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Such Different Eats

such different eats


I know alchemy when I see it. The flavors, the colors, the passion, the rich nutrition- it just flies off each and every page.    Carly Morgan


This is amazing! You guys have done an incredible job. I’m drooling!   Jess Ainscough


I ‘un-cook’ a lot (everyday) myself and so wasn’t sure whether it would be a lot of stuff I already knew, but Holy Smokes Batman, this is a mega ‘POW’ of awesomeness.  Alice Nicholls 

You want to nourish your body, but you want it to taste really.damn.good. at the same time.

You’re a foodie and a wellness passionista, but lately you’ve just felt bored in the kitchen. Uninspired. Like it’s all a bit of a yawnfest.

You see the same old recipes zipping around online. Nothing’s new, nothing’s making your tastebuds swoon, nothing’s setting your kitchen on fire with its straight-up, sensual deliciousness.

Babe, have we got you covered, or what?

I am over-the-friggen-moon excited to share with you…


Such Different Eats: Radical, REAL Food Recipes


Such Different Eats Cover

A delicately crafted foodies delight! Such Different Eats is full of whole food culinary magic that will leave your body and your taste buds asking for more. With an attention to the fine details, it’s obvious that Glen’s love of food and and what it can offer to your life shines through every recipe. Amanda Moore 

WOW! Anyone who is yet to be convinced that clean eating is by far yummier and more satisfying, will have no ground left to stand on once they get their hands on this book. The genuine problem for me is where to start with so many AMAZING recipes. Showing us not only how to create these recipes, but also how to present them with such style is a huge winner for me! Such a gift to us all – well done Glen and Tara. Amanda Daley

This is an eCookbook that will knock your culinary socks off.

Nourishing, healthful ingredients. Can’t-go-wrong recipes. Holy Smokes deliciousness in every mouthful. All created by a true pro, my clever-as-anything husband Glen.

As well as being a total hunk, Glen is a trained chef of 15+ years. (Yep ladies, I caught me a good one!) He’s also a newly-minted wellness aficionado, after doing a complete lifestyle 360 two years ago.

This book is a love-laden collision of those two passions – awesome food and full-blown nourishment – and the result is something that’s truly unique. The best of both worlds. Because you really can get high on the good stuff.

Glen’s pro experience, perfectionist tendencies and spooky knack for flavour balance have resulted in 35+ whole food recipes that’ll have you smitten in your kitchen. Think sweet potato & spelt gnocchi. Raw pad Thai. Fiendishly good raw desserts. And so much more.

And they’re all made with 100 percent wholefoods. So as well as tasting awesome, they’re crazy good for you.

These recipes aren’t fussy or tricky. No Masterchef skills or wacky ingredients are required. In fact, it’s a REVELATION how friggen delicious simple foods can be when they’re balanced right. This is the sort of food that’ll make you want to let loose in the kitchen. To have people over just as an excuse to whip up another dish. To get tactile, dip your fingers in and taste as you go.

Seriously, it’s that good.

As a foodie and nutritionist, I have quite a collection of recipe books and ebooks, but this one is certainly one for the kitchen bench that will be chocolate-finger-marked and loved for a long time to come. Fresh and vibrant, easy to follow, with a contents list that reads like a 5 star restaurant menu, this one’s in a league of its own. Christie Fischer

With my hand on my heart, and drool on my keyboard, Such Different Eats has instantly become my new go-to recipe resource. Thank you Glen and Tara, for proving that plant food ain’t just for the hippies! Yvette Luciano

Our story goes like this…

glen tara cake

When I first made the switch to a real-food diet, Glen wasn’t that interested. He looked at my green smoothies and spelt bread with slight bemusement. What were these odd-ball things his crazy wife was eating?

But then, of course, he started to notice the difference it was making in my life. Eating organic, chowing down on veggies and stepping headfirst into raw-ville were having a major impact on me.

I’m talking energy levels soaring, skin gettin’ its glow back, feeling bounce-outta-bed great every single day. He couldn’t help but notice. And he started to get intrigued himself.

Soon, he was full-on embracing the wholefoods that had become the staple of my diet. He guzzled green drinks with aplomb and began feeling a million times better, too.

And then… he started to put his soul into it. Getting full-on creative. He brought his whole self to the (kitchen) table – crazy-pants cooking skills, wellness mojo and all.

And this book is the result. It’s what happens when a pro chef gets madly passionate about health.

Nourishing wholefoods. Sublime taste. Bad-ass flavour combinations that are just so right. All with that perfect balance of ingredients that’s the tell-tale sign of a true pro.

Inside, you’ll find scrumptious goodies and nutritious nosh galore.

Such Different Eats Promo 1.8

Drooling at my computer screen, wondering which recipe to hit up in the kitchen first! What a talented husband you have there Tara, and such incredible mouthwatering dishes, Glen. I especially love the way you’ve combined raw with cooked foods – exactly how I like to eat. Well done on showcasing a healthy way to still have your cake and eat it too! Robyn Law

Thank the healthy food Gods for Such Different Eats ! Finally a recipe book that stretches past the mundane mix of green smoothies and chia puddings, opening up a whole array of options that this kitchen-challenged soul can easily create. As a super health conscious mother, I am always looking for food that I will allow past the lips of my two year old. These recipes obviously have a highly skilled chef behind them, and that is a rare thing in the whole food world. The whole package is beautiful. I’m actually really quite excited to work my way through each and every recipe. The ones I have tried so far have set a very high bench mark and I’m so grateful for both Glen and Tara for sharing their knowledge and bringing taste and diversity back into my kitchen. I can’t recommend this eBook enough. Jasmine Matthews

Glen has created 35+ recipes – dips, salads, mains, sauces, snacks, desserts, and so much more. They’re plant based, whole, and they all pack a serious nutritional punch. They’re the sort of recipes that are destined to become family favourites. The stalwart staples that you whip up time and time again to impress your friends. The go-to’s that satisfy even the toughest critics and the pickiest eaters.

Such Different Eats is about looking at food in a whole new way.

It’s about getting excited in the kitchen again. Feeding our bodies with Mama Nature’s goodness whilst thrilling the pants off our taste buds. Trying something new and innovative that’s straight-up, hands-down delicious.

Your investment

Such Different Eats is yours for only $19, delivered direct to your inbox, lickety-split.

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So rich and diverse in flavour and texture.  This is not a standard ‘simple + plain’ recipe book.  This is for someone who really appreciates food for it’s flavour and beauty and all the pleasure that it brings. These recipes are a work of art.  Susana Frioni

Glen’s recipes show you how to bring food to your table in a way that will not only fills up your body and soul, but is sure to impress the pants off any dinner guests!  You can feel the love that both Tara and Glen have, poured into the pages.  This isn’t just an every day cookbook, it’s something truly special.  Amelia Williams

Full disclosure: These recipes may cause swooning.

In fact, they may seduce you. (Umm, Glen totally seduced me with his kitchen creations. Seriously ladies, I never had a chance!)

I’m proud as pomegranate punch of my man. His food is amazing, his words will draw you in, and his photos are simply stunning. I am over.the.moon to share this labour of love with you. I know you’re gonna fall head first for these babies.

Such Different Eats Promo 1.2

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Good god. Mind: BLOWN. I’m also starving… I want to make every single bit right now. Rach MacDonald


Are the recipes vegan? Raw? Organic?

Glen and I aren’t purists. We’re devoted to wholefoods – organic, where possible – and mainly eat a plant based diet. These recipes are all aligned with that Mama-Nature-knows-best philosophy, and would fit beautifully into any plant-based eating plan.

We’ve refrained from attaching labels to the recipes, as Glen has been adamant from the beginning that he just wants to make brilliant food that the whole tribe will love. He offers different options throughout the book so that you can tailor the recipes to your individual needs.

But just as an aside, we have used honey in some of the recipes, as well a few eggs, which are completely optional.

Glen’s a chef… Do I need crazy skills to follow these recipes?

Nuh-uh. The beauty of Glen’s work is that he takes the fancy-pants technical stuff (like why cacao butter is a better choice than coconut oil for certain raw desserts), gets the balance and flavour spot-on perfecto, and then creates a recipe that’s easy for us weekend warriors to prepare. And devour.

Are these recipes suitable for kids?

You betcha – both for cooking and eating. Most of these recipes can absolutely be made with the assistance of your resident young apprentices (always under the supervision of a grown up, of course). And all of these dishes will be gobbled down by little people with much gusto (seriously, make sure you save some for yourself first!).

Is the book available in hard copy?

Not for now. At the moment, it’s just in ebook form. Which means that as soon as you order it, a copy will be winging its way to your inbox, tout suite.


Such Different Eats Cover iPad

Glen and I are so excited for you to dive headfirst, heart thumping, into this new kitchen adventure.

Grab your copy now and dig in.

All our love,

glen tara kitchen


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