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mexican feast tortillas

Did Someone Say Homemade Tacos? Yeah They Did!

I’ve thought about writing a real in-depth introduction to preface this recipe. Long, poetic prose on how wonderful it has been to reintroduce respectfully, slow-cooked meats into my diet. Pretty sentences on the art of slow cooking not only meat, but meals… how it’s good for your gut, your soul, good for the conversation around […]

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sunlight soup

Sunshine Soup

I’ve just finished a three day winter Sol Juice Cleanse (which was amazing). What sets it apart is that it caters to this cooling weather, with the inclusion of two meals of lentil per day, to be warmed on the stove top. However, knowing where I’m at in my life right now, I knew I’d […]

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dahl 1

Glen’s Unreal Golden Dahl Recipe

Do you guys like One Pot Wonders – the types of meals that you can throw together in one pot, garnish with a few odds and ends,  and keep coming back to again and again? Yeah, me too.  The type of food that’s vibrant, exciting, festive, communal and a real Get Your Hands And Chins […]

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sweet potato gnocchi

Spelt Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Spring Greens {Sneak Peek of Such Different Eats}

I’m dropping in here today with another sneak peak recipe from mine and Glen’s freshly released eCookbook – Such Different Eats. Here’s a known truth around these parts: if Glen’s charm and warm heart wasn’t enough to make me fall in love with him, then this meal certainly was. I remember the first time he cooked […]

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NOURISH: Raw Snickers Tart

Well, this certainly doesn’t need an introduction. You want it in your belly (!), so let’s get straight into it. NOTE: This is an UPDATED recipe. Base 3/4 C almond meal 6 medjool dates 1 TBSPN coconut oil 2 TBSPN cacao 1 TBSPN water   Pulse all ingredients in a food processor.  The mix should […]

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NOURISH: Raw Pad Thai

Here’s another insider scoop on a recipe inside Such Different Eats: Radical, REAL Food Recipes. A little heads up about this recipe. Throw whatever you like into your Pad Thai. We’ve tried to keep it somewhat traditional, but please, don’t stress if you’re missing an ingredient or two, or if you feel compelled to add […]

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Sesame Crunched Tofu Miso Soup

How are all your fabulous yogic bodies feeling after a little inspiration from yesterday’s post? I’m back today with a recipe that I’m sure you’ll love, regardless of whether you solely eat a plant based diet or not. I’m on a mission to blog more regularly; it turns out that I’ve fallen in love with […]

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