14 April 2015

Want to Express Purpose? Start a Blog. Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted is Here.

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I’m pumped.

A true light in my life – gorgeous Rach from In Spaces Between –has re-launched her stunning, wildly popular, reality-altering eCourse, Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted back out into the world.

And I’m jumping on board to support her (loud and proud) in adding a little extra love to her launch.
bright eyed blog hearted

I've coached women for years now, and I can't tell you how many times discussions of passion and purpose (and the shadow to those – confusion and stuckness) rise up in conversation. Whenever I sense that a client of mine is crying out to express and explore herself and how she can serve in the world, my response is always this: It's time for you to start a blog.


As I often share, starting a blog five years ago was a momentous decision for me, because each time I showed up to my online space, it allowed me to dig around all the corners of my being, and discover a little more about who I might be, and what I might really be here for.

As I have changed, so has my writing, and as my writing has changed, so has my message. It’s all about exploration and creativity and refinement. It’s a process.


“I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.”

Flannery O’Connor

So if you feel it might be time to start playing bigger online (or to make your online debut), to craft a vision and online space that is so uniquely YOU, and to seamlessly allow soulful approaches to combine with strategic thinkin’... well, I’m excited for you, because this course delivers on all of that, and so much more.

I watched Rach build this up from what was once just a seedling in her psyche, and I can tell you that even though I witnessed this gold mine come together, I still – each and every week – truly marvelled at the quality and depth of content as it landed in our inboxes the first round she launched. She nailed it. Expectations - blown out of the water. Attention to detail - as always, smashed to smithereens. And I happen to know she has given this round more than a few facelifts and updates. Make no mistake: BE&BH is a work of art.

What I loved about the content:

  • The Facebook community is something else. Watching as the ‘Blog-Hearts’ (as Rach affectionately calls her students) rally around each other’s posts, launches and guest post appearances is truly beautiful. When I started online, I was blogging to crickets, to deaf ears, to… no one. One of the greatest gifts this course gives to its members is that right from the get-go, you’re embraced into a big bear hug of hundreds of women, and that's what this is all about - reaching people, serving them, inspiring them, unravelling the words in your bones…
  • The worksheets are so actionable and results-focused that I almost couldn’t handle it. They are that good. Strap yourself in for some serious www evolution, because this content (and what’s sure to spill out onto the pages of your worksheets) is going to reveal so much about you, about your vision, about why you’re doing this, and most importantly, about where to go next in manifesting the type of space you want to create (and experience).
  • In particular, I loved the Planner Bundle, where you can plot your posts, create a social media action plan, and the kick procrastination in the pants.

I reckon you’ll go bananas over:

  • Rach debunks the sometimes-awkward process of communicating yourself online. Your About page, media page, twitter description, even your contact information on your Facebook page - she (so elegantly) guides you on how to create authentic, descriptive content, while not for a moment discounting the strategic angle that’s crucial to consider, but so often overlooked, particularly from us gals.
  • You’ll dig the lowdown on SEO (search engine optimisation), featuring Shae Baxter.
  • The Brand Audit will blow your mind as it did mine.
  • Planning Your Media Pitch, because let’s face it, we don’t start blogs because we want to tuck ourselves away and write into white space. We blog to be seen and heard in order to give of ourselves to make a difference.
  • And module five - Marketing & Money Making - is beyond valuable. It includes:

+ Incredible worksheets for everything from hiring team members, to budgets, and a case study on our collaborative effort, Spirited. The case study itself includes:
+ How we broke down the book (the creative process).
+ Our launch and marketing plan.
+How we set about revigorating sales long after the launch.

rach and tara-1

It’s an eight-week experience that will awaken your creativity, loosen up your resistances, and empower you with knowledge and approaches that will support both you and your blog. And if you can’t already tell, I’m a an enthusiastic advocate of it.

That’s why, if you sign up through this link, you’ll also receive my High Vibrations Bonus:

  • I’ll ship you a personally signed copy of my book, High: A Party Girl's Guide to Peace.
  • A beautiful chunk of Fluorite - for accentuating focus and creativity
  • doTERRA essential oil samples of Wild Orange, Lime & Lemon. Purify the air in your space and uplift your mood -- perfect pre-blogging rituals!

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Get your hands on Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted and my High Vibrations bonus package right here.

To the unfoldment of your beautiful blog,


PS. Rach’s Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted shopping cart closes May 27. 

PPS. Need a little taste tester of High? Listen to the introduction right here.

PPPS: Have a beautifully creative girlfriend who might benefit from this transformative program? Share this post with them using the buttons below. (Thank you)


*** I'm a proud affiliate partner to this program and gratefully receive a monetary kickback when you sign up via my link. Full disclosure.

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    • Ariadne
      15 July 2014

      Awww, Tara that is the sweetest and most alive review of BE&BH!! It's so amazing and inspiring to see the support and faith you and Rachel offer each other! And what an incredible treat!!! I can't wait to sign up through you! Good luck with the book writing, keep going, your email snippets are awesome! Love x

      • Tara
        18 July 2014

        I am its biggest fan! :)

      • Ariadne
        20 July 2014

        I've just signed up!!! So excited, can't wait to get started!!! xxx

      • Tara
        22 July 2014

        Fantastic :)

    • 15 July 2014

      Just signed up! Can't wait to get stuck in and super excited to get my hands of a real life copy of your book, amazing! XX

      • Tara
        18 July 2014

        Thank you honey. Can't wait for you to read it too xo

    • Jen
      15 July 2014

      So excited and grateful Tara's review and offering landed in my inbox! Can't wait to get started
      Thank You xoxo

      • Tara
        18 July 2014

        Yay! (Thank you)

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life
      15 July 2014

      Can't wait to check out Rach's course (and your book, too) Thanks for the great bonus!

      • Tara
        18 July 2014

        You're so welcome lovely lady. Can't wait to see it to you!

    • 15 July 2014

      Oh I wish I had read this before I signed up! I was literally so eager that I was waiting by the computer for it to launch. Still, at least I'm getting loads of beautiful extract of PGGP straight into my inbox with your beautiful newsletters xxx

      • Tara
        18 July 2014


    • Lauren
      16 July 2014

      Had to listen to my intuition on this one...and excited to read your book when it comes out! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts Tara - feels so right :)

      • Tara
        18 July 2014

        Excited for you to experiences both of these, Lauren xo

    • 19 July 2014

      As always reading this email was so timely! I just put aside a weekend for a (early) spring clean to get my life in order. A little voice in my head said, first read one of Tara's emails for some inspiration. Its like you wrote it just for me to read right at this moment. You are so in the flow girl!

      Do you know if Rach has any other courses planned this year so that we could book in advance? I can't wait to do it, I have Yoga Studio and need some inspiration for the blog (as I love being on my mat more than being in front of the computer ;)). It would be good to make a commitment in advance so that I can plan enough time to commit to it properly. Especially for people running businesses, it is great to be able to forward plan a bit so its gets the time it deserves.

      It warms my hear to see how well Rach is doing, we both went to school together.

      xx Bec Tedder

    • 21 July 2014

      I'm very drawn to this... but with all courses I have paid for, I still haven't gotten the answers I need.
      Everything I have been told thus far is to sell and do cold calls, I actually don't like doing that, I just don't like the whole sales thing. It's pushy and not me :( (and I'm a bit of an introvert)

      Is this course sales-y at all? I am very close to signing up... and is there some hand holding? I think I need it :P

      • Tara
        22 July 2014

        Oh my gosh - NO!

        This course has none of that! It's about buliding a blog from your heart and connecting to your tribe! It's not about sales.

        Hope this helps babe. Rach MacDonald and 'cold calls' don't belong in the same sentence xo

      • 22 July 2014

        Thank you for your reply, Tara... much appreciated! I have signed up and looking forward to the course and your book <3 xx

    • Abbey
      14 May 2015

      So excited!!! I've just signed up and much agreed with the other lovely ladies, I can't wait to get my hands on your book and the other goodies!! I've been working my way through the e-book from the B-school bonuses, but nothing like a book in your hands, laying on the grass and spending time with your soul.
      Much love xx

    • 14 May 2015

      Loved your review! Signed up through your link and so excited to start! xx

    • Alli
      26 May 2015

      I have been eager for this round to kick off since I discovered Rach's BE&BH last September!

      Signed up through your link this morn! Stoked to receive your special bonuses, had put it out to the universe that I wanted to sample do terra oils as have been getting plenty of guidance to work with them <3 and been on the hunt for a piece of fluorite since I saw a magnificent piece in one of your pics!

      And I'm sure I will love your book, having been an epic party girl, now proudly 10 months sober!

      Thanks x

    • 27 May 2015

      I'm in!!! Signed up and mucho excited!! This is gonna be my one little ducky for the next six weeks! Can't wait to dive in to this course and take everything to the next level! Got a good feeling about this! And the icing on the cake is I will get to read your book in between my studies!

      Alex x

    • Toni
      29 May 2015

      Hey Tara, can you point us in the direction of some of your favorite blogs? (P.S. LOVE yours!)
      Namaste <3

    • 30 May 2015

      Hi Tara, I just signed up to BEBH threw your affiliate Link :) so my Question Is: When do you Send your wonderful Book and how do you get my adress? Thank you! :)

      • 2 June 2015

        Hey darlin.

        I'll be in touch after the refund period is over. Rach will forward me your address and I'll reach out for your details xo

      • 17 June 2015

        Thank you <3

    • Nikki
      19 June 2015


      Your intro video brought me to tears at my desk. YES. You are SO intelligent and such a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to continue to rebel :)

      Much love from California,

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