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Booty For Your Business Journey: Our 2017 BSchool Bonuses

On the lead up to this year’s B-School launch, this beauty, Rach MacDonald and I facilitated a 5-day challenge in which we guided our tribe to Rewrite Their Success Story. 

Success doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Have you noticed that?

There’s no doubt about it, success, happiness, abundance, peace… it’s all an inside job.

The quality of your thoughts, the conviction of your beliefs, the awareness you bring to managing your energy, the mindset that you tend to day after day determines how the entire journey feels to you.

From his place, we can truly sense that success isn’t something that just happens to us.

First, we define it for ourselves.

Then we cultivate it through wide-awake decisions that support that definition.

And I know there will be eyeballs reading this that belong to young women whose Success Story includes bringing into form – or expanding an already existing – business. Women like you?

We hear you.

Business, as Hiro Boga exquisitely touts, is a Soul path.

A highway for endless creativity.

An excuse to meet phenomenal, like-minded people.

A reason to build and cast a vision and lead a tribe you adore.

An excuse to contribute beyond yourself in ways you’ve always longed to.

An opportunity to create both material (Level 1) and spiritual (Level 2 – the good stuff) freedom for yourself and those you love.

We’ve found that nothing can activate all of that beauty quite like modern-day, heart-centred entrepreneurship.

(And we know just the program to get you started!)

Rach and I are B-School alumni from the 2012 class and it was truly was the program that paved the way for us to shift from bloggers, to business owners.

We felt the pull. We said yes. And here we are, 5 years on, so glad that we did.

If you feel that pull too… to make things, to lead teams, to gather tribes, to innovate, to express yourself, to have the tools to navigate your way in business in the Information Age… and to generate money whilst doing so…

1. Watch the recording below. Rach and I share 10 ways we created thriving, profitable, game-changing businesses over the last 5 years. 

2. Consider joining the 2017 class of BSchool. We’ve compiled bonuses that marry beautifully with the program. Read more about our partnership with BSchool here.

We loved BSchool (and continue to revisit the content year after year). We resonate with Marie’s heartfelt, grounded, savvy and feminine approach to business and truly believe that this is the ‘best place’ for budding boss ladies to begin.

For those ready to transform their ideas and passions into a business they love, walk this way. We can’t wait to support your journey.

Tara xo

2 Responses to Booty For Your Business Journey: Our 2017 BSchool Bonuses

  1. Tessie March 10, 2017 at 1:16 am #

    The forum is a brgethir place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  2. April 19, 2017 at 1:53 am #

    No offense, but don't you think you could be spending a little more time fixing the real bugs of the site, rather than spending it all updating the insight program, which is essentially useless? It's a fun little gadget, but not something anyone is too concerned about.

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