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Enter Into the Space that Bothers You

Where is the tension in your life, right now? Where is the impatience and the turmoil? Where are your feathers ruffling? Go there. Where are you waiting, waiting for the strain to lift? For the fairness to return? For things to become right and light, once more? Do not wait, go there. Where are you […]

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Clear Crystal Quartz: Why You Need It In Your Life

Clear Crystal Quartz. She’s a beauty. Purity incarnate. Transparent magic. And if you’re a sucker for the odd crystal, she’s absolutely one you’ll be wanting to add to your collection. In this video, I share with you: The ‘personality’ of crystal quartz How to use her Situations that are perfect for using her, and Situations […]

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Self Centred: Vipassana!

I returned home from 10 days of silence yesterday. From Vipassana. And after moving gently around this apartment for a little while, still adjusting to the sound of the traffic outside, I switched on my computer and read this epic post (more…)

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A Heads Up for Up-and-Coming Coaches

Health coach. Life coach. Creativity coach. Something-relative-to-your-own-unique-gifts coach. If you’re looking to burst into the coaching scene with your fledging lil’ biz, this post is for you… First off, let’s get one thing straight. As someone’s who been doing this coaching thing (more…)

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NOURISH: Raw Snickers Tart

Well, this certainly doesn’t need an introduction. You want it in your belly (!), so let’s get straight into it. NOTE: This is an UPDATED recipe. Base 3/4 C almond meal 6 medjool dates 1 TBSPN coconut oil 2 TBSPN cacao 1 TBSPN water   Pulse all ingredients in a food processor.  The mix should […]

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