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Elizabeth Gilbert Had Me Crying Tears Of Relief

‘Big, freaky, old-time, voodoo style Big Magic.’ Like so many of you, I’ve caught the Big Magic bug. Consider me especially infected, thanks to this life-changing book, which is so goddam good that it’s rendered me practically useless at times; not being able to do much more that attempt to clean my jaw off the […]

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wild woman tara bliss

Protecting the Wild Woman

All ends of the spectrum. Polarities. Duality. This and that. Both. Something I immersed myself in this last week was the audio recording of T. Harv Eker’s Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind. I listened to it three times, back to back, mostly while in my car, and hilariously, pointing to my head declaring ‘I have […]

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belinda and tara

Life Purpose, Ultimate Fulfilment & Life As A Modern Mystic

I believe this is the fourth time I’ve interviewed Belinda Davidson here in this space. I’m a lucky girl, because these are the conversations that matter most to me. And an intention of mine is to only share with you what matters most to me. If you frequent this space, you’re a modern mystic (whether […]

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tara bliss tree change

Deep Peace in the Deep Green: A Note From My Tree Change

From where I sit: I can see the sun rays streaming in through the window while the rain simultaneously falls heavily outside. I turn and look out beyond the back deck at the three veggie plots, and see that they’re receiving their dual share of sunshine and rain, too. Out of every window – and trust me, there’s […]

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So Our Souls Can Light Up Like Candles

“We meditate so that we may be sharp and alert. We chant mantra so that our souls may ignite like candles. We walk in the beauty of this light.” – Yogi Bhajan As we all sit in sacred circle with our lovingly crafted graduation mandala in the centre of the room, I unfold the piece […]

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Kundalini Yoga, Addiction & Limitlessness

I remember when I was writing my book, when time felt scarse and I needed to be careful of how thin I spread myself… it came as a great reprieve to be able to share excepts of my book here, as blog posts. It allowed me to restore a little of my energy and share with you […]

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buffer of time

Beauty Out Of The Buffer Of Time

‘Want to head out for some breakfast?’ he suggests. I smile and I obviously say yes, because – eggs! Enough said, really. I love me some eggs. So we grab our phones and our wallets and we head out, pulling the locked door shut behind us. We walk through the security gates and out onto […]

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precious pause

A Precious Pause

Photo: Klee Photography Being a student (and studying how to be a teacher) of Kundalini Yoga has pulverised my cells and simultaneously put me back into a perfect vibratory hum countless times. It’s torn me open. Reassembled me. It’s shown me what is real. What is (more…)

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Let Us Feed You Organics-35

3 Ways I’m Practicing Unconditional Love

I’ll enter into this conversation by sharing my spiritual name with you. (It’s a relevant little detour, I promise) After I returned from LA last year, having practiced Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge, I felt an incredibly loud and persistent calling to journey deeply (more…)

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what makes kundalini yoga different

What Makes Kundalini Yoga Different

What makes Kundalini Yoga different? What is a kriya? Is this whole thing a cult, or what? What’s with the white clothing and the turbans? I’ve heard people shake and get dizzy in class, what’s the deal? Your questions and curiosities have been witnessed, you bright (more…)

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