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I'll show you how to do it with grace.

Tara BlissHey, I’m Tara Bliss (yep, that IS my real name!).

I’m a little obsessed with skateboards, headstands, over-sized, off-the-shoulder shirts, and my pup, Layla.

And I’m very (very) good at:

Interpreting your language;
Calling out your fears;
Supporting you in those super vulnerable times; and
Taking a no BS, practical, anchored approach to spirituality.

Eff ups?

You betcha. I’ve done them all. I’ve scampered back away from life with my tail between my legs more times than I’d care to admit. But you know what? I learnt a lot.

You – like me – can change everything.

I’ve never believed that ‘healing’ means there’s something inherently wrong with us; that we’re perpetually flawed. Rather, I believe that to heal is to consciously grow. To up the ante, and play bigger. And I reckon we can all make room in our lives for a little more of that.

My earth-shaking realisation?

You call into your life more of what you already ARE. (Not more of what you really badly desperately clutching-ly want.) That ruffled my feathers in the most rousing of ways.

I could no longer hide behind my excuses and justifications as to why HE left me, why THAT job wasn’t right for me, why the cash NEVER lasted long. Self-responsibility is a beautiful, albeit uncomfortable at times, thing, and honouring and valuing myself has altered the way I approach life and participate in it.

It’s been an unbelievable 6 year experiment (and counting).


tarablissI also realised I’m an immersive creature.

I meditated in silence for 10 days.

I wrote the first draft of my book in 23 days.

I once took a week off from life so I could drink green smoothies, take vitamin C supplements, and watch Michael Jackson YouTube videos with my besties.

When I’m all in, I’m all in.


Through my work with doTERRA, I lead and inspire thousands of women to revolutionise their physical, emotional and financial health with essential oils, all whilst helping them awaken to the powerful leader that resides within. It is deeply fulfilling work.

I’m the best selling author of High: A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace — a half memoir, half contemplative how-to guide for the woman who may be seeking light and love in all the wrong places.

I speak on stage, I spread the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, I use whatever vehicle necessary to sprinkle a little perspective on the hungry souls (you!) who are aching for MORE.


yogaAll of these combine to create a buzzing purpose that I feel blessed to call ‘work.’

I am here, in this space, so that you can begin to make sense of what’s unfolding for you.

My mission is to help women harness their innate creativity, lean into themselves a little more, and peel back the believable but ultimately delusional layers that have been stacked on thanks to societal conditioning.

It’s a process. But it’s worth it.

HOW I GOT HERE: The condensed (but revealing) version.


2000 – High School

I’m one of those girls who’s slightly awkward, taller than all the boys, and unsure of herself. But it’s okay… I keep myself busy by giving everything I have to volleyball. One day, I’m going to play in the Olympics.

2006 – Age 20

I’m working two full-time jobs, training to be an elite athlete and blowing all my cash on booze and drugs. And despite my best efforts, I just can’t keep the guy.

2007 – Age 21

I’m starting to feel unshackled. My volleyball career walks out on me. I can blame my involvement with drugs on that one.

2009 – Age 22

I leave Brisbane for Sydney and within weeks, I stumble into the same self-imposed trap.  Drugs, over-working, clutching for the guy, compulsive behaviour.

So, in typical escapist fashion I run away again, and this time I head for the snow capped mountains. And somehow… I make it out alive.

Everything I own fits in my car. I’m broke. A little chubby (a booze and drug bloat will do that to you), but I’m happier. Snowboarding lights up my heart. So too does this man named Glen. We leave the mountains arm in arm.

2010 – Age 23

Glen and I spend a winter in Japan. There’s been some rocky times – life’s a little different when it’s sober. We struggle to remain patient with each other without bottles of gin and five pills to hide behind.

But the mountains? Oh, the mountains! They’re mellowing me out. They’re speaking to my soul. They show me how beautiful life can be. Wait… Hang on a second, is that gratitude I can feel in my heart?!

2011 – Age 24

We’re living in Queenstown, New Zealand, and I’m bungee jumping for a living. When friends ask me out for drinks, I often say ‘no’ in favour of pottering in the veggie patch.

I propose to Glen. He says yes (in between a few tears).
Before marrying back in the Australian mountains, I dive head first into a Glowing Bride mission. Juicing. Smoothies. Raw foods. Infrared saunas. Meditation. I feel like I’m in Narnia. The weight falls away. My skin brightens. And…

I start to smile more.

We head to Canada, and everything changes. My lounge room carpet becomes my yoga mat. Time spent on chairlifts up to mountain peaks are spent in deep contemplation. I meditate with crystals on my chakras. I buy organic celery and bee pollen. I frantically type the words ‘Ayurveda’, ‘natural health’ and ‘meditation’ into the keyword search at the library. I stop taking drugs. Drunk people are annoying me.

2012 – Age 25

I celebrate my birthday with a juice fast. My work mates freeze a glass of pineapple juice, poke a candle into it, and sing me Happy Birthday.

I’m sitting on the beach at Puerto Escondido, Mexico, watching my husband smile as he walks my way after his morning surf. Wayne Dyer is waxing lyrical in my headphones about the power of intention; about what it means to live a sacred life. Ah, I think to myself. I get it now.

Alright, intuition, where are you?! Well, ask and it is given. In Mexico, for what felt like the first time in my life, my soul spoke up. “Go out there”, she said. “Help people. Lift them up.”

Since then… well, there’s been no looking back. I’ve:



But do you want to hear something ironic? This site is not even about me.

It’s about us. Embracing all of ourselves.

The uncomfortable parts. The yuckiness. The joy. The bigness. It’s about asking the BIG questions, always.

And squeezing as much juice out of this particular glorious life as possible

Are you with me?  Atta girl.

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