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NOURISH: Raw Pad Thai

Here’s another insider scoop on a recipe inside Such Different Eats: Radical, REAL Food Recipes. A little heads up about this recipe. Throw whatever you like into your Pad Thai. We’ve tried to keep it somewhat traditional, but please, don’t stress if you’re missing an ingredient or two, or if you feel compelled to add […]

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Give 2013 a Colour!

Hey beautiful. This video is LONG overdue. I’ve been meaning to blog about colour therapy for well over six months (not even kidding!), but as is often the case, the muse arrived at a pretty glorious, relevant time, and what better time (more…)

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Thank You

So… ugh… I had a mini-melt down yesterday morning. And this is how you responded. Have I told you recently that I love you? Because I really, really do. (PS: You can find me on Facebook here, and instagram (@tara_bliss))

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Sucker For Silence?

Sucker For Silence?

Hola! Today’s BLISS List is the revealing of what Susana Frioni and I have been brewing for the last couple of weeks. So here’s the deal. You’re a go getting, busy-to-the-brim woman. Life’s hectic; chaotic, fast-paced. Now imagine: – Sacred space for you to (more…)

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The BLISS List

This post needs a sub-title: What I Learnt From Quitting My Job & Hitting the Road. What a month! What a tumultuous, on-the-edge, rebellious, swaying-between-lots-o’-creativity-and-none-at all, sometimes difficult, often frustrating, but ultimately totally freeing month I have had! For over three years (more…)

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