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My Money Story (It’s Awesome, You May Want To Borrow It)


My Instagram and Snapchat friends, you’re probably sick to death of hearing me wax lyrical about the weekend.

Terribly sorry, but it’s still rumbling around in me and will continue to for a while, I believe.

The New Way Live really was transformational. I’ve heard such descriptions as: cell-shaking, DNA-awakening, heart-opening.

It was.

It was all of those things.

Epically curated by the phenominal Peta Kellyall 400+ of us left the venue moved, changed, different. Cracked entirely open to a level of depth that at this point in time, is beyond vocabulary.

Never before have I left an event thinking: I must implement every single fucking tweetable that made its way into my journal.

I’m still spending hours a day writing long-winded and specific answers to the Big Questions that Peta offered us. As I continue to, I feel layers falling off, I feel truth being revealed, I feel enlived by the process, I feel torn down and vulnerable at what must change in my life.

All of the feelings!!!

But before I bang on too much, I want to dive in to the point of this blog post.

In Peta’s Conscious Business Accelerator – a model that she’s titled The Hexagon (which you can buy here, by the way) – she took us deep into conscious money and entrepreneurship.

And as part of that deep dive, she asked us to re-write our money story; to create a script which pulls us into new levels of attraction and belief, and, most poignantly, a new relationship with money. A friendship. A love. A respect.

What I’d love to do with you now, is share mine (whilst leaving gaps for you to personalise it).

I spent hours on it, and it’s certainly incomplete (it will continue to evolve), but you’re welcome to borrow it, edit it, print it out. The point here, is to invite you into this elegant and expansive way of thinking about and speaking to money.

When I shared this with my doTERRA team, there were tears. Actual tears. Of relief, of recognition, of growing.

I hope this reaches into your heart and takes you on a journey of possibility, too.


Today as I wake, I am reminded of the absolute abundance that surrounds me in every moment, and that everything – utterly everything – is an energy, a vibration, and that I can either align with all that I desire, or I can pretend that I don’t know how to do that.

Right here, right now, I choose to plug into Infinity and all the resources she is so divinely willing to provide me with. I choose to participate with this vibrational world of abundance, rather than resist it.

I love money and money loves me. Money may not be able to speak but she is listening to everything I say about her in every moment. I’m a magnet for her because I respect her, appreciate her and circulate her in the best interest of the entire planet. Money knows she’s safe with me. Money knows that when she comes to me she’s funnelled into serving the spirit of my businesses, which provides value for thousands of people, that she’s generously gifted to others and their causes – either out of necessity of ‘just because’ – that she allows me to have experiences and go places which change my world and my perspective, and thus allows me to offer an even higher vibration to the planet and its people.

I allow money to reach me with ease, gratitude and relief. Money is truly relieved when she lands in my hands because she knows how often people are bitching about her, blaming her, resisting her, pretending they don’t want, need and love her when in actual fact, they do. Of course they do. Money knows that I want, need and love her, and that my palms are open, and that I am grateful, and that I do not take her for fucking granted anymore.

With tears in my eyes, I receive, I receive, I receive. I am trusted. I am a fantastic custodian of money and I refuse to betray her with my ignorance and sleepy conscience. She supercharges my dreams, breathes life into my purpose, enables me to live a beautiful, healthy and inspiring life, and makes it possible for me honour the spirit of my businesses unlike anything else in this world.

It is nearing the end of 2016 and my heart is open and light as I finally remember how deserving and worthy I am to be entrusted with this. I am not the money that flows to me. I am what happens as the money flows out. We have just had our most financially abundant month ever and this income is being circulated with integrity – ***INSERT YOUR INTENTION/ GOAL HERE.***

As 2017 rolls around, my beliefs around money shift again, the ceiling shatters, and my vibration lifts to attract more of her and her opportunities, as well as other divine custodians into my energy field. 2017 is the year that we manifest a contract I made with money a very long time ago. This is the year she equips me with the divine responsibility of attracting ***INSERT YOUR AMOUNT HERE*** annually. Universe, thank you for helping me co-create ***INSERT YOUR INTENTION / GOAL HERE.***

I can feel how excited and joyful money is about 2017… she is so excited to reach me, because she knows she will be distributed beautifully. She is bouncing around, clapping her hands, screaming: ‘FINALLY!’ and ‘See you soon, Tara!’ and ‘I can’t wait to create all of this magic with you!’ and ‘We’re going to have the most amazing time!’

When I talk to her about all the people we are going to help, mobilise and awaken, she is quick to remind me ‘Tara, don’t forget about all the fun we will have, and the places we will go… Money is here to serve you, too.’ And I smile at her for reminding me of that. As I read this I can feel Money smiling back at me too… she is just so relieved and grateful that someone really gets her, and treats her like the entity that she is. Not simply a number, or a coin, or a note to be crinkled in a pocket, but an energy; a vibration not dissimilar to love. Her centre is as warm as the morning sun and as sweet as honey as she feels this love beaming to her from me. Money, my partner, my friend, my ally. We are united, as one, at last.

Money is at the service of the spirit of my businesses. Money is a gift from Source that is happily multiplied when invested for the greater good. The Universe in all her glory is the greatest bank on Earth. When I glance at my bank balance I am covered from tip to toe in goosebumps. I could squeal with excitement and rapture. Just look at this miracle! Look at what we are able to co-create when we commit to our alignment! Look at all the change that this money represents!

I do not simply spend that money that I attract… I circulate and invest it in the good of all.

Dear Bank of the Universe,

Thank you for providing me with all the resources, opportunities and financial abundance I need to create the most appropriate impact on the lives of myself, my family and those that I serve. Thank you for knowing that you are safe with me.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity for world class mentoring by the one and only ***INSERT DREAM MENTOR HERE***. I have always wanted to work with her, and now, because of you, I can. What she teaches me directly impacts my tribe, and I feel honoured and deeply humbled to be held in the hands of the best there is.

Thank you for making it possible for me to continually invest in my growth. Programs, events, books, masterminds.

Thank you for flowing freely to us through the spirit of  ***INSERT YOUR BUSINESS / PROJECT / ART / EXPRESSION HERE*** – so that we may make whatever decisions are in the highest good of her, her staff and her customers.

Thank you for entering my energy field so that I may continue to invest into Team Bliss… travelling and teaching and passing on the same lessons that you have been teaching me. My wealth grows to the extend in which I grow myself, and because of you, I’m able to encourage so many others to step fully into their own growth path and re-write the Money Story for their whole family.

Thank you for allowing me to step away from the things that don’t feel in alignment with me, and thus, dilute my impact and message. You allow me to hire, delegate, shuffle, reassess and reprioritise constantly.

Thank you for the opportunity to live a life of wild adventure, play and memory-making. The travel that you bestow upon me, the beautiful dinners, the spontaneous road trips, the outrageous ways I’m now able to give to those I love… I am forever grateful.

Thank you for circulating so perfectly in and out of me, in a way that is just as it should be.

As I sit here, and I humbly ask for MORE, I can feel your trust in my request, and I know, with every cell in my body, that it is becoming.

All my love,

Tara xo

May your relationship with money change forever, today, right now.

May you love and honour her so very deeply, and become the type of person that she can’t resist (so that you can make the world a better place).

May you embody this, and teach others to walk this path with you. Imagine the fun of this empowerment. (Makes my heart skip a beat)

I reckon Peta must be floating on Cloud 9, knowing she’s ignited so many of us to change our blueprints and stories around this almighty entity.

Go ahead and share this post with your mates if it feels good. Otherwise, I’ll catch you this afternoon on Facebook Live?


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10 Responses to My Money Story (It’s Awesome, You May Want To Borrow It)

  1. Elyse December 9, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

    This is one of the most beautiful money stories I have ever heard. Goosebumps! Thank you for sharing Tara, I know a lot of people will benefit immensely from reading this and I will be passing your post on. 🙂

  2. Jodie Matthews December 9, 2016 at 2:27 pm #

    Yes this is freaking awesome!!! I am sitting here a week after the New Way Live still trying to integrate, feel, decide what my soul truly wants. I am thinking about all the bullshit hang ups I still have around money even though I have done so much work in this area. Today I move forward knowing money loves me and the abundance I have created in my life is not just by chance. Money trusts me and I know I can continue to share her and put her in the right places to empower others. I am going to continue to write my money story today so I can keep reminding myself of our partnership!!! xxxxx p.s. Tara it was so nice to see you at the NWL keep rocking it!!!

  3. Sarah Miller December 12, 2016 at 2:44 pm #

    Thank you.

    I’ve been placing so much energy toward changing my money story, and this is the missing piece I’ve been in search of.

    <3 eternal gratitude.


  4. Bianca December 13, 2016 at 2:14 pm #

    This is beyond PHENOMENAL – immense gratitude to you beautiful soul for sharing with us.. you are magical ✨

  5. Caitlyn December 13, 2016 at 9:48 pm #

    Goosebumps. Thank you Tara. Loved reading every word. So freaking excited to write my story and letter xo

  6. Anna Johnson-Hill December 14, 2016 at 10:36 am #

    It’s such an amazing idea to have a positive money story. I totally agree that it takes reframing your thoughts around money to allow abundance to flow to you.

    I catch myself saying things like, ‘You have to work hard for money’, ‘money doesn’t come easy’ and ‘that’s a waste of money’ – all of these things bring a negative energy to money that I am trying to shift.

    One of my biggest money mentors has been Denise Duffield-Thomas who is a self-made millionaire and teaches women how to create abundance and make more money by surrounding money with more positive thoughts. There’s a step-by-step process that makes complete sense to me. Plus, she’s currently running a free money mindset reset that I know the tribe would be interested in:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful money story, Tara!

  7. Renee December 18, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing Tara it has really helped me start writing my own. Thank you xx

  8. Franziska Altmann January 15, 2017 at 12:34 am #

    Hi Tara! Thank you so so much for sharing your money story! I rewrote it for me and keep going over it! You’re a big inspiration for me since several years 🙂
    With love, Franziska x

  9. Lina April 27, 2017 at 6:47 pm #

    Through all those years I followed you, you always keep surprising me with awesome content!!! Thanks so much for this!

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