10 July 2012

Cleansing, Charging and Programming Your Crystals

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you're all having a beautiful start of the week.

A few weeks ago I touched on how to become receptive to the energy of crystals when they're choosing you (remember- you don't choose them), so today I wanted to share how I personally like to cleanse and program my stones. There are numerous resources online, and many brilliant books on the topic, but I always like to add my own flavour to the mix, so this my friends, is how I roll...

1. Cleanse
I try to use the most natural water I can get my hands on. While in Canada I sat by a stream and rinsed my crystals in glacial run off, and in Mexico the stones and I had a little ceremony by the ocean. You can replicate this in your kitchen by using tap water and sea salt, or you can collect rain. Sometimes I cleanse them for just a few moments, other times I feel compelled to soak them for a few nights. There are no rules here, I just go with what feels right. The whole purpose of cleansing is to clear the crystal of any energy that isn't yours; if a crystal isn't cleansed- it holds the energy of every one that's its come into contact with.

2. Charge
A) Sunlight charges crystals rapidly, so if on your weekend you're blessed with a beautifully sunny day, bring your crystals out to sun bake for a few hours. A side note- be careful of brightly coloured stones, they'll fade with excessive exposure.
B) Charge by the moon: the moon works her magic much slower than the sun, but her results are magical. My feminine stones are vampires (they come out at night), whereas my masculine stones are day-walkers. You can find out what 'gender' your crystal is with a tiny bit of research.
C) Clusters are brilliant for energising your collection, as are high vibration stones like Selenite (thanks for that tip, Terri!).

Crystal clusters like this help to energise other stones.

3. Program
Everything is energy. The crystal itself is energy, and energy is what it stores inside of it. So after cleansing and charging your crystal it's important to nurse them with your intention (which in itself is- yep, energy) so as to attune it to your vibration. Intention is powerful, especially the wrapped-in-love-and-hope-and-generosity type of intention. A generalised way to do this is to spend a little bit of quiet time with each and every stone (or perhaps you'd like to meditate over all of them at once) and devote them to the highest good, that is- not to manipulation or control or resentment, but instead to love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, healing. You may like to personalise it depending on the stone. These are some examples of how I've programmed my crystals with my intentions (based on the metaphysical description of the stones and what I know of them so far):
This Rose Quartz is going to help heal my heart. It will show me how to love myself more, forgive others more freely, and attract more love into my life, from all directions.
This Tourmaline will humble me, keep me grounded and absorb any fearful energy from my ego. It will protect my spirit.
This Carnelian will help ignite the creative power within me. When I sit with this stone, I become inspired to write meaningful words and to dream big.
This Hermiker Diamond will connect me to the source. With this stone I learn to trust my intuition, communicate with other dimensions and develop my psychic abilities.

Bonus Step

4. Spoil Your Crystals
I often like to pass my stones through wafting incense, meditate with them, sleep with them under my pillow and generally just admire their radical beauty. I like to spoil them by using them, because I wholeheartedly believe that they enjoy healing me. I was holding black tourmaline in this video with the intention that it would absorb my nervousness. I sleep with Rose Quartz close the bed if Glen and I have retired for the night in turmoil; every time I've done this, we've always woken up in each others arms. I've felt myself levitating while meditating with Hermiker Diamond on my third eye.

Sometimes I just hold them because I'm drawn to. Other times I'll be getting ready to make a dash out the door, when suddenly I find myself reaching for some amethyst and bloodstone and throwing them in my handbag. I have a good chuckle to myself when this happens, and I certainly don't fight it.

Now, I would absolutely love to hear about your experiences with crystals. What do you use them for? How do you program them? How do you shape your intention? And what shifts have you noticed in your life? If you're a total newbie to crystals, then I'd love to know whether you thought this post was useful.

Have a beautiful day!

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    • Anonymous
      12 July 2012

      This is great Tara - I love learning about crystals (total newbie)..will you post on which crystals you use for what purpose?

    • 13 July 2012

      @Anon: I would absolutely love to do a post on that! :)

    • 15 July 2012

      I loved this - thank you :) I have a few crystals but am just at the beginning of my love for them, I can tell it's going to be a lifelong journey from now on. Would love to learn more about them. The one I carry with me most is pyrite.. as soon as I have it in my grasp I feel grounded and calm :)

    • 15 July 2012

      I love cleansing my crystals in the ocean, at night... such a still and wonderful time to "cleanse" ya know?

    • Dani Pepper
      22 July 2012

      I like to cleanse my crystal with sage or with sound- with my singing bowl or crystal singing bowls. I find crystals help my everyday, I too will get drawn to grab certain crystals on my way out, I also sometimes find myself giving them away to others that day also, like i was meant to grab it for that person- to help them with what they're going through. I have amazing meditation sessions with my crystals also & my husband has had amazing experiences with his throat chakra using them- speaking his truth in his family when he has held back for years- it seemed like it came out of nowhere! I also converted my mum to crystals when after purchasing one, she was holding it & it literally starting glowing greener & heated up substantially! Crystals are amazing & I LOVE them!

    • Dani Pepper
      22 July 2012


    • Merja
      26 July 2012

      This was great! I have started just recently become more and more interested in crystals and want to definitely learn more about their healing powers and how to use them. When I visited Finland last week I brought a couple of tigers eyes (one from my mom) and some others with me.

    • Rachel
      2 February 2015

      Thanks Tara! I've recently discovered crystals, I'm currently reading through your posts on this topic (I found your blog via Claire Bakers "This is Lifeblood") and finding them EXTREMELY useful and helpful; I've been doing a bit of research but reading about other peoples personal experience with crystals helps to validate my own and what I've been feeling intuitively about them, which is a great gift so again, thank you :)
      Have you had any experience with also being drawn to certain shapes? I noticed that the first couple that I ended up with were all the same shape (triangular prism-ish), and now I'm drawn to that shape to the point where I look out for it. The beauty is that the pieces I end up coming home with, even if not what I thought I was looking for, always tend to open up me up to something, always something good and sometimes something new :)

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