11 October 2013

I Can't Be Anything Other Than What I Am. Neither Can You.

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We all have a story that is so sacredly our own.

Stories of struggle (to varying degrees, of course), and stories of great accomplishment, outright rapture, and intensity.

We also have great stories of contradiction that we may wrestle with on a day to day basis.

The busy mum who still takes those precious moments to tuck her child into bed, with patience and love.

The green-juicing twenty-something who battles with a lack of self confidence.

The high-earning corporate at her wits end, willing to trade all the dollars she's earning for a slice of harmony.

And if you're anything like me, you understand on a cellular level that the reason we are so unique; the reason we must all experience differing ends of the spectrum, is so we can learn and grow and evolve. We've got to navigate our own way through this life, and for it to be a grand adventure, there's got to be some burn here and there.

Which is why we must have compassion and understanding for where each of us is at in our journey.

In the last six or so months online I've observed an underbelly of judgement.

It's not your everyday, run of the mill comparison; resentment and severe separation sit at its extremities and I reckon enough is enough. So I've made a 6 minute video for you.

I've battled with pressing publish on this one, and truth be told, this was Take Two (a first for me - I normally record, then publish, no biggie). It's a sensitive topic and I can only hope that I've laced it with enough true Tara, along with a side serve of compassion, and that you can feel the underlying message: Acceptance & Love.

What are your thoughts on this topic? I'd absolute LOVE you to share this video around, and leave me a comment below.

PS - Bali is AMAZING.

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    • 11 October 2013

      :) :) :) Tara, I just have to say that I totally support you, totally support your vision, your mission, and your spreading of light. I hope that this video triggers something in MANY people because you are speaking so much truth here.

      One of my friends recently posted something on Facebook saying "The grass is pretty green over here too" ... and I think that is the perfect reflection of what you are talking about. Life is such a beautiful gift and experience. Yes yes yes to finding your own experience of peace, in whatever form that looks like from the outside.

      As a mother, I can attest that there is plenty of joy, beauty, peace, and amazement to be had in this phase too.

      LOADS of love XOX

    • 11 October 2013

      I'm sorry you've been feeling resentment, but your beautiful video has inspired me. I've decided you need an action hero figurine - Tara Bliss, Joy Hunter! Instead of guns and tools and weapons, you carry a yoga mat slung across your back and a meditation cushion, and a hip belt with a pouch for crystals, a clip to attach a leak proof bottle with a green juice, and your super power comes from imparting joy and inspiration through hugs. Hey, if I get the time over the weekend I'll send you a drawing of what I can see in my head!

      I think the internet works much more smoothly when sharing stories when video and interactive mediums are used instead of the written word. Don't get me wrong I love writing (as you've probably picked up on from reading my stuff) but unless you have the time and care to write a lot to express your views and experience ( like a full blog post vs a tweet or a one line comment) meaning and intent gets lost so easily. Tone is almost impossible to convey in a universal sense, and offence can be taken personally even when you're attempting to share to thousands at once. That coupled with a person's own (possibly unidentified) case of comparisonitis is a pretty potent thing.

    • 11 October 2013

      Love, love, love, love, LOVED this!!! We are all doing our best to live our life our way... and we should all be embracing our own sacred journey. I'm glad you pressed publish - I could feel nothing but love with this video. Thank you, beautiful. xx

    • 11 October 2013

      I would LOVE to read a book, written by you, called: Joy Hunter : ) Thank you for a lovely video; it's a wonderful reminder.

    • 11 October 2013

      Thank you so much for sharing Tara! What a beautiful message and you handled yourself beautifully and with grace. It is unfortunate that some people feel inclined to lash out at others who are living their purpose instead of going out and finding the things that give them joy. You are an inspiration, thank you for continuing to spread your message and living your life on your terms! xo

    • Shani
      11 October 2013

      Tara I love that your courage lead you to create and post this. I don't have any type of online business so I'm writing from an angle of an observer and participant rather than someone in any inner circles, and from this perspective, something I find so amazing about the online world at this point in time, is that it grants access to the offerings of sooooo many.
      This enables us to find our 'tribe' (or several tribes) so much more readily than ever before. There are many life or health or wellness coaches, or business building experts and leaders etc. etc. and we have such abundant choice to connect with those we really resonate with - our tribe. If one person doesn't quite sing to our spirits the way we're looking for, the chances are there are others who will, because there is greater and greater access and more and more people stepping up to engage.
      It feels like a really natural, and really quite gobsmackingly wonderful, gift of the way the world is unfolding these days - many 'tribes' gathering together online (and off too!), as more and more people step up to sharing their gifts and spirits and businesses online, all shifting and changing in time as we each journey through our lives and their stages. Evolution.
      (We've spoken about all this before!).
      On a personal note I'm so grateful that you are here, you write the words you do, your deep authenticity, that you are exactly who you are, in all it's permanence AND evolution. It has and does make a material difference to my spirit and therefore my world, and I don't know that there's any greater gift to give others than to authentically enrich all spirits and lives of those around us.
      Big inflated heart thanks :) xox

    • Astrid
      11 October 2013

      Thank you for your beautiful message Tara! I loved what you shared in the video. it made so much sense to me and clarified the importance of embracing our own journeys & focusing on seeing the joy in life. It is a choice! Your message came from the heart & I could sense your true caring spirit for others. Blessings to you & thank you to Amelia for sharing xx

    • Kimberley
      11 October 2013

      I could not love you any more than I do. Thank you for being brave and pressing publish babe. xx

    • 11 October 2013


    • Vicki
      11 October 2013

      Hi Tara, I think it's a shame when your message is so clearly positive and supportive that there is a vibe of judgement, if people are feeling negative about what you're doing they should step away from the space as it's obviously your pure heart intention to spread light to those you connect with. Personally, you have been one of the single most beneficial, love filled catalysts in my life... ever. Thankyou for being you and for encouraging me to be me. Love you!!

    • 11 October 2013

      You know I am a mum T, and was already a mum at your age. I don't have the 'luxury' of going on retreats or doing yoga for two hours a day or working 10 hour days etc etc BUT does that mean that I need to compare my journey to yours (with judgement) - NO! Does it mean that I will let my perceived time limitations detract from my personal spiritual fulfillment, my own self care or entrepreneurial dreams...again, NO!

      I will just rock it in my own way....just as you are doing. It's all about taking responsibility for our own lives and focusing on the commonalities that we all share. When we do that, the need to judge harshly, all but slips away.

      You always deliver with compassion. xx

    • Elizabeth/ Your Highest Self
      11 October 2013

      Yep. I saw you uploaded this yesterday on YouTube and promptly watched it. Honestly the best thing I've listened to in such a long time. I felt relief. So much relief. Minimal speech today. Relief!

    • 11 October 2013


      This message has touched me so much! I can totally sympathise with this feeling despite our differences. I am an almost 29 year old mother of 2 (3&1), but I have drawn so much incredible inspiration from you in the past few months. I have never interpreted your message as anything other than encouragement to live with passion and joy.

      We can't all be the same (how boring anyway!) and we can't please everyone. Those facts don't make these kinds of feelings and judgements much easier to swallow though unfortunately!

      Keep doing what you're doing. You're awesome. Thanks for being so brave and posting this message. I am so inspired.

      I'm hoping to organise a time to do a healing session with you when you get back so I hope to meet you soon :)

      Have a great time in Bali honey!

      With Love & Gratitude!
      Sophia x

    • Amy // Peace of advice
      11 October 2013

      Thank you Tara.

      What a beautifully compassionate message. Any judgement is coming from a place of fear, and fear is best remedied with intense compassion and empathy - which you exude here. This is a moment by moment journey - thank you for the reminder this morning.

      Amy xo

    • Ashlee
      11 October 2013

      I just love you! Thank you for keeping it real Tara. You're a true angel xx

    • Donna
      11 October 2013

      Miss Tara Bliss, if i were to describe you in one word, there is one prominent word that jumps out at me immediately... And that is INCREDIBLE!! You're such an inspiration!! I truly admire and respect your honesty and openness. It is such a shame that people are comparing themselves to others (although, admittedly I for one am still working on this, with your amazing help through PGG2P & Spirited), and in particular displaying resentment. You put it beautifully, that everyone has had their own life experiences and everyone is on their own journey. The fact that you're putting yourself out there to help us on our journey in any way shape or form is such a huge credit to you. I believe that like attracts like, and as such, you're going to (mostly) attract those who you can inspire, motivate and have an enormous impact on.
      For those who are comparing themselves to you and possibly even showing resentment, they obviously haven't found their muse or inspiration yet (and by the sounds, have quite a lot of their mean girl chattering to them in the background). And most definitely hope they do find an online presence who fits their beliefs, experiences and/or situation, because having someone to look up to and respect, as I do you, is such an incredible thing!!!
      Keep doing what you're doing gorgeous girl!! Your truly an amazingly inspiring, motivating, and incredibly genuine and authentic soul. Sending loads if love your way.
      Donna :) xx

    • Sarah
      11 October 2013

      Beautiful message Tara! Keep spreading the Love! Sarah

    • Kristen
      11 October 2013

      Oh Tara. This is a powerful message. You have responded so lovingly and you have delivered with such great compassion. Keep shining your beautiful light. I love you.


    • Jade
      11 October 2013

      Ooh this is the controversial video! (so far so good with the comments!)

      I think this actually part of a much deeper issue, and that is that as a society our meaningful interactions with other human beings is getting less and less, whilst the amount of information, advertising and images of people living 'better' lives than we are gets more and more.

      Everyday we're bombarded with so much information implying we're not good enough, and feeling deeply not good enough is so ingrained in us and is fact a vital part of our economy (how gross. an economy based on not good enough-ness, but I digress) that so so so many people out there feel deeply unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives.I'd say the people whose resentment your picking up on and part of a greater paradigm of not good enough-ness, and probably don't even realise that what they're doing isn't nice.

      I'm sure everyone who has written to you has a very convincing story about why you're wrong, why they're right, and why they need to tell you this!

      I think that you, and people like you, are easy targets because you're accessible in that your contact info is readily available, you're public in as much as you have public profiles, you're a 'real' person (rather than a faceless corporation who wouldn't even notice), and yet the person writing to you doesn't know you personally so feels freed of the consequences.

      And we forget that there's a real life human being reading the comment or email, and feel free to say what we want to people online. (This might work both ways, I probably seem nicer online than I do in real life because I feel free to be all "OMG! You're awesome!" but might feel too shy/too English to do that in person)

      Also, I think that working in your field is more likely to bring this kind of stuff up in someone, as you work in an industry that people are drawn to when they feel unhappy in some way (no offense or disrespect to people who work with you; I have a life coach, have worked with loads of healers, and my mum's a healer, but I know that I don't book sessions with them just to tell them how great my life is, I go to them when I need help)

      So by the very nature of your industry, I'd imagine that a lot of people who visit your site are going to be unhappy in some way, and then project their unhappiness onto you when they see that you have a nice life, but your life feels out of reach to them.

      And finally, as lovely and light-spreading as your work is, one has to be at an appropriate vibration to feel that. If one's vibration is too low they can't appreciate what you or your peers are doing.

      As a personal example, about a month ago I went to Spain to live and ended up having the worst time I've had in a long time (the job I'd gone to do disappeared, the company f*cked me about, I was borderline homeless, blah blah blah) and I couldn't appreciate your message from that place. When I was crying by a river because my life and dreams were falling apart, I didn't find self centred sundays inspiring, they just reminded me that my life felt shit. I wasn't finding smoothie recipes or affirmations inspiring, they just annoyed me because the place I was coming from was too low to appreciate them.

      So whilst I can see that opening an email saying mean stuff is horrible for you, I can appreciate where people are coming from when they do it. Not that it's right in any way, shape or form and it would be much better for them to take responsibility for their feelings, and really honestly look at why they feel how they do, but I've been there, and it ain't a nice place to be.

      I'm intrigued, how do you feel when you get those messages, and how do you handle it? Do you respond, or block the person, does it make you doubt your work, do you brush it off and carry on doing your thang?


      ps. Hope you're having a great time in Bali.
      pps. Hello lovely tan and glowy skin! If that's not an advert for healthy eating I don't know what is!

    • Emmy
      11 October 2013

      Thank you for posting this Tara! I love your message - we really can't be anyone but us. So simple but a message we all miss at certain points in life. I can only wonder how you got to be so wise. You're definitely a trail blazer for other women who are trying to hunt their own joy.

    • 11 October 2013

      So much mega love for this vid, Tara. Just beautiful, and so clearly from the heart, and brimming with wisdom. You shine. XO

    • 11 October 2013

      No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves. We are each a branch on this tree, and we all have our own spot to grow. And like the branches on a tree, we need to depend upon each other to expand and lengthen. By comparing we are using up energy that could otherwise be used in seeing our branches shooting upwards towards the sun. Each of us is part of the tree. As you have found flowers and leaves where the branches were once bare, so too will others.

    • 11 October 2013

      Hi Tara, I felt compelled to write you a note after watching that.
      Firstly I am over it as well, online, in the real world etc. I try (like you do) to surround myself with positve ppl and environments.
      Secondly I am pretty shocked, that people would imply, or say this about you or your message, blog etc. Since discovering the world of Such Different Skies, I have admired you sharing your story, bringing light, and showing that everyone has choices. I have 'never' got the impression or would think that your message was 'look at my life, you should do it this way' nor would I ever think that you would make out you know what every other person's situation is like. I really don't know if these people have been watching the same posts and blogs. Maybe that is just my opinion.
      I love what you do, love your outlook, and I admire you in many ways for choosing the life that you wantd, the life that brings love and happines, and I thankyou for sharing what you do.

    • 11 October 2013

      Absolutely loved this Tara! Really felt where you were coming from. You spoke so beautifully and from the heart xoxo

    • 11 October 2013

      Oh Tara, I LOVE this, thank you!! Please keep sharing your beautiful story and light, your message of joy and passion is so very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your high points, it's raw and real and needed. Massive love to you xxx

    • Jen // Creating a Colourful Life
      11 October 2013

      LOVE this Tara! I often remind myself that we are all on our own unique journey & my life does not need to look like anyone else's - nor does anyone else need to create a life like mine. It's about creating a life that you love - that brings you joy & is meaningful to you. Thank you for putting this out there, honey. xx

    • Clare
      11 October 2013

      Tara, Thankyou! I agree this is topical. But the most important things usually are and it is easy for people to shy away from them. Thankyou for speaking out and being grateful for what you have and the place you are in. There really is no one better suited to be us than.. us! Thankyou, you're spreading a beautiful light xx

    • Jess
      11 October 2013

      Beautifully said Tara. It is so important for you to do what you do! The number of people you are helping and inspiring far out ways any negative 'perception' that someone might have. keep blazing that trail.

    • 11 October 2013

      You and I talk about this a lot, Tara. So I'm glad you are going public with it. xo.

    • 11 October 2013

      Hi Tara, it looks like your video has struck a chord with many, and I just want to add my voice to the chorus. A deep thank you for your honesty and courage in sharing this. Your commitment to honouring yourself and your path is a true inspiration to me. When I've had a particularly draining day with work/study, visiting the light-filled space you have created here always helps to fill me up again. Keep on blazin', honey. Big love x

    • Sarah
      11 October 2013

      What a great post Tara! Personally I find you inspiring. I love that you are exactly who you are and you courageously and passionately get out there, do your thing and share your light and love.

      I understand the feeling you speak of – I have worked with a lot of people in a coaching / leadership role and have seen similar mindsets expressed time and time again – not just about lifestyle and being happy in life but also about work performance, other people’s success and the organisation I worked for in general.

      I reckon the people who have this type of dialogue in their head all the time and speak it so easily, without real contemplation and self-reflection or a willingness to honestly try another perspective on deserve a whole lot of compassion. Because getting stuck in these negative mindsets is such a kill joy…to them and those around them. I wish everyone could see that we all only live this life once and it is a gift and we can make of it what we choose, so why not make it a happy, fulfilling and wonderful one?! I often wished they could see a glimpse of what their mindset looked like from the outside and how different their life could be.

      Being able to see this from a coaching kind of role has certainly been a great reminder for me to check where I was at and introspectively scan for my own self-limiting beliefs. And of course, I have plenty and I’m not perfect, but I am always seeking freedom, peace and happiness through more meaningful and helpful ways of thinking.

      So kudos to you for helping people find their bliss and being an inspiration by sharing your own. Keep on being your awesome self sista! Sending my love and gratitude to you and all of your beautiful, brave words. Cheers!

    • 11 October 2013

      So glad you pressed publish + shared this message. Thank you for adding to the world in exactly the way you do.

    • 11 October 2013

      Yeah fucking yeah babe. Loved this xx

    • 12 October 2013

      You are just such a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for this. So happy you shared your message here. Thanks for being in my life. Massive love xxxx

    • Clare
      12 October 2013

      Wow, you took my breath away. Such a raw and powerful vblog. Tara, you're amazing. I love the message you spread. x

    • Naomi
      12 October 2013

      Thanks for sharing and speaking your mind Tara. In the time I've followed you and your journey, you've inspired me to better myself and I'm so grateful for that... keep sharing your light and joy, we appreciate it so much xx

    • Steph
      12 October 2013

      There is nothing self indulgent about living your most authentic, joy seeking life. Go blaze brightly girl, haters gonna hate, that's the balance to all the beautiful souls you inspire. Big love x

    • Amy
      12 October 2013

      Thanks for a great vid. X

    • 14 October 2013

      Thank you for having the courage to share this beautiful and gracious message Tara. I absolutely adore your mission. With love & gratitude, Danika. xx

    • Peta Kelly
      14 October 2013

      Tara. You are my hero.
      Thank you for being exactly who you are, and for encouraging me to find out who I am
      Much love

    • Ruth
      14 October 2013

      Its interesting how blazing your own path can bring up others ego or pain when the real message is inspiration. Keep doing what you do, nothing but inspiration here! x

    • Tahra Golightly
      14 October 2013

      Hi Tara, I just wanted to say thank you for being so open and honest! You not only inspire me to find my own true light within you also inspire me to be more open and honest with my thoughts and feeling when it comes to sharing them. I have been following you for only a few weeks now, I actually found you while searching for inspiration on MNB and found your book Spirited. I felt your whole hearted love straight away and feel real gratitude for you. Just this morning i was feeling a bit ahhhh myself and wanted to look at your blog to see if i could find something to help me reconnect with myself and i did find exactly that. You continuously remind me to honour my own personal journey and not compare myself to others, which i think we can easily do if we don't remind ourselves of our unique existence. So Thank you for being you and always shedding the light in an honourable way. I am so far away (in Spain) and yet i feel so close to you when you talk, like you're talking to me. I know you're not heheh but I choose to believe you are for that short moment :) Thank you!

    • 14 October 2013

      I love this!

    • Lors
      14 October 2013

      Good stuff mate, NAMASTE You so brown :D xx

    • 15 October 2013

      I really needed to hear this today Tara - thank you so much for sharing this. I feel so privileged to be on this Bali journey with you. Love from the little hut downstairs, Kamina x

    • Jess
      16 October 2013

      I'm glad I took the time to watch this, such a beautiful post Tara. I love what you do and I appreciate your willingness to spread your love and light into this world, keep at it! I'm sure you know this, but your blog posts are so insightful and filled with widsom, I really enjoy coming over here to be inspired. I always leave feeling so refreshed. Thank you Tara x

    • Carly
      17 October 2013

      Amazing video Tara - very heartfelt and rings true. You are just simply doing the best you can with what you have right now. If that sparks jealousy it isn't your fault. I'm a recent follower but loving your vibe :-)

    • Ebony
      20 October 2013

      Hi Tara,

      thank you so much for being brave enough to post this. It can be scary thing to declare your path in life and make no apologies for it.

      While the tribe of women who I follow inspire me enormously, I too have been harbouring this horrible resentment deep down that I cannot live like they do.

      Your message of simply being inspired by their passion for life is spot on. We don't all need to follow the same path as our inspirations, but simply be inspired by their light and apply it to our own lives.

      Much love xoxo

    • Lori
      21 October 2013

      You are SO brave, living your life and then putting it out there for all to embrace,or not. (My oranges and yellows are just off the charts right now)
      I am a Mom, a single Mom and a stay at home one at that. I embrace you, and your beautiful message wholeheartedly. I try my best everyday to spread the same message that you do, and every time I hit that "share" button, I sometimes cringe at the "feelings" that flood me. However, I persevere because it is a message that transcends all kinds of good things in life, and we, for whatever reason, have been programmed to accept it as unnatural......
      I just went through the same thing this week and today just came up with my solution. Some fresh new "dance like nobody is watching" tunes on the ipod, notably Lily Allen's "Fuck You"..........the cancan is a perfect fit ;)
      Love, light, sparkles and bubbles to you. xo

    • Gemma
      23 October 2013

      Amen sister, you are such an amazing and inspiring woman!! wise beyond your years that's for sure!! Just keep following your bliss, shining your light, because for every person out there who doesn't get your message, there are hundreds that do!

    • www.theios7jailbreaker.com
      25 October 2013

      I'm gone to tell my little brother, that he should also pay a visit
      this website on regular basis to take updated from newest news.

    • Lauren
      27 October 2013

      Hiya gorgeous one,
      I have had this post open as a tab for the past couple of weeks thinking 'yes, Lauren, when you have time, sit down and listen'. Putting it off, putting it off, putting it off... Just watched, timed to perfection.
      You are a blazing reminder of old wisdom. I too have no children and told I don't know what that life is like, and that's just it - I don't! This resonated so deeply. I feel I am (albeit very slowly) finding my joy and starting to finally let go of whatever 'that' purpose is. It will find me, I will find it, and everyone wins.
      Keep lighting the way

    • 12 November 2013

      So much love for you in this moment x

      • Tara
        12 November 2013

        And for you, my girl x

    • SB
      1 May 2014

      Love this! Cultivate attitudes of friendliness towards the happy. We should make friends w/ happiness, like a miner seeks gold, then we will cultivate it in our lives. I am hopeful that I will have love, peace & joy in my life. I have to believe in it. I have to stay positive.

    • 17 June 2014

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      information you have got here on this post.
      I will be returning to your website for more soon.

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