4 February 2014

Clear Crystal Quartz: Why You Need It In Your Life

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Clear Crystal Quartz.

She's a beauty.

Purity incarnate.

Transparent magic.

And if you're a sucker for the odd crystal, she's absolutely one you'll be wanting to add to your collection.

In this video, I share with you:

  • The 'personality' of crystal quartz
  • How to use her
  • Situations that are perfect for using her, and
  • Situations in which you'll definitely want to avoid using her

Share this post with your friends, and tell me: What's one area of your life that's in need of some crystal quartz amplification!

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    • 4 February 2014

      Loved this Tara. I'm off to strategically place clear quarts now :). Enjoy the powdery snow in Japan.

    • 4 February 2014

      Beautiful, informative vid babe! I've been sleeping with my tibetan quartz under my pillow lately. It always tells me when I need to be working with it again. I'm going to share this one on my page <3

    • 4 February 2014

      ooo girl you are speaking my language

      sending you lots of good vibes while you are shredding ;)

      xo Ashley

    • nicole
      4 February 2014

      Have an amazing time you beautiful creature xx

    • Che // The Polka Dot Flamingo
      4 February 2014

      Love it Tara, thanks so much for this. I'm only beginning to delve into the world of crystals so this is perfect. Oh so helpful. X

    • Becs :: Think Big Live Simply
      4 February 2014

      Love this darling - more crystal vids please! Have a beautiful time over there x

    • Jennie Dolbel
      4 February 2014

      Wow! Thank you. I have really learnt something today regarding when and where not to use. I always had one of my pointy crystals on the computer when I was working. Thank the lord I am not doing it anymore. I am now going to do some work with "me and my crystal" with some meditation music for some healing.
      One question: Hospitals are a toxic environment, can I take mine back to hospital or can you recommend another to healing. I do have some stones that I take with me.
      Enjoy your time in Japan.
      To Health, Peace and Happiness
      Jennie Dolbel

    • 4 February 2014

      Enjoy the slopes Tara! Off to grab me some clear crystal quartz

    • Michaela
      4 February 2014

      Excellent, I love learning more about crystals! Thanks Tara :) Hope you're having a wonderful time in Japan and please do a few more of these posts (at least!) x

    • Naomi
      4 February 2014

      Love this Tara! More videos on crystals please :-D
      Have an awesome trip! x

    • 4 February 2014

      Beautiful babe xx

    • Katherine - The Beauty of Life
      4 February 2014

      I'm a complete crystal beginner, but I remember being fascinated with them when I was younger. Thanks for this awesome and easy-for-newbies explanation. Will be getting myself some clear quartz asap and can't wait for the next instalment ;)

    • Clare - Clare & Sage
      4 February 2014

      Love my crystals and the crystal quartz is one of my favs - a definite staple! A wonderful post! Can't wait to see more crystal focused video blogs :))) x

      • Tara
        5 February 2014

        Everyone's hungry for these crystal posts, eh? :)

        Thank you beautiful x

    • 5 February 2014

      Quarts in your water bottle?! I never thought of that! Thank you for sharing this rad vid on such a rad crystal ;)

      • Tara
        5 February 2014

        Hell yeah crystals in your water bottle! x

    • 5 February 2014

      Loved it Tara! Would love to see more xxxx

      • Tara
        5 February 2014

        Okay okay! ;)

    • Kate
      5 February 2014

      Love this Tara. Thank you. Would love to hear more about crystals. xoox

    • 9 February 2014

      Perfect timing, Tara! I was literally just thinking, "Should I get me some clear crystal quartz? What would that be good for, I wonder?" Then I clicked on your post. I love the universe! :)

      • Tara
        9 February 2014


        I love the Universe too!

    • Dannii
      18 February 2014

      Hey Tara, thanks for the Vid! Hope you had a rad time in Japan - looks like it from your posts n email :) Love that country!!!

      So funny 'coincidence', I just bought some beautiful clear quartz on valentines day because I was wandering in a crystal shop and felt drawn to it..was feeling so free and clear on my intentions that day..then I stumbled across this post of yours - excellent!! Am defo going to think up some creative placements to amplify positive energies! Thanks for this Tara, would love to know more about what other crystals do also :)

      Another interesting thing about my experience with crystals.. I used to love them as an early teenager and collected a whole lot (probably in years where I was drawn by what was pretty and felt nice/good (innocence of spirit directing me maybe?), then 'life' got in the way and I got rid of them as an older teen and young adult. Yet now that I am reaching thirty, really getting to know myself, my intuition, angels and tune into Dannii, I want crystals in my life all over again and am re-collecting them (but in a more intuitive way). Hmmm interesting pattern of crystal behaviour haha...but makes sense doesn't it?!

    • SB
      20 February 2014

      Love this site! I'm a yogi & think Tara is amazing & inspiring!! Peace.

      • Tara
        25 February 2014

        Double peace! :)

    • Amy
      26 February 2014

      Love this beautiful - and would love more crystal vids please! x

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