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A Life Devoted to Love with Melissa Ambrosini

It’s New Year’s Eve. I don’t know what your end of year / new year rituals look like, but this year, mine are looking a little something like this. After a few hours of work today, I will pause my inbox, sign out of Facebook and play some beautiful mantra in the background. I’ll sit […]

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Want to Express Purpose? Start a Blog. Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted is Here.

I’m pumped. A true light in my life – gorgeous Rach from In Spaces Between –has re-launched her stunning, wildly popular, reality-altering eCourse, Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted back out into the world. And I’m jumping on board to support her (loud and proud) in (more…)

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A Chakra Collaboration with Violet Gray

Welcome back to Chakra Week! Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ve become a proud ambassador for my favourite jewellery range, Violet Gray. Pioneering this range, is my beautiful friend (who’s also a Such Different Vixen and a downright goddess), Alex Olsen. Since Violet Gray shimmied into my life, I have enthusiasically asked Alex: What can […]

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where yo sisters at

Where Your Soul Sisters At? Connect with Your Tribe, Girl!

Community. Soul Sisters. Ceremony. Sacred communion. Booming laughter fit to fall down from the heavens. I simply cannot get enough of it. Where has this been all my life? This love, these opportunities, these memories that are precious to make. Perhaps it has all been here this entire time, and instead of landing in my open at the ready heart, they’ve […]

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Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.48.20 pm

Green With Envy? How to Emerge Out Of It with Elegance & Ease

 I’m skipping a lengthy intro today, because, to be honest, this info graphic manages to sum up everything I want to say in… oh… 11 words! So instead, I’m going to lovingly usher you in the direction of this here video. If you’ve been pricked by the sting of unexpected  jealousy… (Bleurgh! A word I […]

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brieann beach

Such Different Vixens: Brie-ann Boal

Hold onto your hats. The whimsy, contemplation and sheer inner beauty of this incredible creature is about to blow you away. Brie-ann Boal is luminous – there’s really no better word I can muster to describe her. With a big smile, and a joyful giggle, and a mind that mesmerises (just wait until you read her […]

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Party Girls: How to Have a Peaceful Holiday

Three years ago. New Zealand. Lager. One happy girl. My friends, it’s time. Christmas parties. Free-flowing fine wine. The clinking of glasses to the chorus of Cheers!. Indulgence. Excess. The odd chaser of regret. It’s a time of year that promises an abundance of fun and memory making, but it’s enough to make any Peace Seeker more […]

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