24 November 2015

Alone Or All One?

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A couple of observations.

  1. Obviously, blogging has become somewhat of a haphazard exercise for me of late. I'm totally okay with that, by the way, and hopefully you are, too. Years ago when I attended a Vipassana meditation retreat, the words 'Nothing lasts forever, everything changes' were drilled into me; five words that bring me a lot of comfort during a time that seems to be so damn riddled with change.
  2. Hair brushes are overrated. #SorryNotSorry
  3. Kundalini Yoga RULES (again). Here I am with another very simple but potent teaching from its philosophy. My big ol' soul just loves this one.


As Caroline Myss so powerfully taught last weekend in Brisbane:

All change is immediate. All change is Universal.

Re-investigate your story of 'loneliness'. If you can enter into that enquiry with a little curiosity on ways that you can actually merge more deeply with yourself, by some kind of divine paradox, you'll also begin to feel much more connected to the whole of humanity. (Which links back nicely to my last blog post on self-consciousness.

Have a beautiful moment, and do feel free to comment with thoughts, or share this with friends.

Sat nam,


PS: Would you like to practice Kundalini Yoga with me?

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I teach at Centre For Life - 8 Fremantle Street, Burleigh Heads:

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It's an impeccable yoga school that I feel honoured to be a part of. Come on down and we'll make you feel very welcome.


ALSO, I'm teaching an Introduction to Kundalini Yoga workshop at Essence of Living on December 5.

Time: 12-3:30pm

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    • 24 November 2015

      Oh thank you for this beautiful message today #spiritualhotchocolate ;)

    • Francoise
      24 November 2015

      Wow, that so resonated with me, thank you ........ and perfect timing (apart from having to re-do my recently done mascara!).
      P.S I've never heard the expression 'sovereign' used as you did. Sounds good though!

    • 24 November 2015

      I love your authenticity Tara - keep living your truth beautiful lady, I loved this video. I love my "alone" time & now that you've given me a unique way of defining this word, I think I'm going to love it that little bit more.


    • Jo
      24 November 2015

      Wow thank you Tara! I've never looked at alone as 'all one', how incredibly powerful is that! It's a perfect reminder for me as I've just started to date someone. I'm not dating him out of fear of being alone but that was a nice way of reminding me to keep up my practice and my 'alone' time and not let it slip to spend more time with him. Both are equally important and I need to keep the two balanced. Thank you as always for such a perfectly timed message. Sat nam xxx

    • 24 November 2015

      Ah Tara - in this video you've really hit that place that I've spent much of this year. After leaving my unaligned marriage late last year I moved into a place of loneliness (took up with another beautiful man for a while which 'filled the void') and now find myself, almost a year down the track, embracing being alone - enjoying it, playing with it, teasing it to see what shape it takes for me. It's such a liberating shift - this one from loneliness to alone. Thank you beautiful lady xx

    • Hannah
      24 November 2015

      Thank you! Totally what I needed to hear right now. I've been living abroad for 4 months now and the experience has forced me to look inwards and assess who I am without the distractions of my normal life. A difficult but incredibly rewarding experience. Despite this, I can still feel incredibly lonely, even around friends. I try and love myself and seek comfort in my inner space (in meditation, yoga, self love affirmations, nature, etc) but it only lasts for a little while. I can't seem to feel "at home" completely. Somehow I still feel isolated from myself and my surroundings. How can I keep this feeling of "all one" going all day, all week, all life?? I know it and love it when I have it, but I can't seem to hold onto it.
      Thank you so much Tara - Your words of wisdom have really helped me.

    • Ellie Chandler
      25 November 2015

      Gorgeous video.
      AND you look beautiful! Your skin is so flawless! Lovin' yer vibe! Xxxx

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