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best hangover cure

I Have the World’s Best Hangover Cure. Let It Be Known.

Well, I certainly didn’t expect that this would be a topic that would reduce me to tears while recording, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. Who’d have thought that starting a discussion on the best hangover cure ever came loaded with so much emotion. The truth is, this whole Detaching Ourselves From Our Party Girl Behaviour […]

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Lacking Abundance Mindset

Lacking an Abundance Mindset? Here’s How to Deal

Hands up if you’ve ever felt the crippling presence of the ‘I Don’t Have Enough’s.’ Yeah, me too. We’re all blessed to have endless access to online resources that aim to teach us about scarcity consciousness, and about the importance of welcoming in an abundance mindset, but much of our beliefs – our relationships to […]

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The Answer to Your Prayers

This is me as a brunette mountain bunny, in Banff, Canada. Circa March 2012 I felt really compelled to make this video for you. It’s important. I think I can safely speak for us all is declaring that we all want to live glorious, intuitive lives; with spiritual sight that allows us to determine Right Paths […]

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Photo on 18-11-13 at 12.58 PM

I Am a Narcissist. I Am Selfish. I Am Unlovable: My Beautiful, Shadowy Truths.

(Ahem. Nothing to worry about folks. I’m okay! 🙂 ) Months ago, I wrote this about my experiences in calling myself out on the judgements I make towards others (you can read it here), and while I’ve been committed to viewing all interactions in my life as inner teachers, I hadn’t connected the dots of my contemplations as […]

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I Can’t Be Anything Other Than What I Am. Neither Can You.

We all have a story that is so sacredly our own. Stories of struggle (to varying degrees, of course), and stories of great accomplishment, outright rapture, and intensity. We also have great stories of contradiction that we may wrestle with on a day to day basis. The busy mum who still takes those precious moments to […]

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