturally to thrive? Like, if you're going about designing your day, ask yourself like, what feels really good to me? What feels really natural to me? And, where can the constituents of my day, like where would they feel most powerful when it comes to that day design? This is what I know about me, I love to meditate in the morning. Typically, I don't meditate in the evening. Like I, meditations in the morning feel powerful. It just feels like for me that's their rightful place.

In the morning I would like to be still, and meet myself before I meet anyone, or anything, or anyone else's agenda. I know that I can write like a supernova in the morning, but I typically find it difficult after lunch, so I for sure get the after lunch sleepy's a little bit, but then, I also know with writing sometimes it's sort of, I get this creative surge again at night before bed. I know that my pup Layla, she needs walking, and I know that I need exercising. I know that I detest taking calls before 1:00 PM. Generally, unless it's a training call, or something that I've committed to, I do not want to be on calls, or like, or on, in that type of communication in the morning, because that's creative time generally.

I know that I prefer to eat an early dinner. These are just some things that I know about myself, and you might wanna do this process too, what do I know about me, and my rhythm? Like, what feels best for me? And then, the next point is, what do I need to balance? Like, what's in consideration here? What are all these moving discs in my life? There's drafting, recording, listening to the edited versions, and polishing up content for this podcast. That's one thing, but it has many different elements to it. There's skilfully creating the content for Rebels Of Light, and guiding that community this year.

There's leading a community, a wellness community of nearly 60,000 doTERRA customers, and leaders, and this includes content creation, curating events, team calls, launch weekends, everyday collaborations, and just the day to day communication with my leaders, so that's a big presence in my life. There're daily riffs with my right hand woman, Casey, on the direction of my companies, and where they're going, and where we're at in terms of project management. I want to create room for my poetry to emerge, I am engaged in the, You Matter To Me project, which is, I want room in my life to nurture my relationships, and help my friendships, and my family relationships thrive.

And then, of course, I'm nurturing a new blossoming relationship with my beloved, and people listen to me. That takes energy, it takes energy. On around about zoom out scale for me, mornings are the time for the sacred, for movement, for Layla, writing, and content, and preferably for me that all happens before I check emails, or social media. Like, that to me is a really great morning.

This is how I can have a bad day. Now, again, I do believe that we can be greater than our environment, so there's absolutely no reason that if my day starts out with some bad habits that I can't of course correct that for sure, I believe that. However, everything creates some momentum, and a cascade effect, and if I were to purposely set out, and have a bad day this is what I would do. I would wake up, I would pick up my phone, and the first thing I would do is check my emails, and then, the second thing I would do is check my social media. That is toxicity to my day, and it's got nothing to do with what's there, because it could be all good news, it could be celebrations, it could be all fantastic, but the fact that, that's how I've chosen to invest my energy first thing in the morning, I feel how disruptive that is to my nervous system, and also just to my heart. That's not how I choose to start my day.

Also, for me, just say I'm going to a yoga class I need to sit in stillness before I do that, so my first taste of the day cannot be with other people, it needs to be with me. I need to have a moment with myself, by myself, for myself before I'm chatting to other people, before I'm in interaction, and that feels very disruptive to me for sure, so chunking, and time blocking, I assume that this would be beneficial for most people. I used to really live by this idea that I was a free spirit, and then, I would go as I flow, and that I embraced spontaneity, and then, I just realised that, that was just so bullshit for that was just not gonna work. It's just not gonna work. I had the whole idea of freedom all wrong.

I constantly, and perpetually felt disorganised. I felt ungrounded. Things were flying around everywhere, and I would have trouble making sense out of things. What I find now as I continue to explore time blocking and nourishing scheduling, I do feel more free, and I do have room for spontaneity. Whereas before I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants, everything felt random, everything was constantly being done last minute. Still, a theme for me I'm tethering this for sure, but the more that I embrace honouring my time, and my schedule in ways that can organise my mind, and my body, and my home, and my projects I do feel more free. I do it. It's a really divine feeling.

One way that I do this on a weekly level, now, again, please don't think that you need to emulate this, because this is a little bit crazy, but I think my days, and I kind of align them with the planets if I can be honest to you guys, I align them with the planets, just because I'm all about that whole vibe of, as above, so below, as within, so without, and I think why not just align my agenda, and my creations with what's going on cosmically, why not. It's a fun experiment. I'm having fun with it. Let's just say that. Monday, moon day, moon day is the day creativity, emotions. A lot of us feel propelled to get into it on a Monday, but as I was tuning into this moon energy, and doing my research on this, this is actually a really great day to enter the week slowly, and to have it be a creative day.

For me, I think a lot on Mondays, I write down a lot of ideas, I draught skeletons for podcast episodes, and I allow inspiration to come, and hang out with me, so this is a day where I would write poetry, and that I would just map out content. Maybe I'm writing down some ideas of an experience that I wanna have with Rebels Of Light, but it's not a day typically that I would publish anything, or finalise anything. It's the day where that creative inspiration is blossoming, and blooming, and I get to map all of that down. It's really important to have time to think, and to dream. I would go to the beach, this would be a day where I don't listen to podcasts. I would go to the beach, and just allow the ideas to rumble through me, and I do it every single Monday, because I've sort of created that habit.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, so Tuesday is a very tasky get it done day, there is fire to it, so for me this is my for lack of a better term, smash it out kind of day. I would do a lot of admin, I'd spend quite a lot of time in my doTERRA back office, if there're critical stuff that I just need to get to, if there's stuff I need to get to completion maybe like life admin, maybe things to do with my home, or legal stuff, anything like that I'm going to approach that on a Tuesday. It's like it's the day where I would get to that stuff that I don't wanna do. I would just use that Mars energy, that fire energy, and make it happen.

Wednesday, yeah, I really love this energy of Wednesday. Wednesday is a really great day for communication, and for speaking with your voice. I believe it's Mercury on Wednesday. Typically, on a Wednesday I will record podcast episodes, and I will facilitate some type of, whether it's a team call, or some type of phone calls, I would do that on a Wednesday. It's really interesting and I like the flow of this on Monday I'm mapping the ideas, and on Wednesday I'm bringing them, I'm giving them a voice, which I really love.

Thursday is that Jupiter energy, which is all about expansion and abundance, so really, I use Thursdays to focus in on anything that I'm consciously growing, anything that I want to harvest, the seeds that I planted a little while ago that I really wanna see come to fruition, I'm gonna get to work on that, so whether that's a creative project, could be anything in my life, but anything that I really want to see expand, and explode, and create abundance in the lives of many I will creatively get to work on that on Thursday. Again, mapping this out, Monday is like the inception of the idea let's say for a book, and then, Thursday would be the day that I really get into that, and get writing into that. Not that, that's something that's currently happening for me, but that would be an example for you.

And then, Friday is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, and love, and I love Fridays, so what I typically would do on a Friday to align my agenda with the natural rhythm of the planets is I would take my business out on a date. I would work in a cafe, or in a restaurant, and I would put on a slick of lipstick, and it would be with the intention that I was taking my business out on a date, not that I was just co-working at a cafe, but that real intention that I'm gonna make an effort, I'm gonna dress up for my business, and it's just fun, something fun to do, because that Venus energy is also the energy of the home, Fridays is generally the day that I would get my home cleaned, and if I am due for some type of beauty appointment whether it's a wax, or a facial, or a float, then I would do that on Friday just to align with that planetary energy of self care, and beauty.

Fridays, it's really about romanticising myself, my life, my home, my business. This would be a really great day to have a date night, to have a three hour to six date as [Kim Manomi 00:18:27] would call it, all of this stuff is. really, really fun to consider. Now, the reason I say this is, do you see the power that you have in designing your days as someone who works from home? You get to ask yourself, when do I thrive? When do I do the opposite of that? And, how can I support my day, my energy, my habits, and routines in such a way where I can play with my life? Where I can make shapes out of this in a way that suits me?

Ideally I am done with work by 4:00 PM, and I've managed to get outside in the middle of the day for some movement, and some sun. Oftentimes, I will still do a team call, or something at night, but I love to have the afternoon free to be in the home, and just to be cooking, and taking in the evening, and the sunset. A resource that has really helped me go next level on this is the Beautiful Life Lab by Ange Peters. I definitely recommend that you check it out. She speaks a lot about how we can utilise technology to help us focus on what matters most, which I think is fabulous.

If you don't work from home, what about that? What if you don't work from home? I think that even if you are an employee, and if you must transit to, and from work, I think that there are still elements of this conversation that you could bring into your life, even if it's just one aspect of the day, even if it's just one addition to your morning practise, even if it's just one thing that you can insert into your lunch break, or one way that you can alter, or shift the way that you wind down of an evening. It's important for us to unplug from the matrix, the matrix of get up, have the coffee, read the newspaper, go to work, do the work that we don't enjoy, come home, grab some takeout, barely have a shower, fall asleep.

Any way that you can unplug from that matrix by inserting life force into your morning, into your lunch break, into your evening. This is so important, because you're gonna feel better, and if you are currently not in alignment with your work then it's the feeling better, which is going to inform you of those next steps, and those breadcrumbs that are gonna call you, and beckon you into the next part of your journey.

Enjoy designing your days, do it intentionally, and lovingly, with care, and flexibility. Remember that it is not about perfectionism, it's about experimentation, it's about playing with your life, participating in new, and different ways.

Unplugging from the matrix, and designing a life that supports the genius available to all of us. Yeah, that sounds like bliss to me.

Hey you, have you ever given yourself permission? I'm talking real radical roof raising permission to desire, and create a life comprised of your dreams, to serve in a way that is uniquely you, to find your people, to spend your time your way, and creating, and circulating abundance by doing what you love. This is your invitation to take a seat at the table of Team Bliss. We're a cohort of resilient, thrifty, ambitious of mind, sprightly of heart women and men who are bold, visionary and unbelievably motivated to create change, and our tourism vehicle for reaching, and impacting the multitudes is doTERRA, one of the most integral and ethical brands on earth.

Every day we empower humans with the natural solutions that essential oils provide all whilst developing leadership in one another, guiding our communities to live debt free lives, and teaching spiritual principles that create lives of absolute abundance and limitless choice, all whilst smelling like the heavens. Oh yes, Jasmine Essential Oil will do that to you. To learn more, and to join us on our mission visit tarabliss.com.au/team-bliss. Also, you can check out episode eight of this podcast on Women's Autonomy.

Friends, thank you for being here today, and tuning in. I appreciate your presence so much, like really so much. If you found value in today's podcast go on, subscribe on iTunes, and share this episode on your socials. Instagram is my fav digital playground. You can find me, and tag me there @Tara_bliss. Your generosity is appreciated in advance for leaving a review on iTunes. This helps me get these sounds into even more ear drums, and for that I'm so grateful.

For show notes, resources, and updates on what I have on offer for you jump on over to tarabliss.com.au/episode11 that's episode, and then, the number 11, and subscribe to my notes straight to your inbox. Have a beautiful moment right here, right now. Bye, bye now.

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