3 February 2015

Anger Alchemy

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anger alchemy

Firstly, I bow to you.

Your comments on last week's post? Well, I just couldn't keep up. Thank you so much for meeting me in that sweet space of open-heartedness... I'm forever grateful for this opportunity to serve you through my own learning. Beautiful.

Let's kick off today's message.

The right lessons, at the right time.

That can't be any coincidence, right?

For example:

  • Just as you feel yourself start to hustle, you may hear folks whispering of 'surrender.'
  • When you've had it up to HERE with the state of your health, someone invites  you to attend an event that'll change the trajectory of your life.
  • You've decided, that actually, you really can push your body beyond it's limits, only to be humbled by an injury that comes with an invitation to slow down (more on this in a future post).

Over this way, in my land, a timely message has landed upon  me in terms of elevating anger.

Would I call myself an angry person?

Usually, no. But make no mistake, there is fire in me, and if I'm not present and grounded, my fuse shortens to all but a stub.

Lately, I've been rather stubby.

That's why this message is so on point, and so wonderful, and so seemingly God-given.

I hope it cracks you open to a truth or two in your own life :)

Press play and let's perform some serious Anger Alchemy.

Now, for some resources:

1. Breath of Fire tutorial.

2. Close your eyes and block your right nostril with your thumb and breathe deeply in and out of your left nostril for 26 breaths.

3. You'll find these doTERRA essential oils miraculous.

For calming and grounding: Serenity | Balance | PastTense

For uplifting your mood: Peppermint | Wild Orange | Bergamot

Try diffusing these oils, or adding a drop or two to the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands vigorously and taking in three lonngggg deep breaths (bliss awaits!). Alternatively you could gently rub them into your temples, or beneath your feet :)

You can find these oils at my online store.

4. Stay hydrated. :)

It's beyond a pleasure to be able to share these tools with you. Please never forget the potency of your breath and the remarkable difference that you can create in your life when you decide to set about mastering your mind. Many blog posts in this space will help you do that, so I encourage you to look around if ever you feel stressed, or overwhelmed, or just plain over it.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments! If there's anything that's angering you, try one of the breathing exercises mentioned here and share with us how you feel immediately afterwards, OR, you can simply state, I'm ready to perform Anger Alchemy in this area of my life [...]

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    • Lamisha
      3 February 2015

      Hi Tara,
      Thank you for sharing. It's so true, no one can make you feel anything, it's is an 'illusion'. I love that & although I've read & heard this before, today it really hit me!! I'm learning everyday to embrace people & love them for who they are.. This is just a gentle reminder 'not to sweat the small stuff'. Sitting still & being the observer, rather then reacting... Powerful!!!!

    • 3 February 2015

      Babe, I love how you talk about hearing the same lessons + one day it really lands... THIS landed on me. "No one can make you feel anything".... Aha!
      Thank you honey. xx

    • Melina
      3 February 2015

      I love this Tara....everyday doing my best to make these conscious decisions...one step at a time xxoo

    • 4 February 2015

      Hey Tara :)

      Love this :) A wonderful and valuable tools for those on the path of self-responsibility and holistic health :) I never really "got" the breath of fire thing, so thanks for the tutorial.... Will do my best to put this in my "toolbox" and pull it out next time I feel anger :)
      interestingly I too have been feeling triggered and reactive! :)

      Much love x

    • Renee
      4 February 2015

      Hi Tara,

      Thank you so much for this post. I was definitely a lesson that came to me at the time that I needed it in my inbox today! I'm getting ready for work and trying not to dread going in but its a job that doesn't serve me well anymore. Its a job that brings about a lot of frustration and I often find myself over expressing that frustration. You're so right, no one actually needs to express it, you can just breathe it and feel it. I find I'm able to do this until I get tired and/or hungry and then I just don't seem to have as much self control if someone else starts of the frustration band wagon. I will keep that message with me today though, 'I don't have to express it, feel it and use it for something positive/creative'.

      Thank you Tara, I love your videos, they're so grounding.


    • Nic - A Spectacular Life
      4 February 2015

      Tara – you hit the nail on the head with ‘the right lessons at the right time.’

      I needed this today. I had a frustrated morning, and I lashed out at my partner. The key point you said about consciously directing our mind and not being a slave to our emotions is something that I know I definitely need to remember.

      I let my frustration negatively affect my relationship.

      Now though I’m choosing to be ‘spiritually mature’ and not suppress, yet not express. Perfect. Thank you babe xx

    • Crystal || To Wellness & Beyond
      4 February 2015

      "Nobody can make you feel anything" - omg Tara! Such an "ahuh" moment for me! As always, you continue to inspire & move me. So much love to you lady xxx

    • 4 February 2015

      So true (and it really landed today as others have said) about others not being able to MAKE us feel anything. That it's all an illusion. Quite a powerful truth.

      Sometimes I find sitting with an emotion helpful-but other times I never seem to reach that point of allowing it and feeling it dissolve. It could be 2AM and I am still sitting there, feeling it, not sleeping. I think like you said when we are starting to learn to deal with emotions we've been repressing for years or decades, it can help to express it through something like tapping (at least for me that often helps). But I would love to get to a point where I can just sit with it and feel it transform consistently. Thanks Tara :)

    • Fiona
      4 February 2015

      Love this viewpoint Tara - thank you for sharing. Anger is such a common emotion and I've been looking a loads of ways to work with it as I seem to be attracting lots of clients with anger that they are wanting help with (probably because I used to be angry!!). I'm adding these little techniques to my tool kit.

      Cheers, x

    • 4 February 2015

      LOVE this today! I have had the most amazing deep resonant wrath rising up the last few weeks. It's been interesting and I completely understand what you're saying about letting it rise up between the repress/express. So powerful. Thank you for sharing the pranayama - will try this next time the heat is rising!

    • Jenna
      4 February 2015

      "No one can make you feel anything". I remember discussing this with you when I worked with you a year and a half ago, and I try to pull myself back to it all the time. Its my ego's go-to emotion - anger at others and myself, so its such a big learning for me to do what you describe. Breathe and transform the energy. But so so worth it! My favourites are determination (to change how I'm thinking about something) and creative energy.

    • 4 February 2015

      Kudos to all you rad chicas that aren't afraid to look at your stuff :)

    • Annabelle
      5 February 2015

      Oh Tara, I can't wait for this - "You’ve decided, that actually, you really can push your body beyond it’s limits, only to be humbled by an injury that comes with an invitation to slow down (more on this in a future post)". This is exactly what position I've landed in. Bring it on sister!

    • Tegan
      5 February 2015

      Thanks beautiful Tara :) A lot of anger has been coming up for me also lately! So comforting to know we are never alone on this journey. Thanks for the great tips.

    • 6 February 2015


      I love this a lot. Thank you again again again for your great, brilliant videos and wisdom.

      so good.

    • 10 February 2015

      I love what you said, Tara about how we push the anger down. That really resonates with me. The idea of allowing it to rise and dissolve is so helpful.

      Thanks you as always!

      Vari x

    • Danica
      18 February 2015

      Ahhh talk about synchronicity!!! I had taken a stress day today, after becoming so overwhelmed by anger, tension & at-my-wits-end-frustration at work yesterday (*note I had very uncharactaristically only drank one cup water by 5pm due to my hectic day - how interesting upon reflection*).... and while searching for some perspective & guidance, I find this. With all the tools I needed to see & hear to help get me back on my light & bright path. Thankyou, a thousand times thankyou.

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