30 December 2013

Adios 2013. You were big. You were good to me.

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adios 2013 2

I waltzed my way into 2013 with a few bold declarations. It was going to be:

My year of becoming a full time entrepreneur.

My year of loving my man more deeply.

My year of healing (although I wasn't all that sure what that meant, or what it would entail).

These 3 themes were never far from my side throughout the year. They took centre stage in what has become the year that has surprised and astounded me the most.

In January, I was working in a cafe 3 or 4 days a week, hustling burgers and plates of pasta as a means to pay for life while my business set it's roots into fresh soil. After calling an end to our wanderlust-ing, seasonal lifestyle, Glen and I waved goodbye to the snow and moved in with mum for 6 months. We were without money and transport, and although I was grateful for the roof over my head; for the home cooked meal that was placed in front of me every night (after having mumma-love poured into it), I felt the opposite of freedom in my body.


There I would sit on my days off from the cafe, at the desk in my cluttered bedroom, sweat pouring from me in the Brisbane heat, punching out for hours on my keyboard as I devoted myself to the evolution of my business. Between blog posts, the odd coaching client, and navigating the horrifying (to me) back end world of online business, I was writing and recording my heart out in preparation of releasing the Party Girls Guide to Peace: my passion project.

The passion paid off - creatively and literally –and with a successful launch under my belt, Glen and I now had the resources to fly the nest and move to a little slice of heaven that had quite honestly stolen our hearts: Burleigh Heads.

I'll look for a job as soon as we settle in.

That was my plan. But life seems to laugh at those who dare plan the unfolding of their lives...


As soon as I buried my toes in the sand at the beach across the road from our apartment – the sea foam kissing my ankles – I felt supported.

This is what freedom feels like.

I never did have to hunt down that part time job. Soulful collaborations, a dedication to trailblazing a path to peace and a growing coaching schedule ensured that Intention Number 1 – become a full time entrepreneur – had been fulfilled. And we were only in the first week of February.


This is also the year I've seen light and love in my man like never before. He has captivated me, completely. He has made me laugh in the face of tension, and he's willingly forgiven me with wide, warm embraces when my irrationalities strike.

For us, absense truly does make the heart grow fonder. The 2 weeks that he spends away every month have allowed Intention Number 2 – love my man more deeply – to illuminate our every phone call, date night and sleep in. 2 weeks apart is just enough time for to almost forget the fine intricacies of his features. Enough so that when I collect him from the airport, I can't help but gush: My god. You are SO handsome, before our heads disappear into each others necks for whole body squeezes of I Missed You. I am certain with every fibre in me that our strengthened love is directly reflectional to Intention Number 3 – my willingness to heal.

adios 2013 1

Healing can be a heavy word, I understand that. It can also come across as self-righteous, melodramatic and unnecessary, but I believe we've all got healing to do – if we're up for it. I've never believed that healing means that there's something wrong with us; that we're perpetually flawed, rather, I believe that to heal is to consciously grow. Belinda Davidson says that healing is returning to totality. In other words: acceptance of the whole, or, aligning with the light.

Which brings me to Belinda.

In September 2012, after leaving Leonie's abode for business coaching, I looked up to the sky and said: Thank you for guiding me to Leonie, but now, I'm ready for a spiritual mentor. Not just guidance. Mentoring. In swooped B.

I knew something in me needed attention; needed awareness; needed healing, and Belinda helped carry me through a journey of soul discovery unlike anything I've ever conceptualised. Physical ailments have been healed, limiting beliefs have been left behind, longings have been made manifest. Truth with a capital T has been tasted.

The longer I tread this journey, the more I realise that it's a sacred one; a deeply touching and profoundly personal one. I'm sure I can speak for many of us here when I say that when we begin seeking, we're electrified with enthusiasm; pouncing on any chance to share our spiritual practices, routines, insights. I'm now starting to become present to how holy this path feels to me. It has become precious and revered; not something I want mindlessly splashed around the webs. Having Belinda on my team has allowed clarity to outshine dark days of confusion and uncertainty. Her support and authentic wisdom has given me somewhere to go with all of this Crazy. I can only hope that my clients feel the same way when they turn to me.

So it has indeed been my year of healing, and not just of receiving it, but of giving it. I've devoted myself to:

  • My coaching clients
  • My Party Girls
  • Yoga teacher training
  • My body. I've explored the strength of it. Detoxed it. Daily coffee-enema-d it.

Year of Healing? Check.


Alongside my 3 main intentions, I of course threw a few extra soul goals out into the wind, with a mixture of apprehension and enthusiasm:

Collaborate with awesome chickas

Sober up for an extended period (I did 3 months)

Unplug for at least a week (does 10 days at Vipassana count? Hells yes)

Speak in front of a a large audience (done, done, done and done)

Book a last minute trip

Get a sacred geometry tattoo

Hire support team

And, amazingly, they get an affirmative check! also.

adios 2013 3

Before I go, I'd like to say thank you to some incredible people that helped make my year magnificent by virtue of a little out-pouring of public love. And please, if anyone of these peeps sound juicy to you, click on their name and investigate. You deserve to have them in your life.

Rach: Your friendship has been the biggest gift to me this year. You are an absolute love beam, I adore you, and collaborating with you has simply been the icing on the cake. Let's bring back the crazy in 2014 ;)

Tanya my naturopath (recommended by Belinda): Words fail me. You're not just a naturopath; you're a medicine woman.

Brie-ann - my personal trainer: You are the sunshine incarnate. Thank you for you; your giggles, your contemplative soul, and your ability to whip my ass into shape. Love you.

Nicole - my intuitive marketing strategist: Thank you for seeing me.

Niamh - my assistant: It's only been a month, but where the bloody hell would I have been without you this last month. My Irish Beauty, this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship, I can feel it.

Shae - my SEO coach: You make SEO sexy. For reals! This website will be forever grateful for you lady. I'll be singing your praises till the end of time.

Miri: Tai Chi, intention setting, lomi lomi massage, oneness blessings = a 90 minute combo that left me floating for days. :) Not to mention your juice cleanses. You radiant joy babe and I love being in your presence.

Alana and Sian: for your design badass-ery, thank you.

Yvette: You put me on stage. I still don't know what the hell you were thinking to take that risk. But thank you. Gosh, I adore you.

Susana: Our chats mean the world to me. There is no one like you.

Mastin: Cheers for Bali, man. A story for the grandkids!

Ophi - from the Astrotwins: That reading we had back in June? Spooky accurate, lady. To a damn tee. Invaluable.

I've forgotten a few people here- I can feel it in my waters. 

My soul sisters: You know who you are. Yeah, you. ;) Catch these kisses coming atcha.

My Party Girls: Your courage makes ME braver. Thank you for making me feel so, so useful.

Each of my clients: I so cherish our time together. I'm always so grateful that you chose me. You inspire me.

And you - my reader: Every now and then, your eyes land on Such Different Skies, and I hope that when they do, a piece of this place lands in your heart and remains there long after you've gone.

I do this for you. All of it. So we can all see such different skies through brand new eyes, and never stop seeking.

Happy New Year.

Peace out, sweet potatoes!

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    • 30 December 2013

      What a year!! I am so grateful to have found your friendship this year. You're a guiding light, my love.
      I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring for you - it's going to be epic!
      So much love. xxxxx

      • Tara
        30 December 2013

        I feel exactly the same about you, pea.

        Come visit soon :)

    • 30 December 2013

      Good god I love you. x

      • Tara
        30 December 2013


    • 30 December 2013

      What an inspirational journey this year has been for you! I've been a reader & follower for a long time but I haven't commented much. Congratulations on all that you have achieved. All the best for 2014!! x

      • Tara
        30 December 2013

        Well, I am certainly grateful that you commented today :) Happy New Year Naomi xxx

    • 30 December 2013

      What a stunning roundup, and what a huge year it's been! To see how far you've come in a year, Magnificent! and so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing lovely, wishing you the most amazing and even bigger year ahead xxx

      • Tara
        30 December 2013

        Cheers babe! And watching you spread those wings of yours in the face of fear has been equally inspiring.

        Own it baby. :)


    • 30 December 2013

      You are truly my inspiration to dig a little deeper. Thank you from my heart to yours!

      xo Ashley

      • Tara
        30 December 2013

        Smiling at this beautiful comment. Thank you Ash, will all my heart x

    • 30 December 2013

      Wow my dear. Good grey grief. I am so honoured to know you and to have watched you bloom and grow this year my darling. Thank you so, so much for opening that space for us all and asking the questions that matter. I'm so grateful to you my lovely. Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!

      Big lump in my throat- woo!
      Love, Katie xxx

    • 30 December 2013

      Incredible lady, incredible year. You have influenced me profoundly and I love you so much. Thanks for the mention - honoured to work with you always xoxo

    • 30 December 2013

      Believe me, your support and authentic wisdom is like a big, warm HUG for all the crazy. You're a game changer Tara Bliss and where 2013 brought you healing, love and freedom, you've brought the same to bucket-loads of women. Love you TONNES and can't wait to catch up in the new year x

    • Kimberley
      30 December 2013

      I am just so proud of you honey. You light up people's lives, including mine, y'know that? Xx

    • Jen // Creating a Colourful Life
      30 December 2013

      Amazingly beautiful post as always, & wow - what a year! You are such a huge inspiration, Tara. Thank you for your raw honesty, soulful wisdom & being you. xx

    • 30 December 2013

      Even when you don't want to share everything on the internet (understandably so), it has been so clear how much growing and healing you've done this year. It's been beautiful to watch. Your vulnerability and sharing of the journey is effervescent and real. I wish you all the best for another year of this momentum, new discoveries and contentment.

    • 30 December 2013

      LLLOOOVVVEEE!!! That's it girl! Pure love for you, from you, off the pages, around you and all reading. I'm no word-slinger, so I'm speechless!


    • Kristen
      30 December 2013

      Its been an incredibly gorgeous year for you Tara and I know next year will be even bigger. You just keep blooming :) Thank you for your presence. Happy New year xxxx

    • 30 December 2013

      Such a beautiful post sweet one... Awee so nice that you took the time to pause, ponder and reflect before moving in on a new year... I am sure 2014 is going to be a huge one for you and I am soo excited myself to be stepping into being an entrepreneur as off 2014... Bring on a transforming, healing expansive loving year for all... And thanks again for being a beam of light, honesty, love and truth to so many on this ever evolving healing growing path of ours... LOVE xx

    • Sophie
      30 December 2013

      This is truly inspiring, I had no idea how recently you had begun all these things (I only discovered your gorgeous online space in June). It's people like you who make me believe that it could be possible for me to achieve the same kind of wonderous change and growth in my own life in the course of 2014. Looking forward to continuing to be inspired by you next year and for more to come xx

    • 31 December 2013

      What an inspiring year. I'm really happy for you. It's amazing to look back to the beginning of the year to see how you grew so quickly. Total alignment. Love it.

      I'm really keen to make the space to work with Belinda this year.

      • Tara
        2 January 2014

        Thank you babe - what a gorgeous thing to say.

        I'm beaming you love and a little space in the hope that B appears in your life as she did with mine. Life will never be the same again x

    • 31 December 2013

      Loved reading this and love you. Thank you for being there from the beginning and being the inspiring soul that you are. Hoping to squeeze you in person this year :)

      Cheer to 2014, it’s going to be beautiful.

      • Tara
        2 January 2014

        YES! I want to go to Emerging Women honey so hopefully I will see your gorgeous face there.

        Thank you for you. I adore you babes x

    • 31 December 2013

      Thanks for the giant dose of inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful 2014!

      • Tara
        2 January 2014

        Any bloody time dearest Kate.


    • 31 December 2013

      Absolutely amazing babe! So madly in love with you <3 Thanks for all the inspiration, guidance and truth. 2014 is going to be stellar :)

      • Tara
        2 January 2014

        :) Oh babe I'm head over heels for you too! xx

    • 1 January 2014

      Oh, Tara, what can I say…………….You shine so soul-fully.

      I love our work together and I can't wait to continue with you in 2014.

      Thank you for you.


      • Tara
        2 January 2014

        I love our work together too!
        So much.
        You are a light in this life of mine.

    • 2 January 2014

      You have had such an amazing year!! I'm in the beginning of my business and I love your energy and website. :) I'm also a yoga teacher and healer and seeing your energy in the universe is such a gift!! -- thank you.

      Btw, where did you do your crystal healing? That sounds amazing :)

      • Tara
        3 January 2014

        Oh what a beauty you are.

        I did my crystal healing with Hibiscus Moon honey. She's the best!

    • 3 January 2014

      Honey, I'm only seeing this now. 2013 was epic for you babe and can't wait to see how life unfolds in 2014. There will definitely be plenty more chats and a whole lotta love. Always. <3 <3 <3

    • Heba | The Lumenesque
      4 January 2014

      Tara, you're such an inspiration and it warms my heart to have discovered you!

      Your post reminds me that all it takes is committing to live your truth and taking a step each day in the direction of your dreams.. What you have created within a year is just heart-warmingly gorgeous.

      One night towards the end of December; when my dreams began (thrillingly) to look more and more real, I hit a wall and felt all the yuck come up.

      It didn't take long before I told myself - I have guidance everywhere, what do I need to know now? Shortly after, aha. Picked up my Spirited 2014 companion + lo and behold, the first few chapters were EXACTLY what my soul called for. It wasn't long before I could slow my breath again, feel love fill all the emptied spaces, and remind my heart that I was loved, supported, and doing exactly what I needed to be doing..

      2014 is going to be big for me, I feel it. For us all! A huge intention I have set, a CDF - is CONNECTION. I long to reach out and join in sisterhood with you all, to bring my dreams + expression into community; to be held, to hold, to love and be loved, and I look forward to it all with joy and incredibly full, juicy trust.

      Thank you for holding this incredible space. x

    • Fab
      5 January 2014

      Tara: I'm so glad you are growing and learning so much.

      Even though the abundance of magical thinking here on the blog gets on my nerves, I really admire how brave you are to work on yourself, and I can't wait to see what you're up to in 2014. I really, truly wish you all the best, and I'm so happy for you.

      • Tara
        5 January 2014

        Long live the magical thinker!

    • Caroline
      6 January 2014

      What a year 2013 was for you dear Piscean.
      I rarely comment but always stop by and it's always a pleasure to read your beautiful words.
      I've said it before, you have a magical presence about you and I have no doubt this year will continue to see you soar. Wishing you a magical 2014.

      • Tara
        6 January 2014

        And you are so, so kind for saying that honey. So sweet of you :)

        I hope this year coming bearing everything you desire beautiful. Love you x

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