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the busy trap

The Busy Trap is Seductive, But Dangerous. Pull Back.

You know that busyness doesn’t necessarily equal success, right? Then why are you still beating yourself up about how much you’re not achieving, not accomplishing, not placing a big, fat TICK! next to? I’ve got an inkling as to why. Firstly, and from the outside looking in, I’d say you’re probably dealing with some comparison […]

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tara balance sunrise

Yoga and Running: For Those Who Think They Can’t

This post has been brewing inside me for weeks. She’s ready now. I’m not penning these words for the spritely go-getter who jumps out of bed each morning, laces up her runners and hits the track. Nor am I writing this for the devoted yogini who effortlessly finds ease, presence and profound flexibility on her mat. […]

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how to stay happy

I Pranged My Car & Laughed About It. How to Stay Happy.

I’m driving along in my little green car, listening to The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer, in my headphones. For third or fourth time. It’s a delicious book – one of my favourites – one that I’m forever ‘prescribing’ to to my clients. All inspiration, zero spiritual jargon. Anyway, I’m feeling rather jazzed up at […]

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Photo on 18-11-13 at 12.58 PM

I Am a Narcissist. I Am Selfish. I Am Unlovable: My Beautiful, Shadowy Truths.

(Ahem. Nothing to worry about folks. I’m okay! 🙂 ) Months ago, I wrote this about my experiences in calling myself out on the judgements I make towards others (you can read it here), and while I’ve been committed to viewing all interactions in my life as inner teachers, I hadn’t connected the dots of my contemplations as […]

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