22 October 2016

The Crazy My Creativity Is Putting On Me

Get your bliss notes

I am feverishly learning at the moment, Blissies.

You've probably heard me drop hints about this on Facebook and Snapchat.

I am learning about my creativity and mySelf - and how they are inextricably linked; bound to each other; weaved by one another.

I am re-teaching myself all that I can about marketing and how it exists in this modern-day online space, all with an intention to better serve you. I am keeping what resonates, and ditching what doesn’t.

I have flattened myself down to those glorious first stages of rawness; green with possibility and high on the desire of all the ways we may be able to collaborate, connect and work with one another.

My notebook is filling up.
I am trying to have 'days off' from anything to do with work, but man, that's proving difficult. (Because ideation begets ideation.)

I am saying ‘yes’ to a lot right now, but ‘no’ to even more. I have found, that running three businesses whilst living in a body that is still healing requires quite a lot of ‘no.’

New teachers. I have so badly been craving new teachers. Grace Lever and Peta Kelly and Seth Godin and Gary V. Right now, these are the folks I’m drawing the courage from to step out into the next iteration of my greatness. (Again, I am taking what resonates, ditching what doesn’t, and imbuing the whole deal with lotsa Tara)

I have a ferocious hunger right now to express my thoughts, but more importantly than that, my desire is to be in conversation with you. More in-depth conversation, more often.

I crave for the barriers to lower, for a layer of Ego to shed, for the veil to dissolve. For the screen of online presence and social media to shatter and reveal the truth.

‘Here I am. Let us see each other, now.’

This is why I’m doing a Facebook Live broadcast every single Friday eve. Please join us - the conversations have been absolutely cup-filling and I love interacting with you in this way. Come on over to my Facebook page on Friday’s at 5:30pm AEST. Time zone converter.

This is also why I’m considering doing something that seems almost motherfucking crazy to me — blogging 4-5 times a week again. (I can blame Seth Godin for that idea) Not in the long-form posts that you’re used to seeing around here… but simply to show up, to publish the parts of myself. To share, perhaps, nothing in particular, other than thoughts my mind is spitting out on any particular morning.

300 words of my heart.
You, with your morning cuppa. (Or your crazy kids in the background, or your train ride to work, you know, whatevs).
Somewhat daily.

I cannot explain the pull. I only know that it’s there. And I am happy (very happy) to treat this as an experiment.

May old-school blogging return.
May I be an example that a blog that doesn't aim at selling you something at every exposure can and will co-exist with a ‘business website’ and be successful.

I see so many people around me feel as though they need to withdraw themselves from their businesses. What a shame that would be, if we all find ourselves scrolling Facebook only to find program after program and webinar after webinar, being promoted to us, sold to us, without the back story of what lights them up, what pisses them the fuck off, what matters to them.

I wanna feel someone before I buy from them. Don’t you?

Don’t hide away from us too much, okay?

(That was just as much a message to me as it was to you)

Catcha soon.


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    • 22 October 2016

      Oh HELL yes. I want all the feels before I buy too! So good to have you back in this way. Looking forward to many more xxx

      • 25 October 2016

        Me too! I LOVE buying. I LOVE purchasing.

        And I think I have such a great relationship with it because I really believe what I'm investing in.

        Thanks for being here, sister.

        T xo

    • Laura
      23 October 2016

      A-ho!!! I am drawn more to people (but mostly drawn to being that myself) who write who they are, writing for writing sake not selling, that is what is refreshing now, I haven't written in weeks because I cannot find my voice in the noise, but the voice I lost is simply the one you speak of, cannot wait to see more of your honest words x

      • 25 October 2016

        Your voice is in there honey, soft, steady and ready for you to recognise it. Promise.

        T xo

    • 23 October 2016

      Yes, yes, yes - more words xoxo

    • Sandy
      24 October 2016

      What is it about the F word that is so, idk, fucking authentic?

      • 25 October 2016

        Haha - I have no idea! But if you met me in person you'd know I tone it down a little bit here on the blog.

        I'm a country girl, after all. :P

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