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Laziness Momentum Gentle (1)

Some Thoughts On Laziness, Momentum & Being Gentle

Why is writing so much easier at a cafe? Can anyone answer that for me? The perfect environment, a little bit of bustle, laptop out, notebook handy. Even the sounds of traffic and other people’s conversations and the uncomfortable chairs don’t seem to buffer the flow. All the words… they just arrive for me. Maybe […]

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tara balance sunrise

Yoga and Running: For Those Who Think They Can’t

This post has been brewing inside me for weeks. She’s ready now. I’m not penning these words for the spritely go-getter who jumps out of bed each morning, laces up her runners and hits the track. Nor am I writing this for the devoted yogini who effortlessly finds ease, presence and profound flexibility on her mat. […]

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Self Centred: Vipassana!

I returned home from 10 days of silence yesterday. From Vipassana. And after moving gently around this apartment for a little while, still adjusting to the sound of the traffic outside, I switched on my computer and read this epic post (more…)

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Lessons from Meditation

Happy, wonderful, lovely Tuesday/Wednesday to you. Well, eeeeeeekkk! This is my first ever video blog. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. A little unsure, maybe even a little self conscious? I don’t think (more…)

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