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what I dont

What I Don’t Believe. What I Don’t Want.

Once in a while, we feel a shift coming on. We’re unsure of what content that shift contains, but hey, that’s why words like ‘uncertainty’ and ‘variety’ and ‘spontaneity’ exist. Nonetheless, we sense an underground gurgle of…. something rising up, or out. Or perhaps it’s (more…)

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Image by photographer, Amanda Gilligan

Lucky Dip: Whispers From My Journal

It’s weird. I feel uncomfortable. I feel full of doubt about this.You will find another way, T. You always do. You adapt, you devote, you know how to find your feet.Will I experience that degree of spirituality and synchronicity as I did then? Do not attach to the symbol. When you cling, you cannot create. You […]

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spiritual holiday 3

How To Have a Spiritual Holiday (Without Ashrams & Mala Beads)

I rubbed up against some conflicting moments as I was packing my bags for Japan. Leaving behind your life, while exhilarating and totally thrilling and most often well deserved, can also bring up unexpected insecurities. For me, this shows up as a fear that my life will wobble away from the sense of balance I’ve […]

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Reflecting on a Life-Changing Month in Bali…

28 days. A world class mentor. 13 women on a mission. 13 first drafts completed. Forever Friendships. I’m back from Bali, and I want to tell you all about it, because I have a feeling that there’s something within you that wants to get away, pitch a proverbial tent, and immerse yourself in something. Whether it’s a creative […]

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I Can’t Be Anything Other Than What I Am. Neither Can You.

We all have a story that is so sacredly our own. Stories of struggle (to varying degrees, of course), and stories of great accomplishment, outright rapture, and intensity. We also have great stories of contradiction that we may wrestle with on a day to day basis. The busy mum who still takes those precious moments to […]

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Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick

What I Learnt (About Myself) at ProBlogger 2013

This isn’t a typical ProBlogger wrap up. It’s an adventure into my mind (as per usual). Clare Bowditch asked us:  What did you want to be when you grew up, as a child? At first I kinda resisted. We hear these same old personal growth triggering questions time after time. Nonetheless, ah, what the hell.  […]

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