13 August 2015

Deep Peace in the Deep Green: A Note From My Tree Change

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From where I sit:

I can see the sun rays streaming in through the window while the rain simultaneously falls heavily outside.

I turn and look out beyond the back deck at the three veggie plots, and see that they're receiving their dual share of sunshine and rain, too.

Out of every window – and trust me, there's plenty of them here in our new place – is endless green.

The birds are in a rather talkative mood, which ironically brings a meditative state out in me.

I cannot hear the traffic.

The air is cool, a scarf is wrapped around my neck.

Dinner is gently cooking away - sitting atop our pot belly stove, where it will remain for the next couple of succulently slow-cooked hours.

Our two kookaburra friends are nowhere in sight right now – they're probably somewhere safe out of the rain – but before too long, they'll be perched in front on me, eagerly urging for a nibble of food.

Yesterday, as I drove to yoga, I witnessed kangaroos jumping in the bare fields which line the roads out of here.


The home-like feeling I didn't even know I was craving until I landed on it.

For the last two and a half years, I have felt well at home a stone's throw away from the beaches of Burleigh... but recently, the tightness of our apartment, the never-quite-ceasing buzz of the traffic, the unavoidable view of McDonalds which greeted us from our small verandah... I was growing tired of it.

I was becoming more sensitive to it all.

I started fantasising about living in and amongst a spoil of trees, of perching myself on my sheepskin on a vast deck and meditating to the subtle orchestra of nature, of revelling in the ritual of lighting a morning fire to ease the chill of dawn.

And here it is.

That, and more.

That, and this next phase of nesting; another craving that is becoming more realised and embodied with each and every day.

A place to sow some seeds, to hang some photos, to give a home to a puppy from the pound, to conceive of and birth a child, or two, or three. To write until my heart is blissfully contented.

After my first night here, sleeping around boxes, I found myself on Facebook reading a beautiful morning poem written by someone I love and admire dearly. With her poem, came an invitation for all those reading to write their own.

I enthusiastically keyboard-scribbled:

I awaken to the faint hum of the almost silent land,
after opting for a Tree Change after dwelling by surf, sea and sand.
The sounds of the whip-brid brings on nostalgia from my childhood,
as does the the potbelly stove, and it's accompanying pile of fire wood.
While hubby sleeps, I stack the kindling and patiently stoke the flame,
and boil the kettle while internally vibrating Sat Nam - 'Truth is my name.'

And following that, rose such profound... amusement.

My adolescence and early twenties were ear-marked by tireless rebellious attitudes towards my upbringing.

I was gonna leave the country! Fly high in the city! Get off the land and into the hype!

When I was travelling, I swore I'd never stop. Settling down is for people who have lost their will to live! 

So much to prove. So much to prove wrong.

I smile at that girl, now; glad that she rebelled and walked all those different tightropes of experience and judgement and stereotyping, because now, I truly know:

You can take the girl out of the country, but as it so obviously seems in my case, you cannot take the sweet, wonderful, healing country out of the girl. And to that realisation, I bow.

From the glistening forest that is my new back yard,

Have a beautiful day.

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    • Brooke
      13 August 2015

      Tara. Thank you.
      I found myself experiencing the tranquility and peacefulness you so brilliantly and effortlessly described. Thank you for taking me to such a dreamy place today. I too am becoming more and more sensitive to the busyness of life, and I crave open space, fresh air and the smell of nature. Reading this was a perfect and gentle reminder that it is out there to be enjoyed.

    • 13 August 2015

      Aaaah... Reading this was a meditation in itself. Very happy for you. Blessings on your new home. Sat Nam xxx

    • 13 August 2015

      Absolutely beautiful post darling...your silky words roll through my mind so effortlessly.
      I feel ALL of it too...thank you so much xxx

    • 13 August 2015

      Gorgeous, stirs my heart, I have the same craving, I can feel the sigh of relief. Soak it up, you deserve it xxxx

    • 13 August 2015

      This is just perfect. Soft and gentle. You certainly sound like you're home sweet girl. The long time sun is shining on you.

    • 13 August 2015

      Tara my love, this post resonates so deeply with me. This word 'home' has been a big one for me too recently. I thought I had found it in Bondi and then surprisingly that sense of belonging I once felt there disappeared. I was lost few a few months, trying out new places and staying with friends. My last place was next to a main road and I woke and fell asleep to the sounds of cars which absolutely destroyed my nervous system. But last week I moved to Manly, and I too and surrounded by trees, nature and expansiveness. My home feels nurturing, calm and safe. I can see ocean and watch stunning orange sunsets from my balcony. And yes, it feels like HOME. Like a deep sense of belonging. Like a powerful resounding, yes - I am where i am meant to be. I am further from the rest of the world, from many of my friends and my old life. But I am home. Thank you for sharing your post and confirming what I had been feeling within. Love you xx

    • 13 August 2015

      Heavenly! So love reading your posts, lady. <3 P.S. I'm coming round for whatever's simmering in that pot. xx

    • 13 August 2015

      Ah Tara, welcome home xx

    • Paula
      13 August 2015

      Hi Tara,

      I completely understand where you are coming from. I am a country girl that did everything to leave, then travelled the world (or lots of it). But now I find myself longing for those long days on the farm, without neighbours, without the hum of traffic and where I can collect my own eggs, pick my own oranges and grow my own veggies. It's amazing how we come full circle. I've been following you for a while now and this is the first time I have written to you. I just bought two copies of "High" as well! I think I need your help! xxx Looking forward to hearing more.

    • 13 August 2015

      So beautiful Tara. I completely resonate with this. I come from a very chaotic family upbringing and I craved living in a calm and quiet place for a long long time. It was such an insight when my coach guided me through identify that I craved that peace to balance out the inner chaos that was still stored in my body. Thank you for sharing, beautifully written. Much love xxx

    • 13 August 2015

      So beautiful babe X

    • 13 August 2015

      So happy you have found this peace. Wishing you every joy and blessing in your new home x Love Jasmin x

    • 13 August 2015

      Beautiful ❤️

    • 13 August 2015

      I can feel the contentment in every single word. So beautiful babe xxx

    • 13 August 2015

      Beautiful, Tara. Enjoy your new home:)

    • 13 August 2015

      This is absolutely gorgeous, Tara! You are such a beautiful, heartfelt soul and I am enamoured by your honesty. Thank you for sharing your truth. I balled my eyes out reading this. I am so happy for you. Thank you for that xxx

    • Madeleine
      14 August 2015

      Beautiful. My soul's search for stillness took me across the sea from my home country & out to the wilds of another, to the Serra da Estrela (literally, "The Mountains of Stars") in central Portugal. We just celebrated our first anniversary of living here, welcomed our second puppy and I'm dreaming of the days when another soul join our family too. I can't quite express how living here cradled by the seasons and rooted in the land has healed, nourished and challenged me. Blessings on this phase of your journey, sister x

    • 15 August 2015

      Tara.....such beautiful words and such wonderful realisation.... I am about to embark on a similar journey, moving to thr Byron hinterland to live in a house with green rolling hills, a creek and the natural world all around me... Although my husband and I currently at Watarrka National Park in central Australia and nature all around us, I yearn for big trees, tall forests, kookaburras, green and the ocean.......natures is so healing and I'm so happy you've found it and can't wait to connect when I'm over there... Especially about kundalini, essential oils and writing! Happy days ahead.... Mid ✌️?

    • 16 August 2015

      You divine poet you xo

    • Kate
      8 September 2015

      Hi Tara,
      I love this post, it gave me goosebumps and I'm still smiling.

      Much love.


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