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Wounds Of My Womb, Part V: The Emerging Light

Today, as I type, it’s September 3, 2016. I’m riding a train headed for the Brisbane International Airport. I’m USA bound. People have been asking me a lot lately ‘Are you excited about your big trip?!’ And I’m not quite sure how to answer, (more…)

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Laziness Momentum Gentle (1)

Some Thoughts On Laziness, Momentum & Being Gentle

Why is writing so much easier at a cafe? Can anyone answer that for me? The perfect environment, a little bit of bustle, laptop out, notebook handy. Even the sounds of traffic and other people’s conversations and the uncomfortable chairs don’t seem to buffer (more…)

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Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 5.41.51 pm

Alone Or All One?

A couple of observations. Obviously, blogging has become somewhat of a haphazard exercise for me of late. I’m totally okay with that, by the way, and hopefully you are, too. Years ago when I attended a Vipassana meditation retreat, the words ‘Nothing lasts (more…)

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Elizabeth Gilbert Had Me Crying Tears Of Relief

‘Big, freaky, old-time, voodoo style Big Magic.’ Like so many of you, I’ve caught the Big Magic bug. Consider me especially infected, thanks to this life-changing book, which is so goddam good that it’s rendered me practically useless at times; not being (more…)

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wild woman tara bliss

Protecting the Wild Woman

All ends of the spectrum. Polarities. Duality. This and that. Both. Something I immersed myself in this last week was the audio recording of T. Harv Eker’s Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind. I listened to it three times, back to back, mostly while in my car, (more…)

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So Our Souls Can Light Up Like Candles

“We meditate so that we may be sharp and alert. We chant mantra so that our souls may ignite like candles. We walk in the beauty of this light.” – Yogi Bhajan As we all sit in sacred circle with our lovingly crafted (more…)

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buffer of time

Beauty Out Of The Buffer Of Time

‘Want to head out for some breakfast?’ he suggests. I smile and I obviously say yes, because – eggs! Enough said, really. I love me some eggs. So we grab our phones and our wallets and we head out, pulling the locked door (more…)

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