23 October 2020

Business As A Portal For Profound Relationships

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Very few people have travelled with me over the last decade.

I think of myself as a 23-year old, about to be married, living a wild and adventurous life, one I wouldn't dare regret.

I was a young woman who took up a lot of space but who was undeniably lost; swimming in a soup of potential but drowning under social contracts of too much drinking and drugging, debt up to my eyeballs and drama for days.

People certainly surrounded me, physically; everywhere I looked was someone, seemingly and silently grateful to have someone else around in the dawn of a morning, too,  so as not to meet those still, quiet thoughts within alone.

Fears of the future were drowned out by festival music and happy hour and the ever-tireless efforts of just trying so fucking hard to fit the crew.

Here's where I'll repeat: I wouldn't change a thing.

On occasion, I get asked when things started to noticeably shift in my life and to be true, the answer is crystal clear and appears without much contemplation: when I started my journey of going into business. Humble beginnings of collecting some innermost thoughts through blogging allowed me to not only meet that quietude within, express it, share it, but incredibly, to connect with other women who were willing to explore that same place within themselves.

New tendrils of friendships started reaching for each other locally, interstate, globally. The more I showed and demonstrated a willingness to explore the stuff inside, the more I found fabulous, clever, wise women walking towards me.

Building a business lends itself toa special and distinct kind of curiosity and receptivity. We each need to metamorphosise to meet the energies that our businesses are bringing through. We much change; which is to say, we must shed what we're not and allow more of our innateness to be experienced, uninhibited by entrained behaviours and habituated social circles which, perhaps, have served us perfectly until now, but are ripe for re-imagining.

I remember a transition. 24. I'd just spent all night high as a kite on cocaine in Whistler, Canada. As we were all looking back through photos taken the night before, as everyone else was laughing, I instead sat in silence, invisibly deciding that I would very much like to become unfamiliar with the self I was seeing in those photographs. A season was coming to an end, I could feel the mists thinning out. It was time for me to enter the chrysalis. I did.

I wrote. I knew little about co-creation and modern-day manifestation but I wrote about how I'd love to feel and what I'd love to be doing with my life. I knew I wanted to be creative and work with people. I had already attempted hairdressing and personal training as a means of meeting these inner needs, but they weren't quite the right fit, though they both instilled valuable insights.

I kept writing.

I kept pressing publish.

Whether I was blogging about the haunting silence on a chairlift while snowboarding, or lessons I was learning from my brand new meditation practice, or simply a chia pudding recipe, I was entraining my nervous system towards greater levels of comfort in the realms of expression and visibility.

I started to ask bigger questions of myself. I let my mind wander and roam for a very few readers to witness.

These readers became my friends.

Eventually, things naturally evolved into a world in which my life could be (albeit barely) fully financially supported by my creative energy, and to cut a long story quite short, the world of my business had life breathed into it by wonderful clients, a few speaking gigs here and there, a couple of books.

Many of these readers, clients, audience participants also became my friends.

In 2015, I started educating about and selling essential oils. A business model based on collaboration, with plant allies at the helm? An easy decision.

I cannot count how many of my business partners and customers have become my friends.

I am surrounded by interesting, big-hearted, badass, imaginative, brilliant women in every direction I look.

Business was a portal I opened up and walked through. I had no idea this vortex with it's many doors and chambers would serve not only as fertile ground for my livelihood but provide me with the most enriching relationships in my life.

... all discovered through the portal of Business.

The calibre of conversations I am privileged to have every day...

And, perhaps equally as important, the calibre of conversations that I no longer even need to have; those fuelled by drama, passive aggression and everything left unsaid... sprinkle my existence with significance and magic.

The necessary and totally divine loneliness I felt 10 years ago brought me here. The dissatisfaction and intolerance and painstaking ache of knowing I wasn't being true to my heart, all miraculous and perfect.

The eerie space in between - of expressing myself and creating and publishing with absolutely no idea of what would eventuate? Profoundly courageous. All powerful initiations into the mysterious and mystical world of being a business owner.

Business allows you to make shapes out of your life that you never thought possible, to see different versions of yourself staring back you in the mirror, and to become intimate with the sheer magnificence of your creative energy.

And best of all, it has the capacity to call in your soul family, your kindreds, your pod.

You can read more about our Team Bliss community and opportunity, right here.

Tell me a story about a valuable connection you've made through your journey as a business owner, below.

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