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I'll show you how to do it with grace.

Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick

Girl, you need to back the hell off!

Quit speaking about yourself that way.

Stop seeking validation from everyone else.

And take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror.

My god, you’re beautiful.

But my guess is you haven’t told yourself that lately.

Well, I can see you.

Stop looking around suspiciously. I’m not going to jump out from behind the bushes and cause you to choke on your muesli (why are there random clumps of bush near you anyway, lady? What kind of café are you dining at?).

You’re a rebel.

A truth-seeker.

A status-quo smashing superhero.

So, don’t be scared – snap on the spandex and get ready to fly.

Like you, I’m all for colouring outside the lines.

So let’s play this ‘getting to know you’ game a little differently, shall we?

Warning: It’s about to get REAL.

YOU: Have your own personal blend of swagger ready to burst from the seams.

I: Want to help you rip open your heart and let that awesome energy soar.

YOU: Are more powerful, amazing and drop-dead interesting than you could ever imagine.

I: Will hold the mirror up so you can see yourself clearly for the first time in your life.

YOU: Have been saying no to yourself for far too long.

I: I illuminate the YES! within the women I work with. The OH YES!

I have a hunch I understand you… all the times you feel guilty, or like you’ve betrayed yourself; like you ‘should’ be doing something else. Something better. Something more meaningful.

I’ll be there for you when… you’re riding the bipolar pendulum between torturing yourself and swathing yourself in all things delicious and self-nurturing.

I’ve got your back through… the confusion, the grey, the speed bumps. The stuck. The frustratingly relentless ‘what the bloody hell is next?’ record spinning on repeat. 

Every word I write, every video I create, every contemplation I publish in one form or another… I do it for you, for us, so we can make sense of all this.

Because without you, I would just be a crystal-toting, snowboard-riding, essential-oil-loving solo artist with no one to share my stories (or vibes) with.

Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick

The truth is this:

Life isn’t The Brady Bunch.

But it also doesn’t have to be bad repeats of Jersey Shore.

(have you seen how much crap they can shove into one hour?!)

Come join me in smashing the sugar coating off life and discovering the real, giddying sweet spot within. Welcome to

Want to know more about me? Read the whole warts ‘n’ all story over here.

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