24 October 2016

Creative Lies

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I have been telling myself the biggest lie for almost two years now.

The falsity that I cannot have success in my collaborative business and be creative at the same time.

It was a thought form and a belief that felt crushing to me, and it was incredibly draining to my body. Each morning, though absolutely delighted by the work that I got to do with my team and for our Earth and her people, I felt I had to dig deep into the bones of me to access energy, as what has sustained me most significantly in my adult years - my creativity - was ‘absent.’

What bullshit.

I hazard a guess that I’m not the only one that piles pressure onto my Creativity and the way it should look. (Right?)

After years of being somewhat defined by it through content creation - online programs, eBooks, a best-selling paperback, weekly blogging - the standard was set. ‘This is what a creative life looks like.’

And so when, after being effortlessly guided into the world of essential oils and connection marketing 21 months ago, when my focus shifted and the scales inevitably tipped, disrupting ‘balance’, I quietly panicked.


We were (and are), quite literally, creating something outstanding and magical on Team Bliss, but my mind wandered back to those hours upon hours I once spent writing until my heart was content.

There was a grieving period, for sure. I imagine in many ways it might be similar (though of course completely different) to the way a new mama may feel when her once beautifully self-centred life, rife with meditation and yoga (or whatever her jam is), is largely spent feeding her little one and adjusting to sleep deprivation. An identity can feel severed, fragmented.

And just as a new mama may miss out on the majesty of the moment as her sweetheart breathes into her chest as he feeds, I was blinding myself from recognising and embracing the creativity that was still imbuing everything in my new business. I felt neglected by it; believing that she should ‘show up’ in a certain way. Instead, it poured into my life though:

  •  Conflict management. When two women on my team were butting heads and their businesses are suffering because of it, I could use empathy and language to seek out a solution.
  • Creating training manuals for our team which were less about strategy ad more about Soul. And the best part - watching the team exhale and resonate with that approach, completely.
  • Communicating our product and our opportunity in a way that is utterly ME.
  • Creating slideshows and presentations for our community.
  • Embracing the innate creativity that comes with feminine leadership.
  • Being a voice for MAGNETIC business, rather than BURN OUT business.

Mostly, I have come to learn that my creativity is not defined by how much I write, or how well I write, or how often I create, but rather, how consciously I can communicate.

I mean. I’m raising my freaking glass to that.


PS: The less you resist, the less it persists. You may have noticed that I'm once again writing more often. Oh Universe, you are hilarious. Creativity begets creativity, friends.

PSS: What about you? What do you feel is missing from your life, AND, when you look a little closer, where is it already there, but perhaps just in another form? Would love to hear from you below.

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    • 24 October 2016

      Hey lady,

      I love this. I've been feeling this sense of a lack of independence for a while. A shame around not being 'further along' with my work, grieving for the years of my early 20's when I feel like I *should* have been building my career and getting to know myself... not planning a wedding and thinking about kids. (There's a lot of identity stuff coming up for me at the moment as we prepare for my youngest to go to school in Jan).

      There's this whisper that says, "Vari - you need to throw it all out and start a fresh." But you're right, maybe that independence is already there and I just can't see it... Going to sit with this today.

      Thank you for the little nudge.

      Vari x

      • 25 October 2016

        Oooopphh. How powerful - that little window that has revealed itself so you can take a squizz at your life. I love those moments, when we finally see a blind spot.

        Thank you for being here, V. xo

    • Trudi
      25 October 2016

      At this time of awakening / ascension / up-leveling for the collective, I'm loving witnessing your capacity to share and allow your followers an intimate insight as you continually crack it open. You are so open and authentic, and beautifully lead the way with these qualities. Bravo to you babe - shine that gorgeous light. Know that you're not alone, as you show so many others they're not alone in their limiting or negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns and wounds. You are inspirational.

      • 25 October 2016

        Thank you, Trudi! I don't know how to express any other way than through my lens. And if we are all ONE, and if we are all fragments of the same source, I just these perspectives will resonate with who needs them. That's why I'm so grateful that you're here and we can nod our heads and truly SEE each other xo Have a great day xo

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