22 July 2014

Bungee Jumping, Blowwaves & Setting Shots On Fire.

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There are trends that are in you, you know?

There are themes your soul projects.

Yes, there are patterns within you that are somewhat limiting you (don't worry, those can be dissolved), but there's also such innate and authentic conditioning deep within, and it's here to serve you; to guide you with ease and strength and knowingness.

Only thing is: are you listening? Have you identified it yet?

We're hunting down meaning, praying for synchronicities, trying to chase the tail of this elusive concept called purpose (by the way, the best advice I've heard about that is as follows: 'Instead of trying to find your purpose, live your life with purpose')...

But that's not what we're talking about today. Nothing too deep. Nothing esoteric or philosophical. We're just going to have some fun.

I, like you, spend much of my time seeking – in here, out there – but I had to laugh at myself a few weeks ago, when I realised that given these unconscious, yet incredibly useful personal patterns, I couldn't not end up where I am today. My past tells me so. The proof tells me so.

Find out what hairdressing, bungee jumping and flaming shots of black sambuca have to do with being right here, right now, writing these words, for you.


I hope this video has unhooked a few light bulb moments for you. We so easily get attached to form, don't you think?

What should I be doing? What does it look like?

Instead of... how?

How did we feel in the process? How did we deliver?

I'd love to hear some patterns and themes that are beautifully hardwired into you. Let's hear it the comments, sweet potato.

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    • Caitlin
      22 July 2014

      Wowee, your email popped in when I should be getting ready for work but thought no I really really need to see this, then I really need to watch the video. It was like you were reading my mind, I had thoughts of my talents, skills, things it want to share rip inning through my mind, your video made total sense, THANK YOU! For me I guess I've always brought a smile or fun to something, I'm the wacky friend (at 15) who says let's wear funny hats go down town and swing in swings, just cause. So thank you for bringing some beautiful ideas to mind this morning. Caitlin xx

    • Katie
      22 July 2014

      I've always been a teacher. And a patient one at that. Sometimes literally, sometimes in roles where I wasn't supposed to teach, but I always managed to do it. Many times in many different roles I've been noted as teaching the unteachable or "finally" showing the way. I've always shed light on something that was tripping people up. And it's always been in person.

    • 22 July 2014

      I don't know how you do it but you always post things just when I need to hear them. I'm just starting my own blog and locking down the direction that I want to see it take. I want to help women let go off their destructive thoughts and really start to love themselves and stop needing to seek comfort outside of themselves.

      I thought I was taking my life on quite a different tangent doing this, but I can see now how everything has been leading me here.

      I used to work in a book store and would listen to what people wanted and use my own experience to guide them to something good. Now I work in travel and do a similar thing - listening to what people want and use my own experience to point them in the right direction for a great trip. Both books and holidays have the potential to be life-changing. And you know what, my blog has this same potential too.

      Thanks again for a fantastic post! I love your work.

    • 22 July 2014

      Really interesting thought stream Tara! I made a couple of little notes throughout your video and my themes, which appear in every single job I've ever had (apart from maybe one) can be summarised as:

      I want to help people in a fun, relaxed way, by creating awesome & pretty things in a fun & cool environment!

      Might need to work on the articulation of that haha!

      This is awesome clarity and I am doing this in my job now as a graphic designer for positive causes and as mummy of The Happi Empire. Yay!

      Thank you awesome chick, happy Tuesday xxx

    • 22 July 2014

      Hmmm this is a good one ;) At first glance looking back I see what I usually see, a string of mismatched career paths, jumping here and there to try something new in order to 'find' that 'thing'!

      But on closer inspection as I dissect the past, I see that my roles of working as a Beauty Therapist, Retailing Home-wares, Retailing Fashion, Barista/Waitressing, Jewellery designer and then back to Beauty again - they all entail the joy of bringing beauty and pleasure into someone's world. Beauty that surrounds them, beauty that adorns them, beauty that becomes them and beauty that they can tuck into at a meal with friends.

      I know I have a sense for healing, for providing compassion to others and for nurturing them in a time of need, so it's cool to now see that my past is not a mismatch, but a constant desire to deliver joy and more beauty.

      Thanks Tara, this is so timely as I've been wading through a case of the I've-wasted-so-much-time-ness thinking in terms of my career lately, but I choose to now see all these skills and experiences so perfectly forming into the facets of what I now can do.

      Yay for perception shift! xxxx

    • 22 July 2014

      Far OUT! This post definitely struck a chord with me when I first watched it this morning - I've been CERTAIN for years that all of the travelling, and all of the jobs have just been 'doing what I need to do to get by'. I've worked in snow rentals & retail time and again, chalet hosting, a couple of mini-stints in hospo and now for a funky campervan & car rental company....
      I sat with these roles in mind, a little overwhelmed and honestly thinking - 'nah, there's nothing in it for me'. So did a bit of yoga, then during a little bit of post yoga medi (SHOCK HORROR) It hit me!

      I AM A GUIDE. A pathfinder...a custodian of adventure. In all of these roles, all over the world I have helped people on their own journeys, led them to adventure and gave them the necessary tools to follow their dreams. Who knew?!

      MASSIVE eye-opener babe, THANK YOU! xxx

    • 22 July 2014

      Yeah Tara, this is all so true. This is something I have been talking about recently too with friends and family.

      I remember when I first started hairdressing, I was most excited about giving scalp massages so that I could infuse my energy on them. If they had a head ache, i'd give them an extra long massage or reach for the essential oil that would help take it away.

      I remember coming home one day saying something along the lines of "this is how I can help people" I felt of service in the early days of blow dryer and shampooing hair. Like you, I love seeing drastic changes, seeing women go from unsure to pouting at themselves in the mirror repeating "I love it!" From that moment, they return, this time more open for change, a little more adventurous.

      Still to this day I love giving massages (now reiki infused) and i love seeing people make positive changes in their life.

    • 22 July 2014

      OOH - so fascinating!

      Now that I think about it - my jobs in journalism, book publishing then eBook designing have all helped people to tell their stories. So cool.

      Thanks for joining these dots!


    • 22 July 2014

      Love this more relaxed post! And the lesson less bigger at all..... Yes sometimes interesting with the today consciousness to look back and realize everything made so much sense. Things happening in some kind progression but always around the same theme... it is just same awarness building around it!
      And a lovely confirmation for me to speak a little bit more abour myself in my blog as well. A friend telling me this exact thing this morning, and I was not so sure about it, and here it is, the confirmation coming form your post!
      Sending love!

    • Gemma
      23 July 2014

      Ooh such a good topic! I always felt a bit flaky as I have done so many seemingly separate things in the past. I studied Archaeology, moved into fashion, set up an online shop selling scrapbooking supplies, taught basic skills to adults, became a life coach and now I run a marketing agency helping creative and heart-led entrepreneurs.

      Now I can see that all of these things came down to helping people tell their story and be authentic. This little exercise has given me a completely renewed sense of purpose and clarity - thank you Tara! xx

    • 23 July 2014

      I'm currently studying Holistic Health Coaching and when I first enrolled I had all these thoughts bombard me 'but you already have a career', 'but you already like your job', 'you can't do two things!'. These thoughts had arisen because at the time I enrolled for my studies, I was also running my private Speech Pathology clinic. And I always had so much guilt and confusion around this area of my life because I didn't want two careers, WHY did I want to start this new venture when I was already happy w where I was?! But the day it dawned on me that in both roles, all I truly wanted to do was 'to help people find their voice' and be able to express themselves boldly, clearly and confidently - all of my endeavours have been met with ease. Thank you for this serendipitously timed post - such a beautiful Soul Lesson.

    • Simone
      23 July 2014



      My work history has been so varied that I never thought to sense a theme that ran throughout. Bringing it back to what my soul is actually expressing at each of these phases to recognise a theme and my strengths in a new light…. priceless.

      Thankyou so much for posting this. Im diving in now!!

      You are just beautiful x

    • Jemma
      24 July 2014

      First and foremost I am a people pleaser, and it has been such a hard thing to let go of for me. But I think I'm learning that it isn't always a bad thing, I'm recognising the times when people pleasing does not serve me but there are times when it does. I used to work in a chemist and I'd get the biggest kick out of satisfied customer, I loved helping them find what they needed and explaining how it would work, I also love learning, I memorised and learned all the ingredients in every product and what they do, so I was actually really good at my job! It's funny now when I considered my absolute loathing for big pharma! I also worked as a dance teacher and am now studying primary school teaching, teaching and learning are massive themes for me, and children do bring me joy :)

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life
      19 August 2014

      Thanks for the shout out, Tara! Great video. (A.K.A @miss_kms)

    • 5 September 2014

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