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Enter Into the Space that Bothers You


Where is the tension in your life, right now?

Where is the impatience and the turmoil?

Where are your feathers ruffling?

Go there.

Where are you waiting, waiting for the strain to lift?

For the fairness to return?

For things to become right and light, once more?

Do not wait, go there.

Where are you tired of blazing the trail?

Of setting the example?

Of leading the way?

Please take a breath. Please continue to blaze. You’re capable, and no one shines like you.

Where are you sick of going first?

Go first, again, anyway.

You are infinite, you know?

And your ego can serve your Soul, but it can also distract the sense out of you, and here you are, again, rebelling against the very things that enliven you most; that give you your superpowers.

Stop running from yourself, from the tension, from the challenge.

Enter into that place that bothers you, observe yourself in there, breathing, being, becoming.

It only hurts for a second, I promise. And then? Bliss.

And so I ask again, where is the tension in your life right now?

Are you closing off to your partner instead of opening in full trust?

Are you resisting stillness because you don’t know how to, or when to, or why to?

Are you shunning movement because tomorrow would probably be a better day to start?

Are you silencing yourself instead of letting your heart speak up?

Enter into the space that bothers you.

You’ll find that its just that – a space – and not a mountain, or a dark cave, or a deep crevasse.

Your very being there will transform it. Your very willingness will create alchemy, and right before your eyes, the space will change.

Tara xo

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One Response to Enter Into the Space that Bothers You

  1. Cia November 7, 2016 at 5:34 am #

    This hit me at the exact right moment.
    Thank you Tara for speaking to my soul when my own voice were quiet.

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