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spiritual home

Home: Have You Found It?

Happy New Year, you wonderful specimen, and welcome back. I’ve tagged this month as Reinvention Month in this space. Because, why not? ‘Don’t leave until you’ve made peace there.’ That’s what I suggest to my clients when they’re fed up with their job, their home, (more…)

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Bungee Jumping, Blowwaves & Setting Shots On Fire.

There are trends that are in you, you know? There are themes your soul projects. Yes, there are patterns within you that are somewhat limiting you (don’t worry, those can be dissolved), but there’s also such innate and authentic conditioning deep within, and it’s here to serve you; to guide you with ease and strength […]

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let's just see what happens

Let’s Just See What Happens

When was it?The last time you made a promise that this time, you’ll stick to your routine. Or that this time, you’ll never waver. Or that this time, you’ve (finally) got it all figured out?Are we gluttons for punishment, or something? Surely we know by now that overly grandiose structures and predictions leave us scratching our heads and dusting off the […]

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Oh G’day Ego! You Cheeky Little Devil, You!

I sincerely don’t want you to feel helpless and exasperated while you’re treading down the path into Self.For a journey that opens our hearts to compassion and kindness, simplicity and patience, unwavering and fierce love, we somehow manage to do an almighty fine job of showering ourselves in harshness and complication. And – the greatest tragedy […]

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Photographer - Hannah Millerick

How To Be More Peaceful and Patient

Let it go, love. That conversation that’s still pulling U-turns in your brain. That spike of disgust, envy, discontent that you felt… eons ago. That choice you made, despite knowing you were betraying yourself in the process. It’s done now. Done, and absolutely dusted. Poof! Goneskies. And it’s time you came to really, really understand the power of […]

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{large} how to let go of unhappy friends

How to Let Go of Unhappy Friends

The dark side of divine progress, of evolution, of the awakening of the real you? Growing pains. Pangs of separation. I’ve written and vlogged about this before, and suggested a few ways in which we can all quit judging others on our quest for the Ultimate Ultimate. I believe it all (always) needs to boil down into a thick […]

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where yo sisters at

Where Your Soul Sisters At? Connect with Your Tribe, Girl!

Community. Soul Sisters. Ceremony. Sacred communion. Booming laughter fit to fall down from the heavens. I simply cannot get enough of it. Where has this been all my life? This love, these opportunities, these memories that are precious to make. Perhaps it has all been here this entire time, and instead of landing in my open at the ready heart, they’ve […]

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Lacking Life Balance? Quit Struggling with the Juggle. Watch This.

Ah, this old chestnut. Life balance. ‘I feel overwhelmed.’ ‘I feel scattered.’ ‘I feel like I’m being stretched too thin.’ ‘I can’t keep up.’ Today’s video is in response to a beautiful Such Different Reader, Lauren, who’s struggling with feeling scattered in her attempts to keep her life balanced. Ring a bell? (Wink!) I have […]

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become more intuitive

Become More Intuitive With These Two Simple Steps

Have you ever felt a sacred yearning to ‘become more intuitive’? I know in my own life, I’ve certainly sifted through stages where I’ve longed for a deeper sense of connection with something – soul, spirit, fairies from the Secret Garden. Whatever. As I’ve personally discovered though, intuition isn’t an elusive enterprise. It’s not saved for […]

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