3 February 2019

My Podcast Has Landed. Introducing: 'Sounds Like Bliss'

Get your bliss notes

Say hello to that exhale.
And to those goosebumps.
And to that moment of truth
or beauty
or generosity.

Here, you will explore struggles
and devotions -- the stuff that life’s made of.
There will be deep thoughts, interrupted often by belly laughs (because that’s also how life goes).
Some spoken word, because, you know, sometimes, nothing says it quite like a poem.
Conversations with friends, new and old, and soul riffs straight out of my noggin and my heart…
and into your headphones….


Today I’m launching my podcast, and this is special to me because it’s the very way I’ve been aching to communicate with you for an age, now.

Jump on over and subscribe on iTunes, start from episode 0 and settle into the groove of this.
Get a feel for the places we’ll traverse
the tones we’ll explore
the depths we’ll dive into
and the highs at which we’ll soar.

But wait, before you do that! I have something fun for you.

I went live on Instagram when I recorded this episode in a response to some of your queries about ‘showing up when you’re afraid of being seen.’

The best way to demonstrate what courage looks like, is to demonstrate what courage looks like.

My vision of recording this episode in a dark and quiet room all by myself dissolved when I tapped GO LIVE on my iPhone screen. Suddenly, I was introducing a podcast that didn’t even exist yet, in front of a live audience. I announced her name, her vibe and my voice was shaking the entire time.

If you want to see the conversation (and the drama) that was wrapped around what ended up being a nicely edited podcast, you can watch this video. I hope it inspires you to get started on your heart’s work.

Tune into this introductory episode for:

  • Voice wobbles and shaking hands as this podcast emerges
  • A little of my story -- the dots that have connected to bring this podcast to life
  • The power of blogging, writing, speaking, publishing to just two people
  • The essence and personality of Sounds Like Bliss
  • The two creatives that put a rocket up this process and made me move on it
  • What I’m interested (and not interested) in exploring in this space with you

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And, if you're keen, you can watch the whole thing unfold right here:

Episode Resources:

Have a beautiful moment, my friends, right here, right now.

Yours in bliss,

Full Transcript

Hello, humans. Hello, humans.

How are you? How the bloody hell are you? I am so excited that you're here. Welcome to Sounds Like Bliss. We made it, I made it....

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I can only speak for myself. I made it, and I'll tell you what... I feel so relieved. I feel so relieved, and I'm sure you know what I mean. When you have something in your body and in your heart, and in your mind, and you carry it around with you, you know? Like it might be a great idea, or there might be something on your heart that you wanna say to someone you love or a grand gesture that you wanna come out into the world with, and yet you don't. For whatever reason, you don't, and you carry it around and it kind of metastasizes inside of you, reminding you, "Hey, I'm in here. Let me out into the world."

That has been Sounds Like Bliss, and that has been me for quite some time now. So, here we are, and I can already feel ... It's like this pressure valve has been released and I'm just gonna take a breath out and come into receivership of this podcast for just a moment. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. Here we are.

It's the beginning of 2019, I'm gonna have the best year ever. I don't know about you, but collectively, I hope that this is a space that we can turn up in and share about our lives, about our lifestyles, about the lives of the people that we care about, about the elements, and constituents, and the ecology of our life, you know? I wanna chat about all the things that make me, me or the things that make you, you.

I'm gonna have to take another breath out again, because this is it. This is my jam. So, take a deep breath in with me... and just let the breath go. So first some gratitude to those of you who have been following along for a while..,. what is up?! What is up? Maybe you have been playing in my world for quite some time. Do you remember those times when you may have left a comment on my blog? Yeah, those were the days. That's going back into the archives. Maybe we've engaged on Instagram. Maybe you've come to a live event of mine. Maybe you're in my doTERRA tree. I'm so grateful that you're here in this ecology of me. Thank you.

And now for those who don't know me, maybe you were recommended this podcast by a friend, maybe you were tagged on Instagram. I am equally as grateful. Welcome. Welcome to this. Welcome to Sounds Like Bliss, and welcome to my body of work. Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Tara Bliss. I live on the Gold Coast, on the East Coast of Australia. I have a beautiful dog. Her name is Layla. She is a ridgeback American staffy cross and it's actually very important to me that you know that about my life. She's a big part of my life, and if you ever come over and play on Instagram, you'll see that. I hope that she makes you smile as much as she makes me smile.

So, what I wanna do right now is I just wanna take this first episode to feel things out. I'm feeling my voice shake a little bit. It's reminding me of how alive I feel when I'm in the flow of bringing work to life, you know what I mean? You know when you're doing something that's tasky, and you don't really feel anything. But then when you're doing something that means a lot to you, and something that's really calling you out to explore the edges of it, there's emotion there. There's energy there. And I'm feeling that right now, and maybe you can sense that in my voice, or maybe you can pick it up through the waves, through the waves of the quantum field, but right now, what I wanna do is I just wanna move and shake. And I'm gonna tell you what this podcast is about.

I want to share with you a little bit about how I got here, and what matters to me, and why I've decided to use this as a platform to share with you, and to be in conversation with you. So to tell you a little bit about my story, I was reflecting on this earlier. I feel like in the past, I have been interviewed on a podcast, or maybe it's been a written interview, and somebody's asked me about my story. "Hey Tara, how did you get to where you are today? Tell us a little bit about yourself." And what I've noticed is, I so often start my story from when I was a really young girl or when I was in school, when I was a teenager, when I was in my early 20s. I've always felt as though I needed to give this great, lengthy context into all of the things that have made me, me, almost as though I am trying to justify the lifestyle that I have now which is just fucking incredible.

I feel like the luckiest, and I like saying lucky because it makes me feel good when I say that. You know? I feel incredibly honoured and humbled to live this life that I live, which of course I'm gonna share that with you. But in the past, I have felt like I needed to justify that, that I needed to explain all the bumps along the way that got me there. I'm not gonna do that today. I'm gonna start my story ... I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about my professional life, and how I got here. And that really goes ... I'm gonna start at 25. Normally I would start at six years old, I'm gonna start at 25 and really, I am a 25 year old young women, living in the snowy mountains, travelling hemisphere to hemisphere, bartending, looking for what it is that I'm meant to be doing.

I have this hunger in my belly. I am very multi-passionate. I know I want to do things with humans. I know I want to lead, or guide, or facilitate in some way. I had been very off track due to some dodgy but necessary lifestyle choices, if you know what I mean, and I know that you know what I mean. But, I'm at crossroads in my life. I am searching for work that will make me feel whole, that will encourage me to step one closer into womanhood. Up until this point, I've done anything you can think of. I have taught people how to bungee jump. I have lit sambuca on fire. I have been a fully qualified hairdresser. I have made pizzas. I've really done anything. I've managed restaurants. But here I am, on a blog, journaling about my life, journaling about the insights that I'm receiving.

I am taking these digested thoughts that I'm having about life, and consciousness, and humanness, and fear, and love, and all of the things, and I am expressing onto a blog which two people are reading. That's where it begins for me, and that's where it will always begin with me. I hope that is where it will always begin with me, by remembering that two people are reading and two people are listening. What do I have to offer here? And so that decision kind of accidentally had me end up as a life coach. I was writing every day, and every week until people came knocking down on my inbox, "Let me pay you. Let me pay for your perspectives." So it was, I wanna say random, but of course we know that that's not true. It was not random. When we look back and connect all these dots together, we can often see all those little stepping stones that brought us to where we are.

So the coaching turned into writing and that turned into speaking, and then all the writing and the speaking turned into self-publishing a book, and all of that was just such a wonderful, wonderful roller coaster. And then I found myself with the most beautiful gift on my lap and that was the doTERRA business opportunity. For those of you who don't know doTERRA, doTERRA is the world's largest essential oils company, and this fell in my lap after I sent out a prayer into the universe on a new moon in January 2015, and I said, "Yes." And I stepped into it, and I stepped into the most beautiful, transformational, challenging, abundant, opportunity-laden experience that I could have.

And now, four years later, I'm about to celebrate my four year anniversary. We have positively impacted the health of more than 50,000 households around the world which is so beautiful. I have the pleasure to work with leaders all over the world, and together, what we do is we work with abundance principles, and we generate and develop leadership in one another, and we really are making the world a better place, impacting those not just who are buying the essential oils every month, but the whole supply chain. And so, you may hear me talk about this from time to time, but I am forever indebted to this beautiful company that has allowed me to express my gifts in a way that I'm not sure I would have had I not found it.

So, to all of you who are on my team, to all of our customers and to the entire doTERRA community, what's up my people? Hi! What's going on? What's going on? I will have you know that before I got on here, I deeply inhaled Siberian Fir and I applied Peppermint Touch around my temples and my forehead. Oh yeah!

The last thing here I want to mention about my work before I speak more about this podcast is last year I had the absolute privilege of launching something that was burning such a fire in my belly and my heart, and that was my signature mentoring programme, Rebels of Light. You are gonna hear me talk about this beauty a lot in the coming podcast episodes. And the reason that I wanna link that up here is because for those of you who are working a doTERRA business ...

Now, this certainly is not a doTERRA podcast, but what that opportunity allowed me to do is to free up myself in terms of time, finances, energy, and attention where I can now build things like this podcast and like Rebels of Light, that I'm truly so proud of that again, allow me to express and create in ways beyond my wildest dreams. So Rebels of Light was one of the highlights of my career. It was certainly one of the highlights of my 2018, and I am so enjoying the process of mentoring people deeply and lightly back into their own hearts so they can be who they were born to be, which of course is the ultimate rebellion. So now, let me introduce you to this podcast.

Sounds Like Bliss, like so many of the projects that I collaborate with, has been in the pipelines for some time, kind of waiting for me to create the space for its inception, and I really believe that that's how the creative process works for me. It's certainly how I relate with creation. It's a relationship, and if I can be in the right relationship with that thing, then I'm creating an environment in which the work can come through, and I can get out of the way. And I certainly hope that you're the beneficiary of that fort for many moons to come. This podcast has a personality, and she feels light, and golden, and curious, and generous, and very grounded.

She feels playful, and insightful, and very yummy, very yummy to me. If you could see the smile on my face now. She just feels scrumptious to me. It's a very nourishing place for you and for I, and I hope ... I can sense the connective tissue that she's going to send out there across the world. I can sense the element of home that she will bring to people, and I'm excited to facilitate that. So why this podcast and why now? This has always been one way that I've wanted to connect with people. I really believe in podcasting. I really believe in using voice, and tone, and flection to relay a message, but there are two particular things, two particular people, and two particular messages that struck me recently that had me really go on this, really move and shake on this.

One of those people, believe it or not, is Gary Vee. Now, hang tight. Hang with me here. I came across one of Gary Vee's videos on a whim, and often I just scroll through on those, but this particular day I tuned in. And he said something really profound to me. He said, "You know what motherfuckers?" He said, "The thing is, you all were doing something to get you to where you are now, and now that you are where you are now, now that you've reached some kind of mountain top, you stop. You stop doing what you always did to get you where you are, and now you're wondering why you feel so lost." Damn. And boom. Those are the two words I thought.

I thought about those days way back then where I was blogging twice a week, or at least every week, and I remember being in that momentum of creation, and being in the cascade effect of that, how nourishing it felt to me to be connected to the creativity out there and in within me, and also to my community. And I've noticed how that's shifted over the last few years. Granted it's been a big few years. There has been loss, and there has been divorce, and there has been businesses being launched. But something he said struck me and I just had this feeling within me like, "I want to be showing up in a way that is relevant, that is me, that is regular, and that has the essence and the remembrance of the consistency that had built my body of work up until that point."

So that inspired me a lot. And the other person's voice that I had in my head was Elizabeth Gilbert. And this particular opinion of hers rings so true in my heart, and that's basically this, you gotta do it for you first. If you've read her incredible book Big Magic, you'll know when she speaks to people who want to go out there and share their work with the world because they wanna save people, because they wanna help people, because they wanna serve humanity, and I think it was really funny how she said in that book it was a quote, "You can always tell the people who are being saved by the look of anguish on their faces. Like, 'Oh please, I don't need saving. I don't need saving. Inspire me, delight me, sure, but please don't pretend like I need your help or that I need you to save me.'"

That struck me a lot. I remember the first time I heard that, I was like, "Yeah, you're so right." And her theory around that was, "Do the work because you love the work, and eventually all love becomes help." I just love that so much. So listen, courage, creation, and collaborative leadership, they're the spirit of my businesses. They're the spirit of my creative process. They're my North stars when it comes to being a creative woman. They are the core values and the DNA threads that are woven throughout my business, and we will continue to explore those three threads. You will find more about that on my website. Courage, creation, and collaborative leadership.

I want you to just sit with that for a second. So, as I say "courage," just take a breath in. Courage. And let the breath go. And take a breath in as I say "creation." Notice I didn't say creativity. Creation. And then let the breath go again. And now take a deep breath. This is one of my favourites. Just feel this. Collaborative leadership. Let the breath go. So each of these are elements that we can attune to, and those three words, those three beings, really, courage, creation, collaborate leadership, they're woven into everything I do. You're gonna get really, really familiar with them and you'll see that they're like the golden thread that brings everything together for me.

And the only reason I open up that process is I hope it inspires you to look at your own creative process differently, whether that's in your work, in your relationships, in your personal spiritual practice. I love to bring reverence into my life in a way that's really practical and sometimes profane, but at the end of the day, always divine. So I want this space for you, more than anything, to feel conversational. I will be sharing heartfelt stories with you, there will be musings. I will have chats occasionally. Mainly it's gonna be a solo cast, I must say, but occasionally, I'll have chats with people who I find to be curious and wonderful. Curious and wonderful, I don't care how many Instagram followers they have. I don't care whether they're an influencer. I wanna speak to people who I found curious and wonderful, 'cause I want you to enliven more of those qualities in your life, too.

So, during a time where I am feeling personally a distinct desire to be more private and more boundaried, I want this to be a space where you feel like you can cosy up with a great friend who cares a lot about you. That's me! That's me. I care about you, and I generally want to spend this time with you. This particular platform feels like a container of intimacy for me. So, thank you for hearing me in this space. There's a few things that I'm not interested in. Let me share those with you. I'm not very interested in sharing prematurely with you. I used to do this all the time. I used to share things always, immediately as they were coming through, and I've pumped the brakes on that a little bit. I am not really gonna do that. Even these days as I share poetry on my Instagram, most of the time what you're reading is stuff that I've written weeks or months ago.

So, I know how to protect my process from myself a little bit better these days, and that's actually just to gift more of that complexity of that process to me before I share it with the world. Having said that, sometimes I just call bullshit on myself and rebel against myself, and sometimes I very well may share something with you prematurely. That's just me. That's just how it rolls sometimes. I try not to put myself in too much of a box. I'm also not interested in using too much spiritual jargon. I don't want to use words that are too cerebral and fluffy. I wanna bring this down to Earth. I want us to elevate our energy by talking to each other with respect. I do not appreciate spiritual superiority. I have embodied enough of that myself already. I just wanna have a normal conversation about things that mean a lot to me, and hopefully to you as well.

I'm also not that interested in being that much of an expert in anyway. I'm a leader, and I'm a mentor, and I'm a futuristic thinker and feeler, but I have no interest in telling you what the way is. I believe the best thing for me to do on this platform is to share with you how I'm navigating my way so that you're inspired to navigate your way and whip out your own compass out of your own pocket. Here's what I am interested in exploring with you. I'm obsessed with the resilience of our human spirit. I can't get enough of it. I wanna talk about it all the time. I wanna talk about the things that make us strong, and sensational, and beautiful, and sensitive. I'm interested in the way that pain and grief bless us with eventual and outstanding joy, because I really believe they do.

I'm so interested in the process of creation, and how we can tap into this in a way that does no harm, and that elevates as many people as possible in this world. I want to explore my edges, and I want to live an excuse-free life. I wanna do this with you. I want to explore the edge of life with you. Living an excuse-free life means that you live so discerning and so compassionately, and so ... You scrutinise yourself in the best, most loving, most productive type of way. You're constantly owning your own data. Your constantly like, "Wow, another story. Wow, there I go again in my victim. Wow, another decrowning, another displacement of my own power." So I wanna explore this with you, you guys. Join me, jump on train.

I am interested in cultivating intimacy that is so deep, and that is so sharp that it scares me. I'm interested in designing my life in such a way that my deep work and heartfelt desire to create takes up way more space in my life than it currently is. I wanna design my life in such a way that my mind and body feel spacious, and orderly, and organised, and ritualised, and adequately prepared without ... Look, I'm no perfectionist. Like, that is not in my DNA at all. But I want to embrace this beautiful divine order and preparedness in my life, and in my mind, and in my schedule, and in my businesses, so that I can paradoxically feel more free, and more wild, more sensual, and more connected to the people that I love.

And here's the thing you guys, I am interested in becoming a better human being. I didn't used to like that word, "better." You know, it's like, we're all whole, we're born complete, and whole, and perfect, and we just need to let go and forget and remember who we are, and I totally believe that, and I agree with that, but there's something that clicked with me recently, and my behaviour can better, and my thinking can be better, and my attitude can be better. I want to be more sensitive to the needs of our community as a whole. Being a better human makes that possible. So I'm not afraid of that word anymore. I'm not afraid of that word like improving habits, improving processes, improving perspectives. I'm interested in that a lot. I really am.

I am willing for this podcast to be imperfect. I have already observed myself already in this recording thinking, "Oh shit." But I'm willing to be imperfect. I'm willing for my voice to shake sometimes, and to make mistakes and to speak for a little longer than I thought I would, or to speak a little shorter than I thought I would, or to say, "um," one too many times. I'm willing to show up here with you, with little pieces of me on offer so that together, we can go someplace new. May my inner inquiries prompt your own. Thank you so much for being here with me, and with each other and for doing this together, rebelling with light, owning our power, embracing courage, and creation, and collaborative leadership. Yeah, that sounds like bliss to me.

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