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My Money Story (It’s Awesome, You May Want To Borrow It)

My Instagram and Snapchat friends, you’re probably sick to death of hearing me wax lyrical about the weekend. Terribly sorry, but it’s still rumbling around in me and will continue to for a while, I believe. The New Way Live really was transformational. I’ve heard such descriptions as: cell-shaking, DNA-awakening, heart-opening. It was. It was […]

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Patient Impatience: Your Sweet Spot for Success

My friends, I have some thoughts for you today,and a call to action, also. First, a confession: I’m somewhat obsessive when it comes to exploring human states and the conditions, circumstances, thoughts and actions that help up to best thrive. I observe myself and the people around me constantly. What makes us tick. What turns us […]

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Enter Into the Space that Bothers You

Where is the tension in your life, right now? Where is the impatience and the turmoil? Where are your feathers ruffling? Go there. Where are you waiting, waiting for the strain to lift? For the fairness to return? For things to become right and light, once more? Do not wait, go there. Where are you […]

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Dear Internet, I Owe You An Apology…

…because in truth, I’ve been a bit of a dick. I’ve been blaming you, resisting you, judging you, but worst of all… I’ve been downplaying you, denying how critical you are for our evolution as humans. I’ve kept myself somewhat blind to your brilliance. But I can see clearly now, and yep, I’ve been behaving […]

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Quality Over Quantity: Are These Words Holding You Back?

I’ve been thinking about what ‘Quality Over Quantity’ means to me. As it turns out, the way I’ve been defining it has revealed itself as a beautiful little excuse not to show up, not to do the work, not to gather energy and move forward. The mantra of ‘Quality Over Quantity’ has, until now, reverberated […]

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Creative Lies

Blissies, I have been telling myself the biggest lie for almost two years now. The falsity that I cannot have success in my collaborative business and be creative at the same time. It was a thought form and a belief that felt crushing to me, and it was incredibly draining to my body. Each morning, […]

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My Meditating Husband

Glen has started meditating. When he announced his desire for a morning meditation routine, it was music to my ears. And as we sit there perched up in bed with Layla between us, sometimes I crack my eyes open to see him sitting so sweetly, focusing on his breath, his thumbs and index fingers in […]

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The Crazy My Creativity Is Putting On Me

I am feverishly learning at the moment, Blissies. You’ve probably heard me drop hints about this on Facebook and Snapchat. I am learning about my creativity and mySelf – and how they are inextricably linked; bound to each other; weaved by one another. I am re-teaching myself all that I can about marketing and how […]

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Wounds Of My Womb, Part V: The Emerging Light

Today, as I type, it’s September 3, 2016. I’m riding a train headed for the Brisbane International Airport. I’m USA bound. People have been asking me a lot lately ‘Are you excited about your big trip?!’ And I’m not quite sure how to answer, because, yes, I am excited to experience the rich Native American […]

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Laziness Momentum Gentle (1)

Some Thoughts On Laziness, Momentum & Being Gentle

Why is writing so much easier at a cafe? Can anyone answer that for me? The perfect environment, a little bit of bustle, laptop out, notebook handy. Even the sounds of traffic and other people’s conversations and the uncomfortable chairs don’t seem to buffer the flow. All the words… they just arrive for me. Maybe […]

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Wounds of My Womb, Part 2: Along Came Layla

It’s May 2015. The sun has set and there is nothing to do tonight but be with each other. Glen are I are moseying around the house, fluffing about, cooking, talking about stuff that lovebirds who are expecting a baby talk about. Love is in the air. The mood is buoyant. Our baby is coming. Before […]

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A Life Devoted to Love with Melissa Ambrosini

It’s New Year’s Eve. I don’t know what your end of year / new year rituals look like, but this year, mine are looking a little something like this. After a few hours of work today, I will pause my inbox, sign out of Facebook and play some beautiful mantra in the background. I’ll sit […]

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Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 5.41.51 pm

Alone Or All One?

A couple of observations. Obviously, blogging has become somewhat of a haphazard exercise for me of late. I’m totally okay with that, by the way, and hopefully you are, too. Years ago when I attended a Vipassana meditation retreat, the words ‘Nothing lasts forever, everything changes’ were drilled into me; five words that bring me a lot […]

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Something to Contemplate: Self-Consciousness VS Consciously Being the Self

I have found – recently, specifically – that connection, true, gracious, authentic connection, does not require confidence. It requires consciousness. I think many of us have it backwards. I’ve witness women withhold themselves from encounters because they don’t feel ready, or good enough, or open enough, or feminine enough, or as though they have enough in common. Enough […]

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