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I'll show you how to do it with grace.

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Have you ever given yourself permission?

I’m talking real, radical, roof-raising permission.

To truly be YOU, to find your people, to spend your time, your way, and to make money doing work you love.

Sounds like a pipe dream, huh? Too good to be true.

Sure, that would be an easy thing to say – but you don’t have me fooled.

I recognise that twinkle in your eye, and I know that you wouldn’t be reading these very words if you didn’t believe, deep down in your Soul, that this dream is a very real possibility for you.

You already know:
That you can design your life. Edit, rewrite and restructure it.
That you can make an outrageous impact on the world.
That you’re allowed to be wealthy and spiritual and generous all in the same sentence.

You know all this to be true… you’re just not sure how to get there.

Here’s a clue – keep reading…

{By the way, there will be no click-baiting, curiosity-bombs below: just flat out honesty. Which is why I’ll state, straight up, this is an invitation into the incredible doTERRA business opportunity. Specifically, those who do not currently have an active account with doTERRA.}

This is your invitation to take a seat at the table of Team Bliss.

Team Bliss is a cohort of young-at-heart women who are bold, intuitive and unbelievably motivated to create change in their lives and the world.

We enthusiastically stand behind one of the most integral and ethical brands on earth: doTERRA Essential Oils.

Every day we empower people with natural solutions; the tools to glowing skin and digestive harmony and better sleep, all while smelling like a goddess… look, don’t get me started on the benefits these oils provide, I’ll never stop. You can read more here, though.

This “work” sees us developing leadership in one another, guiding people to find freedom in a debt-free life, and teaching spiritual principles that create lives of absolute abundance and limitless choice.

doTERRA is our chosen vehicle for creating ripples of transformation across the globe.

In carrying out this important and inspiring work, we’re not the sole beneficiaries – we also have the opportunity to vastly impact the lives of others. From the growers, harvesters and distillers of these oils (many of whom live in developing nations) to the people we offer the doTERRA opportunity to.

We’re in the business of enhancing lives, creating launch pads for personal development and placing real people onto platforms of excellence in every area of their lives.

The Ins & Outs: How it works

They say it takes one drop to start a ripple – and I’m betting it was a drop of Frankincense because that shit is magical.

For you, it’ll start with an incredible product experience.

You order your oils and they will (without fail) delight you.

You promptly fall head over heels, Noah-and-Ally-in-The-Notebook in love with them.

Your oils become part of you and you see real, tangible benefits from using them in all aspects of your life – your spiritual, physical and emotional health.

You’ll be compelled to share the benefits of your oils with the world, too. This is because you, my friend, are a light worker; you’re always looking for ways to help others (it’s your super power).

Myself, along with other leaders on Team Bliss, will open our arms to you and will now mentor you on how to share the gift of doTERRA with others (psst… teaching looks good on you!).

You’re provided free weekly training and mentoring, all within a safe and location-independent environment with young-at-heart women just like you. This keeps you moving, motivated and rooted firmly in your magic.

Each and every week, you’ll meet with like minded humans from your community with a hunger to learn, and you’ll empower them to live essential oil lifestyles. Along the way, some of those people will see the beauty of the path you’re walking and will want to link arms and walk alongside you. Those with the open-hearts and open-minds – these people will reveal themselves to you as your business partners.

As your team grows, I will act as your guide. I will mentor you on soul-aligned and practical ways to duplicate your efforts, to create momentum and create a fast-growing tribe.

As you can see, this isn’t your standard model of business.

You know, where there’s a Queen on top and the worker-bees below. That doesn’t fan my flames, and I don’t know if you’ve felt this too, but that model is dying.

This model is the epitome of teamwork. There’s no room for “Us” versus “Them”. This business model is one built on the foundations of a community leveraging itself so that all may rise. This is why I’m such a huge advocate for collaborative business.

Team Bliss has a specific, soul-driven vision.


We are part of a world united by the creation of new paradigms based on collaboration, generosity, leadership, and as a result, abundance.

Financial freedom is sought by many, and it’s wonderful. But this is about so much more than that — freedom of the heart. Freedom to CHOOSE how we spend our precious moments during this life.

Team Bliss Ambassadors

After many years working as a lawyer and running my own art business, I was ready for a change of direction. I was looking for a wellbeing business idea when I stumbled across doTERRA in 2015. I had never used therapeutic essential oils before, but once I discovered doTERRA’s oils I was hooked. Working with doTERRA has opened up a whole new world for me, and I’m excited to be running a business that I’m passionate about and being inspired by the many incredible women that doTERRA have brought into my life. – Gretchen Fraser, Auckland, NZ

I’m not sure I can put into words exactly what I have gained from this amazing bunch for awe-inspiring souls. Words just seem to fall short. My being has been completely transformed from the moment I surrounded myself with Team Bliss’s light. It was exactly what my soul was calling for. Personally I have gained more than I could have ever imagined. I am eternally grateful for finding my way into this collective of like minds. Collaboration seriously never looked so good! Chloe Hilton, VIC, AUS

Saying yes to work with Tara is without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Tara has lovingly supported me to build an incredible business based on abundance and sisterhood. Tara has paved the way in building a doTERRA business with grace and integrity and I’m extremely grateful to create this lifestyle alongside such an inspiring lady. – Kim Reid, VIC, AUS

We all know the lives that we want to live – but are we willing to claim them? To trust our hearts and run full-tilt towards them?

We want to create:

  • Lives that allow us bring our partners home from their stressful jobs.
  • Lives that support our parents and families, unconditionally, as they continue to age.
  • Lives of generosity, where we don’t hazard a blink at the thought of giving (time, money, love, energy) to those we love and those we may never meet.
  • Lives where we remember that we don’t live to work, but rather, should find work that brings us more alive.
  • Lives that are rich with memory-making. Full of laughter, travel and play.
  • Lives in which our inner child is never, ever quashed under the expectations of what it means to grow up and ‘be good.’
  • Lives where we awaken the same life in another (that’s what this is really all about)

And you? You are many magical things.

  • You’re both an action-taker and meditator.
  • You strive to balance effort and self-care with the utmost elegance.
  • You value feeling deeply connected to your Soul, and you’re not interested in making excuses.
  • You love being charged up by team energy, but you’re also a self-starter.
  • You’re interested in a better and more nourishing way to earn, lead and contribute.
  • You want to embody oneness and witness more inclusivity in the world.

Mostly though, you trust yourself. You know that when you decide upon something, it’s as good as done.

But what if that doesn’t sound like you?

That’s totally, 100% okay. There are hundreds (thousands!) of other doTERRA leaders in our amazing community who would love to work with you. I’m just incredibly clear on who I can offer my absolute best to. I require commitment, not fence-sitting. Action over apathy.

My Journey With doTERRA

I was 25 years old and hungrier than most. By the time I was 27, and after working pretty damn hard (I’ll be honest), I found myself as a best-selling author with a fully-booked coaching schedule.

These years of expansion and experience showed me the joy and the power that comes when people band together and crack open to blossom. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that something was missing from business. I had an itch that needed scratching.

In January 2015, I stumbled across the doTERRA business opportunity. I recognised, almost immediately, the impact that could be made with a product and opportunity such as this. By myself. By others. Together.

Most importantly, I could barely contain my excitement because I could see – so clearly – that this is a business that could be embraced by many. Not just people with websites or blogs or businesses or social media audiences. Not just people that had thousands saved to start a business. Not just people that were 100% clear on their Soul’s purpose. Anybody longing for connection, community and freedom.

There were no pedestals. No stone-set hierarchy. For anybody willing to learn the skills and take action, their success would be inevitable. This really spoke to me.

So I packed all the skills I’d acquired thus far (from business and life) and adapted them to the network marketing landscape. Frankly, I got to work. I lovingly invited people I had a strong ‘Know, Like & Trust’ factor with, into the oils experience, and I shared the business opportunity those that I knew would see the same vision that I could.

In 10 months, we had created a thriving, global Diamond organisation.

By 20 months, Blue Diamond.

27 months, Presidential Diamond.

We did it together.

My life has changed immeasurably, from the inside out.

My WHY for doing this business is crystal clear and really quite emotional.

All through my life – from the everyday to my experience as being a coach – I saw women who felt trapped. Creatively, spiritually, but especially financially. I don’t want to see that anymore, whether that’s by circumstance, by self-limiting stories or by social conditioning.

And sure, we want to create lives of freedom so that we can bring our dreams to life, I get that. But what about when the opposite of our dreams manifest? Because after all, life happens.

In January 2016 I became horrendously ill and was bed-bound for 3 months straight. I was too unwell to even scroll Instagram let alone participate in my business, but I thanked my stars everyday that I had spent the last twelve months focusing on Team Bliss, because while sick, each and every month, a 5-figure income blessed Glen and I when we were at our most helpless. This is why I believe there is truly NO other business model quite like network marketing. While we were struggling with the day-to-day perils of illness, my sisters, leaders, business partners were building their businesses and in turn, supporting us more than they will ever quite understand.

Life gets in the way sometimes. People pass. People get sick. There is grief, heartache, separation. And when that happens (and it will), I truly believe that cashflow is the last thing we should be worried about.

I want to help women create a life that can and will look after them even in times where it may be difficult to look after themselves.

I want to help women create a life in which the abundance they’re creating allows them to carry on with the work that sets their soul ablaze.

doTERRA, I’ve found, is a divine platform that provides just that; the doorway (and the key) to your ultimate purpose.

Why should that be important to you?

My team are my family, and I love them dearly. This experience has fostered some of the richest friendships I’ve had the delight of experiencing, and it keeps getting better and better.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many of these women change the trajectory of their families lives forever, and because of that, I take my responsibility as one of their leaders seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, we have loads of fun (our team calls feature giggles and dance parties) but knowing I’ve helped to provide the tools they need to become 6 and/or 7 figure income earners (if that’s what they desire to create) isn’t something I take lightly. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Team Bliss Ambassadors

This is the place for the light workers and the game changers. And this place is full of more support, sisterhood and love than you can ever imagine. – Jo Kendall, Newcastle, AUS

I didn’t truly understand the power of alignment, leadership or conscious collaboration until I found Team Bliss. These sacred oils and our collective vision have ignited a fire deep within and opened up opportunities for me to serve on a larger scale than I ever thought possible. Team Bliss is like a sacred container where you’ll feel safe and supported to declare your deepest visions, shake off outdated limitations, own your creative potential and have a shitload of fun alongside a bunch of other epic women who are also on a mission to shake things up WITH you. Team Bliss is a platform for you to co-create and serve at your full capacity and I’m so honoured to be a part of a new way alongside Tara. I can’t wait to see where this takes us all! Tracey Spencer, Perth,  AUS 

I think I share the same sentiment as every other woman who has found her way to the Bliss United Team and that sentiment is a combination of gratitude and awe.

Being welcomed into a global team of conscious, inspired and motivated women has transformed the shape of my life and the shape of my future, of that I am certain. The vision that is painted and held for us by Tara means anything is possible for all of us. We all feel her complete and utter belief in us and our ability to positively transform our world.

The brains trust that is available to each and every one of us is off the charts incredible. The support and encouragement is there for anyone that raises their hands and says ‘I want in!’ and the same goes for success. Success, whatever that means to you, is there for the taking, inevitable and waiting for you if you dare seek it. – Rebecca Carden, VIC, AUS

So once again, just to be clear:

Though I certainly do believe that this opportunity is for everyone, perhaps Team Bliss is not.

Alignment = magic and I’m looking to align myself with women who are:

  • So bloody willing to learn new skills, try new things and you’re prepared to take plenty of action.
  • Optimistic. You naturally gravitate towards possibilities and opportunities, rather than focusing on limitations and ‘problems.’
  • Not afraid to fail, or for people to say ‘no’ to you. You know that every ‘no’ is one closer to the next ‘yes.’
  • Deeply caring. Of course, you want goodness for yourself, but that’s not your sole motivation. You’re driven by a desire to witness humanity rise and you know now is the time.
  • Damn excited about the idea of partnering in a collaborative business model, which is in service to all involved.

This is probably not for you if:

  • You’re easily crippled by comparison. People around you will be being celebrated often (and loudly!) and if you can’t celebrate them with us, you will struggle.
  • You often experience ‘Failure to Launch’ due to a lack of follow-through.
  • You’re an energy vampire and are only joining us to receive free coaching. I’m not interested in that exchange and, frankly, it doesn’t serve either of us. For there to be alignment, we must both be nourished by this relationship.
  • You’re a dabbler. You like to splash around in the shallows. Honey, Team Bliss is for deep-divers!
  • You choose victimhood over self-responsibility on the regular.

Team Bliss is an international, 14,000+ strong community.

We are mothers.
We are healers.
We are professionals.
We are wellness entrepreneurs.
We’re ass-kicking light workers.
We’re collaborative businesswomen.
We are leaders.

We are receivers.

We are driven by our hearts and steered by our souls.

And if joining our vision, culture and movement sounds delicious to you, you have a few options;

Schedule A Call With Me


Kickstart the process by purchasing some oils here (I recommend starting with the Home Essentials Kit).

I’m honoured you want to reach out about this amazing opportunity.

My business ethos is: Courage, Consciousness, Collaborative Leadership and I believe in a world where we can stop trading our time for money, and instead leverage incredible tools like online and network marketing so we can live the time and financially free lives we dream of, which’ll allow us to contribute in ways we’ve only dared to dream about.

I’m so excited to chat and see if this is what you dream of, too.


By now you know, deep in your core, if this opportunity speaks to your soul.

You can feel that unquestionable pull, an undeniable curiosity-driven urge, just as I did in 2015, to join this party.

Just a few short years ago responding to that urge changed my orbit.

I’d love to see the same happen for you.

Team Bliss Ambassadors

Working with Tara and the rest of Team Bliss has completely changed my life. It’s only now that I’ve been with doTERRA for over a year that I see how important it is to be part of a great team. Tara’s leadership is totally unique within doTERRA and she guides her team with compassion, grace and a wisdom that never fails to inspire me within minutes. These girls are like family to me and I could not be more grateful to have ended up where I am. – Ellie Seilern, London, UK

At a time when many women are drowning in their own self-doubt, Tara Bliss is stepping out with a divine solution. She’s empowering women so that they can blossom into their rightful space as leaders in both life and business, igniting and inspiring those around her with both grace and strength. Let it be known, this woman reps the sisterhood and badassery thing like no other. Women, as a collective, all I can say is ‘Get ready’. There’s no more excuses to not shine your light with this woman coming into her own in the world. – Alice Nicholls, VIC, AUS

Being a part of this incredible shared mission with Team BLISS is beyond what words can describe. It’s truly a homecoming to your soul’s mission on this Earth. Together, we are serving humanity through the sacred medium of essential oils, creating deep and true connections beyond our wildest dreams, co-creating massive financial abundance, and truly upleveling every facet of our lives. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made – bar none. – Heather Waxman, Rhode Island, USA

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