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Lacking Life Balance? Quit Struggling with the Juggle. Watch This.

Ah, this old chestnut. Life balance. ‘I feel overwhelmed.’ ‘I feel scattered.’ ‘I feel like I’m being stretched too thin.’ ‘I can’t keep up.’ Today’s video is in response to a beautiful Such Different Reader, Lauren, who’s struggling with feeling scattered in her attempts to keep her life balanced. Ring a bell? (Wink!) I have […]

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judging others

Love Yourself More By Doing This: Quit Judging Others (PLUS: Freebies!)

This video is response to the butt load of questions I’ve received in my inbox over the last few months. Basically, I want to crack open a conversation about tumultuous relationships in our lives. About cause and effect. And, let’s be honest, about how to pull yourself out of that funky, mind-created space of: I’ve […]

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Beginners Are Beautiful

They really are. They’re wide eyed and high on the hope of all that’s possible. I was reminded of this while in Bali, where, despite being in the company of a dozen brilliant, powerful writers, I was one of the few who were bloggers. Their enthusiasm for jumping into the online world made me smile. I […]

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Reflecting on a Life-Changing Month in Bali…

28 days. A world class mentor. 13 women on a mission. 13 first drafts completed. Forever Friendships. I’m back from Bali, and I want to tell you all about it, because I have a feeling that there’s something within you that wants to get away, pitch a proverbial tent, and immerse yourself in something. Whether it’s a creative […]

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Hello From Bali!

Hi friends! I’ve made a quick video for you! I’m already half way through the Daily Love Writers Mastermind, and with about nine writing days to go, it’s heads down and bum up over here and we all make the final push to complete our first drafts. This has been one of the most beautiful […]

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