27 April 2021

Episode 17: {Spoken Word} An Ode to the Natural World

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Friends, a lot has happened.

I am a mother. I have birthed a being since I've last been in your ears in this way and rather than today's podcast being some grandiose, return to your headphones, I really just want to jump straight into it.

We recently had our doTERRA digital convention here in Australia and New Zealand. This is our second year in a row where our biggest event of the year has had to take place online, unfortunately. We miss being each other terribly.

I was very gratefully asked to speak this time around. I have no hesitation in declining speaking requests when nothing feels ripe to share, though this time, very rapidly, a message emerged I was honored to share it.

Here it is for you.

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Yours in bliss,

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Beautiful fellow humans. Hello, how are we, how do I do this. Is this thing on, welcome back today's episode sounds like bliss because we are back...

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And this is happening. And what better or more beautiful thing to chat about today, than mumma naetch.

So come on a journey with me.

Friends, a lot has happened. I am a mother. I mean, full stop. I am a mother, I have birthed a being, since I've last been in your ears in this way and rather than today's podcast being some grandiose, return to your headphones, I really just want to jump straight into it.

I was recently asked it was a very curious thing we here in Australia and New Zealand. In our dōTERRA community. We had our digital convention, this is our second year in a row where our biggest event of the year has had to take place, digitally, which sucks, big ones, if I'm honest, we love being around each other we love community we love hugs. And we love the energy that accompanies beautiful beautiful events like this. But alas, I'm not even going to go into it.

I was asked to speak, and, you know, 2020 was a year.

And I thought I didn't have much to say, but I kind of tuned into it for a second and suddenly a yes emerged, and then the piece that came knocking on my shoulder, emerged, and I performed it.

And I would like to share it with you here now. A because I know there are many in our beautiful oily community that would love to experience this that perhaps didn't attend our digital convention, but regardless whether you're in our dōTERRA community or not. If you have a penchant towards, for rather, the natural world. If you like hearing love notes about the natural world, then you may really enjoy this episode.

So, two things.

When, especially when it comes to poetry, number one, it always feels a little bit 'woah' to share it. So there's that. And another thing that I'm really aware of, again, particularly with poetry is that you never want to over explain it. You don't want to unpack the art, the beauty in the poem is in what has been left unsaid or what kinda is left lingering making you go wait a second, so that you can fill in the gaps yourself. But just for context, there's two parts of the poem, one where I say, time, and I emphasise it. I emphasise the word time, and I want you to know that when that part of the poem comes up, I'm talking about t-h-y-m-e, I'm talking about the herb time, the 'erb time. And also there's a reference to clean a concentrate which if you're not in Australia and New Zealand and you're not in dōTERRA that's going to fly straight over your head so don't worry about it. Let's just keep moving on. So with that, please sit back and relax, or walk your dog or drop your kids at school, this is all incredibly G rated the kiddies can can listen in fact, they're probably gonna love hearing these regular little references to some of their favorite oils. Hold my hands.

And let's do this.

I was asked to speak
to address you in the spirit of hope
to rally, to inspire
but let it be known
right now
that I do not own
a pair of pom poms
I won’t be waving anything around
in a dizzying tizzy of
it’s not my style

Instead, if you’d be so gracious as to indulge me
as to simply allow me to be me
to be this very Tara
telling you what I see
sharing a little about how i feel
as I gaze out at our world
and how it affects us
and how we can support ourselves through it all
I would be unutterably grateful
for the opportunity

When I look around, perplexed
aching at the division
among humanity
for brief moments I need
to be reminded of our potentiality
of our highest
and in she comes, NEROLI
ever sweetly.
she dances across my wrists
my elbow creases
my heart
with angelic remembrances
and a gentle re-boot
a re-start
back to grace
back to patience
back to.. ‘yeah, woah. what a time
in history’
it creates space for understanding
and, actually, on the subject of THYME
- how very timely -
you may think there is no rhyme
or reason
as to call on this culinary delight
in times of turmoil
adversity, numbness, fright
But do not be mistaken.
Thyme reaches out for us,
eager for more meaningful applications
than a mere drop in your morning omelette
that accompanies you’re bacon.
Thyme is fierce-
and this strength comes from knowing when to softe
and when to roar
when to hand it all over,
when to forgive
it is no accident that Thyme sits pretty in
our forgive
shimmering into pockets of anger and freeing them
loosening it out of our tissues so we can
take in deep breaths again
- and gosh, don’t we need that -
instead of gripping onto riverbanks,
resisting life’s flow

I know of another friend that help us settle into
the beauty of this harmony
you’ll likely know her well
her name is bergamot
and there’s one pathway in particular
that she all-out loves to travel
you may have heard of it
dilute a little, then gently apply her to the
shen men point in your ear.
as she recalibrates nervous tension
and syncs activity between
left and right brain hemispheres

amidst so much uncertainty
I can crack the lid off of rosemary
and wow, there she is
reminding me to keep my head high
that the time for solutions
clear sight
and energy with purpose
is nigh

another oil springs to mind here.
This time, a blend.
The oxygenating, incomparable BALANCE
every family’s best friend

Screen time has skyrocketed as
businesses and communities that were once knee to knee
have been digitised
and if I ever feel there’s too much wifi in my cells, BALANCE
which simply smell like outside
reminds me of how good it feels to fill my lungs
with trees and get my toes
on the earth
and if that’s not available, well, into the diffuser it goes
maybe with vetiver
mmmm… smokey, sweet, caramelly, roots, deep in the dirt.
Vetiver, Ground me.
Help me stay situated here.
In my body. my values.
help me get deep down into myself
so as to resist escaping what’s true

Sometimes, though in the name of sovereignty
it’s true that i need
some movement, some motion
some excitement, some commotion!
so, WILD ORANGE, yes you!
come at me with your spontaneity
FRANKINCENSE, may I borrow some of your audacity?
growing - by some miracle - in the harshest of lands
thriving, seemingly impossibly

some sensuality, please
would you remind me of the sheer and innocent life force existing innately within me?
would you help me feel it? remember it? usher it home?
CEDARWOOD, the interdependent ecosystem with your kin
a metaphor - as they always are -
that we are never alone.
never. not for a moment.

When I think about oils
that volunteer themselves as present-moment heroes
Copaiba, Adaptiv, Console and Peace stand out;
Willing allies, at the ready.
OnGuard in all it’s glory
and many iterations has never gotten so much attention
in a moment, selling out
but we’re still waiting for the cleaner concentrate!
(you know the story!)

When stagnation strikes, some of our friends
are well equipped
at whipping us into shape
with mantras of
Let’s go!
Peppermint, motivate, laurel, litsea
Bring in some flowers to remind you of how sweet this life is
to circulate some chi, to feel held and nourished
when it all feels too heavy and sheer power needs to flourish
enter stage right right: oregano.

small-leaved herbs help us focus with a convergent gaze
But friends, keep your imagination alive
and thriving
take breaks,
allow your mind
to go big
and get vast
and let loose
thank you siberian fir
douglas fir
and my favourite, black spruce
I like to call him Bruce
whispering into our magnificence
with nudges to zoom out
to take perspective
to enjoy the view
to call on our ancestors
to allow their wisdom through

And just when we think we’re getting too profound
Blue Tansy dances in and teaches us the art
of flexibility
to laugh
to not take life too seriously
my gosh, the audacity
how dare we
in a world that feels at times
like it’s somewhat of a crime
to be happy
truly happy in here
truly free up in here
between your ears

Our oils are the perfect meeting ground for both
Spirit and science;
our limbic brain, our hormones
our tissues
our cells
our bones.
these fragrant compounds, as they rush in
they change us!
and we get the honour of experiencing
the soul of these plants with our very human senses
as the mystery of aroma
gets to the work of rearranging us.

I mean, I cannot be the only one with my jaw on the floor, Right?
This is a big deal
The potency latent in that bottle of grapefruit is extraordinary
it’s so much more than cold-pressed peel
purifying our air
a detoxifying ally to our liver
brightening skin
add her to tonic water
so people can kick the gin
to the curb
and that’s before we address the way she loosens stagnation
grapefruit has a few BFF’s
when it comes to this
rosemary, cilantro, cypress
to name a few.
perhaps it also helps move stuckness in our emotional body too?
(hint: it does)

and did you know it takes 10,000 rose buds
to fill that 5ml bottle?
let’s apply her sparingly
appreciating the sacrifice
a 10-15% dilution will more than suffice
and rose like the great mother she is
will flood our being with warmth
with a knowing, immovable love
that intoxicates our senses in
her fragrance is familiar for a reason
as waves of comfort we’ve received
in seasons
prior to this
wash over us.

Switching gears now,

to our beloved customers
I merely wanted to be a voice for the plants today
to re-introduce you to their magic
on the off chance that you forgot
and to thank you on behalf of all of us
who, like you
are invested in nature-led living
in voting with our dollar into that monthly purple box
thank you for trusting the earth in this way
and for the time you’ve deposited
into your education, into learning from us
for cracking the lids and trying something new
and receiving the gift that is there, right in front of you
rather than letting these little miracles
sit in a corner and collect dust (our nightmare!)
so please, keep leaning in
watch them
feel them
as they continue to support
and transform
your family
your creativity
and your connection to the natural world;
all of this is rightfully yours

and to those of you sharing these gifts
building something lasting and beautiful here
I’d like a moment with you, because in acknowledgement it’s been a YEAR.

there is an incredible surge of energy available
in choosing, now, to simply relax into this
to relax into the rightful place within your business.

I know that the buzzword recently has been ‘pivot’
and you’ve likely done so many 180’s
that you’re sock of hearing it
so I wonder: instead of this constant emphasis
to strive and gallop into everything new
if you can just relax a little
and remember what it is that YOU
bring to this ecology.

comparison, with a little help from marjoram
I like to diffuse her and anoint her softly, right here -
just seems to melt away
melt.. just like marjoram softens the resistance
in our tissues
so too does it shake loose the resistance
causing us issues

And then, a pervasive trust in your own direction
and journey with your community here emerges
Trust is deeply and beautifully fortified
but none other than our JASMINE
try holding her here, on your wrist
the source point of your pericardium
which acts as protection and armour
for your heart
it’s your unique gifts
your genius
your quirks
that make leadership more art
than science

There is a distinct and visceral difference
between committing to something
and rushing through it
between inspired action
and hurried flurrying
I’ll ask you to feel into that
to take stock of where’ you’re at
and then to ask
which oil will help bring you home, because

Brothers and sisters still walk among us
who aren’t aware of how
beautifully roman chamomile - just one drop in the bath -
can cradle their newborn sweetly off to sleep…
(I can attest to that)

There are folks who are lock-jawed,
soul-fatigued, who could really do with some
Easy Air on their chests
and a few deep breaths
to help them be their grief

There are foodies and ceremonialists who simply are yet to know
the glory of a drop of cardamom pink pepper in their cacao
before they start a slow
morning of meditation and gratitude.

There is much scar tissue among us
Physical, mental, emotional, too
for the wounds that seem as though
they just won’t heal
well, we know better, don’t we?
helichrysum to the rescue

May you feel restored now
May you feel eager and aligned and true
May you and your business, together
Remember what you’re here to do
As you anchor into a depth of relating with what’s designed for you
with fresh eyes
bright spirits
ready once more to lace up your shoes
and perhaps instead of sprinting
we can do as nature herself does
and play the infinite game.

And before I go, let me say
because it may just be remiss
of me not to

Your friend,
Tara Citrus Bliss

And well, I hate to toot my own horn, but that sounds like bliss to me,

Rebels of Light 3.0 is on the horizon, everybody. She's coming. And she is much, much more than a mentoring program, there is much to share about this immersive six month experience with you. There's so much for us to talk about.

Let's just keep it simple today, I want to give you a heads up about it we kick off in June and the container will be created for you to alchemise your life like never before. I cannot wait to see where our collective rebellion takes us in 2021, and I hope you'll join us keep listening I'm going to let you know about the waitlist

Friends, thanks for coming back, and if it's your first time here, warm, gooey welcomes to you. Thank you for tuning in. I appreciate your presence. If you found value in today's poddy, which was a poem, they're not, they're not always poems, they sometimes are you never know what you're going to get. Please subscribe on iTunes and share this episode on your socials, you can find me and tag me. Share your thoughts and feelings at at @tara_bliss. If you're feeling particularly generous today you might leave me a review on iTunes, and apparently that helps get the sounds out into even more ear drums, so thank you in advance if you choose to do that.

For show notes, resources, updates on what I have on offer and of course for you to join our Rebels of Light waitlist. Please jump on over to tarabliss.com.au, forward slash, 17, the number, 17, as in Episode 17, but for now. Have a beautiful moment right here, right now.

Bye bye now.

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