Dreamers, makers.
Rebels, rule-breakers.

If this sounds like you...
We need to talk.

But first, I want to be really clear about a few things...

I want to be a catalyst for you. I want to see you rise up, explore your edges, stand a little taller, claim your bliss and beam your autonomy.

There's just one problem… if you’ve visited to get a quick fix of #inspo, to distract yourself from what’s going on in your life or to procrastinate, rather than make your art?

Well, I may not be your girl. And this mightn’t be the space for you.

I’m not in the business of fixing up or even firing up. I'm here to reflect, so if you're here to take a look in the mirror and claim back a little of that power you've been relinquishing lately, pull up a stump, this is just the space for you.

This is the place for those that are ready to be truly recognised.


I’d like to play a small role in reminding you how to ignite your own legitimate flame within.

My Story

You and I both know that activation ain’t just for almonds, it’s for us, too – and you’re ready now. You’re a little bored with scratch-the-surface teachings, and find yourself craving more depth and wisdom. After what feels like an age of chasing the tail of other's versions of success, contentment, influence, you want to feel tight with your being-ness. You're searching for reminders and permission that action is most powerful when it's fuelled by stillness. You’re starting to realise that over-identifying with your to-do list and your achievements doesn't quite guarantee a grateful heart at the end of the day.

I hear you. Loud and so very clear. I’ve been where you are now. I’m still there, journeying with you, stumbling around and getting a little dizzy and making a fool of myself and fucking up sometimes but ultimately, committing – again and again and again – to finding my feet and having another crack. Let me tell you my story.

I’m Tara Bliss and yep, that’s my real name (I get asked that a lot!). I’m a writer, doTERRA leader and proudly, a mentor of Rebels. I love leading; going first; launching myself into the arena. It’s in my blood, has always come naturally to me, and it brings me more alive than anything. I'm interested in how we can lead and live in a more whole, inclusive way.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a strange combination; a jumble of joyous dichotomies. I’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, a sensitive heart and an insatiable hunger for disrupting paradigms. I’m fueled by a jump-outta-bed-in-the-morning desire to be in motion; making and creating – communities, poems, shapes on my yoga mat – and have an inability to ever feel truly satisfied (it’s not as bad as it sounds).

I pour much of my longing and learning here, onto my online altar – a shrine which shines with joy, contemplation, heartache, spiritual smackdowns and endless opportunities to come together in conversation.

You're invited to sit at this altar alongside me. Frankly, it wouldn’t be the same without you!

But before you RSVP with a “Hell to the YES!” - I need to warn you about me... because here’s the thing:

  • I’ll ask you to question everything you were ever taught about living, loving and leadership – but I won’t necessarily provide the answers.
  • I’ll ask you to rebel with grace, alongside me. We know that rebelling without a cause is like opting for porn over the real thing.
  • I’ll encourage you to grow, stretch, reach, sit still, move faster, tune in, pay attention, surrender. Our direction depends on the day, really.
  • It won’t always be comfortable - but it will matter and this process will mean something.

I believe we’re born as our true, complete selves. We may get lost along the way, as the world tries to round out our edges, but our essence is always in there, somewhere, just below the surface, clawing towards the light, waiting to be seen.

Looking back, we can often see the clues hidden in plain sight. We see themes and patterns of who we are, what we desire and the values we cherish at our core.

Well, when I look back, here’s what I see...



'Don't cramp my style!' That could have been my mantra as a young girl. Whether it was the small town I grew up in, the house I lived in, my school and the stereotypes piled upon me there, my family circumstances, various jobs I've held... I was always craving more room to spread my wings.



I answered the call to bring my (first) business into being at 25 years old, which marked the end of an era as an employee. My businesses ask me to travel regularly, guide humans into their leadership (and get out of debt) and set the scene for them to fall madly in love with their souls.



I was constantly jotting in my journal, writing notes to pen pals, scrawling song lyrics and penning pretend love letters to boys I was too shy to even look at (let alone declare my love for in indelible ink!). Self-expression set me free.



I write books, blog posts and poems. I weave words and workshops that guide people strategically and heart-fully through their struggles. I believe there are always more answers than there are problems.



I collected crystals and meditation tapes and nag champa like some sort of spiritual bowerbird. Back before it was mainstream, I was forcing my girlfriends to sit in circle at lunchtime so we could meditate together.



I observe my thoughts, don’t shy away from the big questions, supercharge my energy with stillness, and strive, every single day, to be kinder and more patient. I often fail, I always try again.

Frustrated Curiosity


I would often challenge my teachers and parents to explain why stale concepts remained unchanged. Unsurprisingly, I was rarely satisfied with their answers!



I unpack spiritual teachings – ripping them apart in my brain and often bastardising them in the process – until I land at something that feels good for me, in this moment. My entire belief system could very well be different tomorrow.

Fierce Divine Mother


I was in fierce defence of my little brother or anyone being bullied or ridiculed. I couldn’t see the point of feeling big if you didn’t use it to support those that felt small. Later on I would discover this 'protection' as the presence of Goddess Artemis.



I will not pander to your excuses as to why you're not igniting your light and taking agency over your circumstances. I seek out people’s shadows and reflect their light. I mentor, nurture and lead thousands of women in my collaborative organisation.

Mastery (Kinda)


As a girl, I had a competitive nature, but my main competition was always myself. I was a fast-learning athlete of many sports and learned to trust myself and my capability to carry out the unknown on the pursuit of my next goal. I was struck by an unyielding desire to meet life's challenges.



When something is a hell YES for me, I immerse. I allow it to consume me until it’s deeply embedded in my cells. My competitive nature has been replaced by a curious quest for sovereignty.


Between way back then and right here, right now, I’ve always seen the power in experimentation.

I’ve made pizzas, picked mandarins, cut hair, poured beers and taught people how to bungee jump. It’s been quite the (educational) circus and I’ve learnt tricks at every turn.

Hairdressing taught me the importance and joy of constantly reinventing ourselves – even when you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out. It also taught me how to really listen.

Bartending (which will hereon refer to as a divine distraction from my truth) taught me to hustle, and it also - no surprises here - taught me how to party. I had all kinds of mind-bending fun until, of course, I didn't. Before long I found myself merged into a scene that, for years, stripped me of my me-ness and drained me of the inspiration that had always kept my life interesting. I felt empty, resentful, very much alone, completely disconnected from myself and my purpose and obviously, hungover AF. Enter: WAKE UP CALL. That’s what good ol’ rock bottoms are for, right? I escaped that scene, blogged my journey, created an online community which allowed other Party Girls to redefine themselves.

Bungee Jumping taught me how to (quite literally) take the leap and plunge into the unknown. More importantly than that, it taught me that real joy comes from teaching others to do the same.


All of these experiences have combined to create a buzzing purpose which could technically be called ‘work,’ but feels more like ‘adventure’. Everything I’ve learnt has helped me form the three critical C’s that steer my life:


Because life throws curveballs like it's fucking batting practice in the A-Leagues. I’ve learnt that as tempting as it is to turn away, you must meet that ball and swing for the bleachers.


Because when the planet needs more light than ever, we need to you to rise up out of primitive behaviours and survival mode, and embrace thriving as a creator on this earth.

Collaborative Leadership

Because the days of the Lone Wolf are long gone. Patriarchal, hierarchical power structures are under question, and in our together-ness we can redefine leadership and how it's carried out.


With these soul-truths as my guides, I’ve explored many vehicles of change-making.

I’ve coached hundreds of women 1:1, spoken on stages, published paperback and digital books, collaborated with my best friends on spirited projects, launched an organic meal delivery business, spread the teachings of Kundalini Yoga... and so much more.

Today, I spend my days mentoring the Rebels Of Light, and leading thousands - Team Bliss - on a journey of revolutionising their physical, emotional and financial health with essential oils, whilst their spiritual growth awakens them to the powerful leader that resides within.

It is deeply fulfilling work.


Here are some things
I know

You are more adept & gifted than you’re giving yourself credit for.

That being said, I’m also going to guess that you torture yourself by admiring – and by default comparing – yourself to others that are on a 'different level to you' (without realising that you’re the one who created that illusion).  You have a deep well inside of you that overflows with an abundance of grace, opportunity and guidance – let’s help you find it.

This is such a critical time to be alive.

There is much darkness right now and yet we have the choice and the responsibility to re-write the way we participate in this world, and in doing so, the way we contribute to 'humanity'. To declare what we stand for, tolerate and celebrate. You matter. Who you decide to be, matters. How deeply you know yourself matters. What you decide to do matters. Breathe that in, beauty.

Play, adventure & pleasure are key ingredients to frothing life.

You will be asked to forge forward, sometimes when you don’t feel like it and, because you’re a lightworker, you will most likely respond “yes” more than "no". This is both a strength and a weakness. The work is important (vital), so is the play. The laughter, sex, board-games, time at the dog beach, inappropriate and politically incorrect stand up comedy, travel, girlfriend get-togethers and the road trips to nowhere in particular. All of this joy will breathe life into your being and stimulate you to serve in your unique way - so let’s not forget to boogie. (Full disclosure: I'm not the best at remembering to play. This is as much of a reminder for me as it is for you)

Suffering offers you a window, not a wall. 

Often what feels like the end of our story, is an opportunity to write a new beginning. The deeper down you are plunged into the underworld – your suffering – the higher you are rebounded up into the heavens here on Earth. When done consciously, we can bring back our boons; our gifts; our offerings of grace that suffering so intelligently bestowed upon us. Don’t give up on yourself just yet, sweet potato. Hang in there. Something amazing is about to happen.

We are at our most powerful when we are telling the truth.

Don’t confuse this with some polished up version of reality - they call that shit rolled in glitter for a reason – I want to see the real you. Show us who you are in your emotive and ever-changing human glory. This devotion to the truth is exactly why you won’t find the standard ‘Positive Thinking’ material at this altar. Instead, you’ll find uncensored thoughts on devotion, quaking joy, sorrow that bruises the soul, impatience, achievement, failure —all the things that make Tara, Tara. In return, I will ask you to show us all the things that make you, you.


Slightly random

I feel rather energetically androgynous.

I’m a recovering tomboy who is obsessed with dance and still learning how to move my hips! I love both the creation and editing process of making art. I am stubborn in my independence but yearn to be held every day of my life. I love beauty but wear frill-free fashion. I’m a hermit but crave communion. I’m capable of just as much fire as I am compassion. I revel in the diverse nature of our humanity – as an individual and a collective.

My medicine is Mama Earth in all her colours.

Sunrise and sunset, the depths of the ocean and the majesty of the mountains. I am brought alive by the deep green landscape, the piercing birdsong and the silence at dusk. Essential oils, herbs, crystals, the foods she feeds us… I bow down in awe and appreciation.

These are a few of my favourite things...

Getting lost in a vortex of writing for hours, snowboarding (Japan, please), essential oils, onion and garlic (true story!), orange lipstick, messy buns, ocean swims in the winter, ocean swims in the summer (okay, okay, ocean everyday!), Inbox Zero (not gonna lie), books (not screens!), rainy, moochy days with my fur-girl Layla, residual income, roaming this gorgeous planet of ours, dinner parties, assembling fresh altars, mentoring The Rebels Of Light, weekend trips away with the girls, giving (cash, flowers, surprises.. it just feels so good), high-waisted jeans, witnessing my community rise in their authenticity, and gratefully (oh so very gratefully) connecting with my Soul, every day. I should probably also mention that I very much enjoy orgasms.

But do you want to hear
something ironic?

Sure this is an “about me” page – but it’s about us, really. Embracing all of ourselves – from the uncomfortable parts to the bigness and the sheer delight.

I am here, in this space, so that you can begin to make sense of what’s unfolding for you. There are no accidents. Only synchronicities. I am sincerely so very happy that you’re here.

Stay a while.

Yours in bliss,

Deepening the friendship


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