23 April 2013

Balancing Chakra One with Crystals

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If you're crying out for a miracle cure for fears surrounding money, security and a sense of belonging, you are not alone!

Not only that, you might be experiencing a sense of urgency, or restlessness; as though you're not 'settled'. Or as though you don't feel safe, or comfortable, or content with where you live.

Maybe you're always one step ahead of yourself, wondering where you're off to next.

What's happening tomorrow? Where are we going on our next holiday? Where's the next pay cheque coming from?

You might be experiencing a serious lack of presence; a lack of being grounded in your body. And you can thank a Root Chakra imbalance for that.

If you think of your energy field as a building, then it's obvious that we need a strong foundation. It's not rocket science. Sturdy foundation, happy building. And in our case, when chakra one is balanced and cleansed, then we're able to express ourselves sexually and creatively (chakra 2), cultivate confidence (chakra 3), give and receive more love (chakra 4), listen lovingly, and say what we really mean (chakra 5), harness intuition (chakra 6), and develop a connection with the divine (chakra 7).

So, the pay off for being grounded is pretty spectacular, to say the least.


First things first, if your chakras are imbalanced, you are not broken. You do not need medicine, and to be honest, you don't even need crystals, but they can certainly help to speed things up as well as provide you with something beautiful to look at (win!).

My go-to stones for chakra one work are: black tourmaline, smokey quartz and red jasper.

Others include hematite, onyx, and obsidian (to be used with caution, obsidian is super strong).

Make sure you cleanse your crystals/stones and use them to set an intention. This could be as simple as: 'these crystals help me return to balance, which is for the good of all.'

Lie down, position your chosen crystal on your pelvic region, and place your hands palm up by your side. I'm attuned in Reiki, so I love to place my hands on my body during meditation… If you feel called to do the same, go for it- it doesn't matter if you're not a Reiki lass- touching yourself is an act of self love, so don't be shy!

And now, just be.

Just continue to breathe, and bring your awareness to the stone and the part of your body beneath it, and enjoy the stillness.

If you're a visual person, up the ante on your self-healing by imagining vivid red lighting up your root chakra.

Stay here for as long or as little as you feel called to, and when you rise from your meditation, deepen your breath, sip on some water and bring this newfound peace into the rest of your day. (Try to avoid letting the monkey mind back in while you take your morning shower!)


Is your root chakra imbalanced? Don't worry, most people's are!

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    • 23 April 2013

      I am so, so excited for this series, Tara- you have no idea! I've been using crystals for a few months now, and I'm absolutely smitten. Once I went to the Crystal Castle in Byron, I was hooked- that was it! My first and second chakras need some work, so I'm so grateful for this post.

      Can I ask where you buy your crystals from Tara? You always seem to buy such big, beautiful ones! I know tumble stones are ok, but that huge smoky quartz in the picture is lighting me up right now!

      Thank you lovely Tara! xx

    • 23 April 2013

      Squee! I picked up a red jasper last week to help ground me with my over-active third eye. :-) Also I go about placing black tourmaline around the corners of my bed to help me ground while I'm asleep - really works especially when I feel like I keep waking up tired.

    • 23 April 2013

      I'm getting my chakras scanned this weekend, which I have never had done before ... will be interesting to see what she comes back with. Also learning Reiki in July ... can't wait ... X

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