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Love Notes for a Little Book of Love


Today, Rach and I just want to say a quick Thank You! to those that have said thank you to us, for Spirited.

It really has been amazing to watch from the outskirts the impact that it’s been having on our cherished readers. It’s everything we hoped for, and more.

And probably the most amazing and beautiful part of this whole process, is recognising that the two of us feel very separate from the book. We talk to it and about it as though it’s a little girl, and every time we hear another glowing testimonial, it’s as though we both think, well done, Spirited honey, you’re doing such a good job in the world. Keep going.  Strange, but lovely.

I guess we feel as though the book helped create us over the last 8 or 9 months, rather than the other way round, and that’s why we believe in it so dearly.  She really does have her own energy; a life of her own.

Friendship was the driving force behind this book, so in the same of soulful communion and sisterhood, why don’t we all expand our tribes by connecting to and following these gorgeous girls below, who have so kindly offered their love-soaked praise to this book.  (Unlinked names are instagram accounts)


So much good-spirited, soul-seeking, earth-vibrating goodness out last week in eBook form. I’ve been following #inspacesbetween for some time, and with #Spirited I saw what happens when not one, but two soul-sparking soul sisters combine: the explosion of positive energy is blinding, the Universe ablaze with passion and creativity. To say the way they touch souls around the world is inspiring can’t even put their powerful energy into perspective. Absolutely love the energy coming from these ladies – @savannahwishhart


#Spirited has me in goosebumps, glued to every word. I’m feeling pulled to read it all at once. The ‘Soul Sesh’s’ get you scribbling down your thoughts and looking within I love LOVE the eBook and if you’re anything like me, you will too  – @christiefischer

I LOVE this eBook so much! The design, the words, the photos… everything about it is magical! Everyday I am grateful for the guidance these beautiful souls have given me@aneudae

So much beautiful inspiration from these lovely ladies @rachelmagahy and @tara_bliss in thier eBook #Spirited – @smalltalk_kids

Wow. Just wow… What was meant to be an afternoon of house chores ended up with me nose deep in this soulful little gem. If you’ve been hearing the Universe saying ‘Hey baby, listen up, I’ve got something for you…’ and you need some guidance, than this is it. This beautifully written and visually STUNNING book will help you own the fact that you really are worth it. Beautiful girls, just beautiful  – @sheisnourished


Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.00.32 AM

LINE I have not long finished reading and drawing in the wisdom and beauty that is ‘Spirited’. My first reaction… wow!

Spirited is not simply a book, but a journey; a world of possibilities and endless inspiration from you two beautiful souls. After each chapter, my heart warmed more and more. I feel inspired, passionate, hopeful, dream-fuelled, creative… and like I have the unlimited capability to transform this life I have been blessed with into something even more amazing.  Soul-tingling, beautiful, transformational.  I know this e-book is one I will return to again and again, and I will always come away with a fresh perspective and sense of determination. Thank YOU! – Life, Love and Positivity

Speechless. Mind-blowing. Magical. Goosebumps. Flawless. These are just some words that spring to mind when reading Spirited – Lorna Jane

The universe always hands u the perfect tools/books/friends/mentors and offerings at the perfect moment. #Spirited has just landed in my inbox and at first glance, holy shiz balls. You can feel the love, inspiration and beautiful humility these 2 inspiring babes have offered and shared. So excited to be a snuggling up and reading this before I sleep every night this week. Keep sharing your light, authenticity and hearts wellness sisters – Tula Living


Quote from their new book #Spirited – these girls have blown me away with what they have produced. This book is such a feel-good work of art@amy_alyce_

LINE#Spirited makes my heart sing. What a gorgeous, sincere and ultimately empowering read. These girls combine their personal learnings with a deep understanding and connection to what life is all about, while bringing it back to YOU; wonderful you who has the ability to create the life you want to live. A dreamers playground littered with practical tips to bust fears and let yourself radiate big! – @leahskyhigh


Facebook PostAgain, thank you so much. Your enthusiasm keeps the fire burning (yep, we’ve already got even bigger plans), and keeps our eye on the target.

If you haven’t already picked up your copy, you can right here.

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Huge love. x

4 Responses to Love Notes for a Little Book of Love

  1. Savannah September 17, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    Tara, I must really express my excitement in my words being included in your love notes! I have recently found your blog thanks to your collaboration with Rachel, and I absolutely love it! The eBook is absolutely amazing, and I will finally be purchasing it tonight; I can’t wait to read it! Big congratulations to the success of it. I hope you’ll be able to print it or create some more amazing projects! A million thanks for your wise words! x

    • Tara September 17, 2013 at 10:51 am #

      How amazing that the free chapter effected you in such a strong way! I’m sure the rest of the book will leave you floating! 🙂

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