2 November 2016

Dear Internet, I Owe You An Apology...

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…because in truth, I’ve been a bit of a dick.

I’ve been blaming you, resisting you, judging you, but worst of all…

I’ve been downplaying you, denying how critical you are for our evolution as humans.

I’ve kept myself somewhat blind to your brilliance.

But I can see clearly now, and yep, I’ve been behaving like a spoilt brat.

All those times I scoffed at your platforms for even daring to venture that they could foster community that competes with ‘real-life.’

‘Yeah right’, I would shrug.

But hang on.

I look to my left, to my right. Most of my significant friendships? They were formed – and they flourished – online.

My business partnerships – a vast majority – online.

The impact I’m able to make? It’s because of you, Internet.

I have blamed you for distracting me, for diluting my power, for severing my creativity, but now more than I ever I know that, for real, it’s not you, it’s me.

You come to us with your tools and your tricks and your technologies and your promise of a limitless world which knows no bounds, and I have been screwing up my nose at you. I’m sorry, bro.

You rapidly change your algorithms and ‘rules’ and now I know I must accept and grow with you, rather than wriggle in my own bitterness while choking on the nostalgia of how good the good old days were. (I remember you, organic Facebook reach!)

I will not be that old lady shaking her fist at the unfoldment of evolution, wishing for things to slow down, or progress at a speed which makes me comfortable. I just won't.

I owe you an apology, Internet, for any micro-second that I didn’t acknowledge and appreciate the absolute gift you are to each of us.

That you allow us to share.
To create.
To document.
To deliver ourselves.
To express.
To listen.
To connect.
To mastermind.
To give freely.
To build empires.

And to do it all in a way that is more us than we ever dreamed of.

Here's the thing, Internet: You help us make sense of ourselves.

And so, I hereby pledge to embrace you and your systems and your opportunities.

When people do you shittily (including myself), I will try to remember that it does not mean that you are shit.

You are the hope, the future, the now. The place where it all happens.

Forgive me?


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    • 8 November 2016

      Argh, I am feeling exactly the same right now, Tara! I'm still figuring out the steps to this dance between the internet and I, especially as a marketing tool for my business, but I keep reminding myself there is no rush. And also, no need for judgement. Thanks for your words today xx

    • Faith Reed
      24 January 2017

      Love this! I've been feeling SO MUCH resistance to the internet and screwing myself up in knots trying to figure out how to express myself and my soul without the need for the internet. I felt suffocated by it for a long time, and unable to vibe with it, learn it or build with it. I felt I'd somehow been left behind and didn't have the energy to learn all this new stuff...
      Perhaps all I am desiring is simplicity, and that can be found and created anywhere, any time. I'm sure the right teachers shall appear, and the best is yet to come, as a renew this relationship with the online world in a healthy and balanced way. <3

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