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Mini Me

I left New Zealand two weeks ago, and my friend Bonnie drew me this picture as a going away present. I couldn’t be more stoked! Looking at a cartoon version of yourself is immensely surreal, but super cool at the (more…)

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Melbourne Highlights

Melbourne is… Eight course French degustations, the perfect cup of coffee. An undecided mixture of sunshine and clouds. A wicked margarita, an overwhelmingly admirable collection of cheese and sausage! It’s punk rocker meets Hollywood perfect meets business lunch. (more…)

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Bye Bye Bungy :(

This is an era in my life that will be incomprehensibly missed. Bungy jumping and harnessing customers for a living, can employment get any better? Probably not, but nonetheless this is me on my last day at the Nevis (more…)

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labour of love

Absolute yummy goodness straight from our garden. We spent six weeks on the sucker at the beginning of spring, and are now being rewarded for it. Tomatoes, radish, baby carrots, celery, cos lettuce, peas, snow peas, beans, chillies, garlic, (more…)

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adventures of the red scaling type

My favourite lomographs from my red scale film. I think Diana did a good job! These are from random adventures and Big Day Out. More BDO photos and semi-music-review-type-things to come soon! Happy weekend. T. x

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Kawarau Bridge 43m Alrighty, life just got super rad! Any of you out there who are familiar with Queenstown will recognise the words AJ HACKETT. This is the name of the company who invented bungee; the bloody pioneers of the thing. This is (more…)

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fern gully

when i’m not snowboarding i generally love getting outside in search of adventure. this is a little trail we found today on the way to glenorchy. it reminded me of fern gully

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you can do anything if you have enthusiasm enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes; the swing in your gate; the grip of your hand; the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your (more…)

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