15 November 2013

Beginners Are Beautiful

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They really are.

They're wide eyed and high on the hope of all that's possible.

I was reminded of this while in Bali, where, despite being in the company of a dozen brilliant, powerful writers, I was one of the few who were bloggers.

Their enthusiasm for jumping into the online world made me smile. I remember what that feels like. To give it everything. To defy time while in the grip of a blog post that just WON'T STOP COMING.

The most striking and wholesome thing about a vivacious beginner, is that their very energy dissolves hierarchy and separation. Their keen, curious spirit ignited the child within me, nudging out any opportunity for an egoic Well, I've been there, done that approach. And that my friends, is a miracle.

Those women re-inspired me to begin again, and I want to inspire you to, also. Click play to watch this four minute video.

I wonder if there's someone in your life on a beginners journey? Maybe that person is you. I wonder if you can send them a smile and some strength to help carry them through the newness of it all; whether it's a fresh relationship, or exercise regime or creative project.

And I wonder where in your life you can actively begin again?

Let me know in the comments!

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    • 15 November 2013

      I love this. I feel like with own wee little blog I've lost enthusiasm as my studies, work and everything else has got in the way. I want to start looking at my writing with fresh eyes, experiment and explore. You're a gem, Tara x

    • 15 November 2013

      I love the term and concept of the beginners mind. It helps to drop your mind's ridged interpretation of things. I always try to bring that when studying nutrition. Never thinking that I have things all figured out perfectly. Because, as you said, we know nothing :)

      Love XO

    • 15 November 2013

      Thank you for the lovely reminder. The beginner's mind is always so much more gentle and joyous. Why be an expert, when you can be an explorer, instead?

    • Phoebe Hook
      15 November 2013

      Do you know what I love about you Tara, you just jump in and get shit done. I know we haven't spoken much over the past almost 2 years since we introduced ourselves in B-School but I have sat back and watched you unfold into this soft powerful voice in your little corner if the Universe.

      I actually have you in the back of my mind every time I begin something, because you didn't wait for perfectionism to get started. Don't take that the wrong way.

      In the past fortnight I have started vlogging and it's so "beginner" it's not funny, but know that in the back of my mind I was thinking of your video you made in your trailer at work in 2012 declaring to the Universe that you're going to make a difference in a big way, and apart from being impressed by your incredible hair, the beginner in you still shines in my eyes, even if you feel sometimes it's a little lost.


    • 15 November 2013

      Love this short vid - and side note, you're looking super bright, fresh, healthy and happy girl - I'm gonna bring beginners mind back to my nutrition studies as I'm about to graduate! Woohoo how much fun this will be ;) xx

    • 15 November 2013

      So, so grateful to you my darling for articulating something that's escaped me for a while. I'm sometimes so hard on myself and go straight for the serious at the beginning instead of enjoying just being, playing and learning. We all need to give ourselves a bit of a break sometimes!

      Thank you my dear- xxx

      (P.S- loving the post-Bali glow!)

    • Steph
      15 November 2013

      #Spirited started me on a new journey, cracked open a door to a new way of being that I feel like I have been searching for my whole life. It is SO exciting, scary, enlightening, confrontational and mind blowingly freaking awesome!!! I can finally hear the universe talking to me, in whispers and glimpses and it ignites every single cell in my body with electricity. You have no concept of how grateful I am for you and Rach. So excited for the future and the incredible journey. xxx

    • Amber
      16 November 2013

      I love this video :) I experience the child like mind and new feeling everyday. It has it's pros and cons but I also agree it is something that needs to be shared and cherished because I feel some people have lost their sense of true self adventure which is so important. Thank you so much for your book and video :) It reassures me that it's okay if my journey to being a nutritionist will be different to others and will be crafted to suit me. It doesn't matter if it takes me longer than everyone else so long as I'm sure of my message as a person than it's okay. An incredible beautiful soul.

    • 19 November 2013

      Thanks beautiful, Tara. A very timely post for me as I am ready to blog again and this time I will be coming from a beginners perspective as I really must feel my way through this labyrinth again until I find the path.

      Hugs xx

    • Monique
      21 November 2013

      Thank you Tara for bringing us this post! I myself had a very short childhood - I grew up far too quickly - and I love the sense of expertise and experience at having completed something before others. However, you're so right when you say that a childlike view is more fun. For example, in my relationship with my partner. I feel we have the best relationship and we've reached a point where we are completely and utterly comfortable and safe with each other. But oh how I miss the early days when everything was new and exciting! I feel inspired to bring that beginner stage back just a little, and learn again to appreciate how wonderful he is and all the things he does for for us. I feel really corny writing this, but our relationship is the first thing that popped to mind when watching your video. I am forever reminiscing about our 'first date' on top of a mountain with nothing but a blanket and a bottle of wine. Its reassuring to know that these experiences are not just for the archives, we can continue to create them if we let wonder and excitement back into the areas of our lives that have become comfortable, dull and predictable. :-)

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